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  1. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment on a file: (ZoZ) Floating Top Message   

    Great idea. Thanks! :)
  2. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment on a file: (PS34) Private Footer Blocks   

    I for one am grateful for this hook/mod. I am a code thickie and wouldnt know where to start on creating something like this (and am too lazy to read up on how to do so lol) so I have to rely on people like Duke_ to bring out simple little mods like this. Whilst I fully understand and respect Jombi's opinion, I'm more than happy to pay five bucks for this. :) 
  3. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Ability to delete files and items listed in the "Applications Not Installed" list.   

    Hi there,

    I dont know if this is possible or not, but I have a suggestion for a tweak to the "Applications Not Installed" list which appears on the "Other Apps" page.

    At the moment, on the right hand side of the screen, there's a sidebar box which lists applications that are not yet installed (shocker!) along with a button for installing the item. It would be great if there could also be a button (or buttons) to allow us to remove that Applications files from the server and/or remove that entry from the list.

    I'm not very technically proficient and I don't make a habit of writing down the files I upload to my server with each mod, so I've no idea what files I need to delete for each mod in that list to make sure they are deleted accordingly. Hence having a delete files and/or delete entry button would be fab.

    That's my suggestion anyways. I hope it's useful to you. :)
  4. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment on a file: Member Notes   

    Id been looking for something similar for quite a while, and only last week I made myself a little profile block for admins to make notes in but this is far superior and I've gladly bought it. I love the fact that all group members are/can be notified of the comment being left behind so the main forum admins can keep a check on what is being said by their subordinates. 

    Excellent work Adriano - yet again. I've lost count of the number add ons I've bought from you now, but keep up the great work! :D
  5. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment: Sound Quit Working   

    Hi, sorry to be a putz but where can I download 1.4.2 from? 

    Thanks for the quickie fix information! :) 

  6. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment on a file: Report Troll Or Spam Post   

    Another fab mod from Adriano. I love your work, I've got loads of your mods installed and am always happy to buy them. 
  7. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment on a file: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    Top job as always Rsyvarth! It's a fab mod, as I've said numerous times before. I'm delighted to see development has resumed. :)
  8. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment on a file: [HQ] Raffle System   

    What a fantastic idea! 
  9. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment: Chat not loading comments on IOS6   

    I can also confirm that I have a member experiencing the issue. :)
  10. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment on a file: (DDK33) Quote Selected Text   

    Yet ANOTHER awesome mod/hook from Ibragim. I still love your Board Faces Index mod, but this one might challenge it as my favourite mod/hook from you!

    Keep up the fantastic work! You, sir, are a star! :)

    (And no, he's not paying me to say all this lol).

  11. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment on a file: Advanced Tags & Prefixes   

    Ryan, you've created yet another fantastic mod. I've been "saving" up for this for a while, no financially, but time wise. I wanted to make sure I had a day to dedicate to the process and in the end I had all the posts on my board tagged and pre-fixed in an hour! It's been a pleasure to use and it's nice to see the tag cloud on my board actually have some tag-words in it! lol

    My forums has over 3000 members registered and 80,000+ posts. The Auto Tag & Prefix mod just streaked through them and tagged everything with about 90% accuracy which I was really pleased with, as I had a feeling it might be a lot less accurate than that (hence my leaving a lot of time to correct any inaccuracies over the 80k posts).

    So thanks once again for another cracking mod. Easy Pages was great. Mod Notifications was fab. Adv Tags & Prefixes is brilliant.

    'nuff said. :D
  12. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Suggestion: "Other Apps" pop up menu scrollable.   

    Ah! I did miss a post about it after all! Sorry everyone! :D
  13. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Suggestion: "Other Apps" pop up menu scrollable.   


    I have a small suggestion I'd like to make for any future versions of the fab IP.board application.

    There are quite a few add-ons/mods installed on my forums (albeit mostly small ones) but they all seem to have their own setup and settings sections under "Other Apps" - so much so that the "other apps" pop up menu on my admin panel is now longer than the screen. At the moment going full screen is helping me bypass the problem, but it would be great if the pink popup menu itself could be scrollable, or goes to two columns if it hits the bottom of the screen. (Unless Im missing something in the options that actually solves this problem already - in which case, whoops, my bad!)

    Thanks for listening. I hope I've not repeated other peoples request. Apologies if I have.

    Have a great week everyone! :)

  14. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment on a file: (DDK33) Board Index Face   

    I got it free, but I agree, it's well worth $10 and shall be donating after I've sent this review.

    This mod gives your boring old forum front page a fantastic face lift (no pun intended, honest, hehe) and gives you an opening page which I'm confident will boost registrations to my forums (and I'll be checking the admin registration graph like a hawk to see if this is true! :D)

    Ibragim, if you need another "demo" site to show off your wonderful mod I'm happy to provide screenshots of my forum front page, or the URL.

    All I can say is this: if you have an IP.board forum then you NEED this mod!

    Now... where's that donation button.... ah! There it is! *click*
  15. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: [Request/Suggestion] Ability to remove reputation "like" button from gallery   

    Thanks for the suggestion Brandon! I never thought of that with my not being very confident with tweaking board code etc. But I shall certainly ask in there about it if it's an easy tweak. :D

    I'm afraid it does on mine as I've just double checked.

    Thanks for the input everyone. Have a great weekend. :)

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