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  1. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Status Updates - (Place to type update changed?)   

    ...but its only useful for people who know that that is there. I have a forum which by definition of it's topic has a largely 50-80+ audience, a lot of whom are not computer savvy. Despite reminders of the status update box moving to the member-card I think less than 10% of my users - if polled - would know that they could now update their status there. The sidebar status box meant the feature was far more used then than it is now. I personally would love to see the option for it to return there, as well as it's current home. But I appreciate I'm probably in the minority there :smile:
  2. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: [v3.4.5] Quick Reply not working for IE using member   

    Thanks for the advice everyone. The member's problem was down to Avast settings. Reverting back to AVG resolved her issues. For myself, I've updated my IE (didn't realise it was out of date -doh!) and it seems OK now. Phew. 
    Just for the record the problem was that when clicking on post the green "working" animated block appears, the page reloads with the text still in the posting box and the post itself not added to the topic. I run the regular IP.board skin and 3.4.5. 
    Thanks again everyone. :)
  3. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: [v3.4.5] Quick Reply not working for IE using member   

    Hi Everyone, 
    Has anyone else had a problem for Internet Explorer member's having problems posting using the quick reply form? Posting via the full reply system works a-OK. 
    I've done a search on the forums and knowledgebase for this but not had any joy (that doesn't mean I've not missed something though! lol). 
    I hoping I don't have to pester IPS support again as they must be sick of hearing from me over the last few weeks with the amount of issues I've had after a server transfer.  :blush: So is there anyone who's experienced this or has read a post on it who can point me in the right direction please or any advice I can give the members (aside from stop using IE! lol) who are experiencing this so sort things out on their end. 
    Thanks everyone. I hope you're all having a great week so far. 
  4. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment on a file: (ZoZ) Floating Top Message   

    Great idea. Thanks! :)
  5. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Archiving - benefit ?   

    Guys, thanks so much for all your help there yesterday, it's been very useful and is much appreciated. I hope y'all have a great weekend. :D 
  6. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Archiving - benefit ?   

    Thanks Dmacleo. 
    I do have a small percentage of posts already archive. To transfer them over would I just use PHPmyadmin and export the table out, then import it into the new one? 
    Thanks again! :) 
  7. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Archiving - benefit ?   

    Hi Rhett and folks. I've been looking at archiving and have archived a small percentage of my 8000+ topics as a test. I'm just wondering how one goes about moving archived posts over to the new/different database as I've been unable to find an option for this (I'm sure I'm just not looking in the right places - typical me!) 
    Also, if one were to do this, would the archived posts be visible on the forums still? When I come to do the "proper" archive I hope to have quite a bit of the topics archived, but people do still read these older posts at times and they do still contain some valuable support and information (its a peer-to-peer support site for people with bowel and/or bladder diversion surgery and their related diseases and conditions.) 
    Thanks for your advice, and for the great answer to the OP, it was very informative for me, personally. :) 
    Best wishes and have a great weekend everybody. 
  8. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Pruning a 7 year old IP installation - DB and Files   

    Hi there, 
    I'm looking for some advice please. My hosts cPanel installation has suggested that I should trim down my IP installations files as it's rather large now at 72,000+. 
    I'm just wondering if there are any excess folders full of files which might be kicking around on my installation which I can safely delete. For example, I think I saw a host of folders with update files in them. I'd be really appreciative of any suggestions of folders I could delete. I do, of course, have a full back up on hand. :) 
    Also, my DB is large, and the host tech support has suggested my either upgrading to a more powerful pro package (shared still) which is three times the price (ouch) or I could reduce the forums database size. My question is: which would be better, pruning or archiving? Does archiving shrink the DB size at all? 
    Many thanks for your help. I hope you all have a great weekend. :) 
  9. TrekkiemonsterUK added a comment on a file: (PS34) Private Footer Blocks   

    I for one am grateful for this hook/mod. I am a code thickie and wouldnt know where to start on creating something like this (and am too lazy to read up on how to do so lol) so I have to rely on people like Duke_ to bring out simple little mods like this. Whilst I fully understand and respect Jombi's opinion, I'm more than happy to pay five bucks for this. :) 
  10. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Im sure it's somewhere on here but I cant find it - Facebook Like BBcode so it can be added to posts/PMs   

    Firstly I apologise in advance as I'm fairly sure I'm double posting / repeating a post someone else has already made but I've been unable to find it.
    I (used to) have a Facebook Like bbcode [fblike={URL}][/fblike] installed on my forums which worked great until 3.4 and I cannot find out why it's stopped working. After many hours of frustration trying to get it recreated I've given up for now and deleted it in a fit of annoyance. 
    I think I got the original off here but I'm darned if I can find it again. 
    Sooooo, does anyone have a working Facebook Like button bbcode (ideally including faces for light themes) which they could export to XML for me please? I use this button in my welcome PMs to members and it makes a huge difference to our "likes" and gets the word out about us a bit more. 
    Or, does anyone know the URL of the page where I might have found the code. I've been googling outside of this community too and found some answers but the IPS BBcode manager has so many more options in their BBcode creation and to be honest I'm just not competent / knowledgeable enough to get them working - and I have tried. So I'm writing to you all here in desperation. 
    Many thanks. :) 

    Jason the Unknowledgeable 
  11. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Ability to delete files and items listed in the "Applications Not Installed" list.   

    Hi there, 
    I dont know if this is possible or not, but I have a suggestion for a tweak to the "Applications Not Installed" list which appears on the "Other Apps" page. 
    At the moment, on the right hand side of the screen, there's a sidebar box which lists applications that are not yet installed (shocker!) along with a button for installing the item. It would be great if there could also be a button (or buttons) to allow us to remove that Applications files from the server and/or remove that entry from the list. 
    I'm not very technically proficient and I don't make a habit of writing down the files I upload to my server with each mod, so I've no idea what files I need to delete for each mod in that list to make sure they are deleted accordingly. Hence having a delete files and/or delete entry button would be fab. 
    That's my suggestion anyways. I hope it's useful to you. :) 
  12. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Facebook Slide FanPage   


    Da-daaaaahhhh. :D 
    It's nice to be able to do something to help you Adriano considering all the boosts your mods have given my website, and you yourself have given me by answering my support tech questions over the last year or so. :D
  13. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Facebook Slide FanPage   

    Fantastic, that's sorted it! Thanks Indo. I've wanted something like this on my community forums for quite a while now. It's great to finally have it. :smile:
  14. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Facebook Slide FanPage   

    Love the idea and the look of this. Unfortunately for me, on my board, it will not slide out either on Chrome or on IE. I do have quite a few mods active... Any ideas on what sort of clash I could be looking for? I have a Facebook like box manually coded on to my page, could that be the issue? 
    Thanks for any advice and good luck with this great looking mod. :) 
  15. TrekkiemonsterUK added a post in a topic: Member Notes   

    Adriano, thanks for that! I'd checked there but I'd overlooked that option! Doh! Thanks for that! I appreciate the help. :) 

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