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  1. added a post in a topic: SQL error   

    I am unable to make a copy from the db. I asked our provider but they can't create a copy ether.
    Repairing is also not possible, still the same error.  This table is not returning a row count and may be crashed and marked for repair. You can repair this table by checking the checkbox for this row and selecting 'Repair Selected Tables' from the drop down below
    People still can't post to our forum.
    Is there another option?
  2. added a post in a topic: SQL error   

    I have an error in the sql database.
    My provider can't fix it.
    If i try a repair it returns the following:
      vuurwerkbelgie_com_-_db2.ibf_profile_portal_views repair Error Can't find file: 'ibf_profile_portal_views' (errno: 2) vuurwerkbelgie_com_-_db2.ibf_topic_views repair Error Can't find file: 'ibf_topic_views' (errno: 2)   I opened the sql db and searched for those tables but they doesn't exist.   Any suggestion on fixing this?
  3. added a post in a topic: Cookie Bar   

    Also got a problem with Internet Explorer.. (Also affects the shoutbox, message posting with the enter button on the keyboard is not working).. When I click on the button of the bar, it does nothing (in internet explorer).. Is this a jQuery error or?
  4. added a post in a topic: Possible to show latest post instead of latest edit?   

    Hi I have some question about the invision forum latest posts..

    I'm busy with a hide and seek game, but I can not work it out the right way because Invision is showing the lastest edit also as the latest post. Is it possible to turn show the latest edit at the forum index, off? Or is it possible to edit the topics fp, and keep the original date?

    Element: last_post

    I guess it has something to do with the Date..
    <div class='f_latest'> <if test="hideLastInfo:|:$forum_data['hide_last_info']"> <ul class='last_post'> <li class='desc lighter'>{$this->lang->words['f_protected']}</li> </ul> <else /> {parse template="userSmallPhoto" group="global" params="array('member_id' => $forum_data['last_poster_id'], 'members_seo_name' => $forum_data['seo_last_name'], 'pp_small_photo' => $forum_data['pp_small_photo'], 'alt' => sprintf( $this->lang->words['bindex_userphoto_alt'], $forum_data['last_title'], $forum_data['members_display_name'] ) )"} <ul class='last_post ipsType_small'> <if test="!$forum_data['last_id']"> <li class='desc lighter'><em>{$this->lang->words['f_none']}</em></li> <else /> <li> <span class='highlight_unread'>{$forum_data['last_topic_title']}</span> </li> <li> <span class='desc lighter blend_links'> <if test="hideDateUrl:|:$forum_data['_hide_last_date']"> {parse date="$forum_data['last_post']" format="DATE"} <else /> <a href='{parse url="showtopic={$forum_data['last_id']}&amp;view=getlastpost" base="public" template="showtopic" seotitle="{$forum_data['seo_last_title']}"}' title='{$this->lang->words['view_last_post']}'>{parse date="$forum_data['last_post']" format="DATE"}</a> </if></span> <if test="lastPosterID:|:$forum_data['last_poster_id']"> {$this->lang->words['by']} {parse template="userHoverCard" group="global" params="$forum_data"} </if> </li> </if> </ul> </if> </div>