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  1. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: Search box default option - Not same as 3.4x   

    yah i miss this from ipb 3.4
    not only search option if you hit create new topic no matter where you are you have to select the forum category 
    even if you are browsing it 
    it would be nice to have it default at your location if you wish to change you can do so 
    the same goes for other apps as will 
  2. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: CSS/JS documentation   

    i loved that way of documentation nice, clean and easy to follow.
    very will organized 
    i hope that return back with the same way for backend dev documentation 
  3. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 theme url   

    in your theme go to Custom Settings and create new Setting and assign the  Type to url and insert your desired link in the Default Value 
    after that in you css file you can use it as  {theme="font_url"} that will point to the link (font_url is the setting key)
    you need to do it while designer mode is enabled 
    her i changed the body background to this image

    body { font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 18px; color: {theme="text_color"}; height: 100%; background-color: {theme="page_background"}; background-image: url({theme="image_url"}); }  
    i hope this was helpful to you 
  4. aljareh4ever added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Downloads in this site
    when i try to submit new file i get this error 
    is this will be fixed soon  
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  5. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: Two test sites - Possible ?   

    test install on localhost will be ignored and never count i need more than one enviroment to test as much i can before upgrading or upgrading my work in my life site
  6. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: Are you "actively" using the new +Create button?   

    ​hopfully i can release it when ips4 is ready but i'm having good fight  with js and ips4 dev thingy 
  7. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: Are you "actively" using the new +Create button?   

    i use it now it's new to me but i'll implement new things to it also i'm planing to create new plugin for keystroke 
    it will do the same trick if you hit (s) that will show the search box to you and if you hit (t) that will show the topic creating model to you
    and i can change the key to my liking it's all to make it easier for me and my members to reach things faster in my community 
  8. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: Bug tracker reports showing fixed by regular user   

    Bug Found
    Bug Fixed

  9. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: Back to top option   

    ​all android phone don't have this as well . but the iPhone safari have it since ages ago tap on the address bar will get you to top of the page.
    since this is browser feature i think they should add it not IPS 
    and this really easy to add it took me 5 minute to create plugin for it with easy config options and animation scrolling effect 
  10. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: Another portfolio wip   

    WoW that really nice design you got keep up the great work 
  11. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: Extra fields on comment   

    this will be handy hope they will consider it 
  12. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: IPS 4.0 Default Themes   

    no way the new theme is more than beautiful i love it 
  13. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: Back to top option   

    i'm working on new plugin it will be released for free here for every one 

    and this how it will look like 

    also i'll add @Charles  fix at the bottom of each website install this plugin it's look nice fix 
  14. aljareh4ever added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Delta Updates   

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooove it 
    hint consider apps and plugins in the marketplace
  15. aljareh4ever added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Database Number of Fields Limit   

    strange i got 142 in one of my custom DB without issues

Status Feed

  1. aljareh4ever

    nothing is in my mind

  2. aljareh4ever

    ip 3.2 ); is to be released ?

  3. aljareh4ever

    راح تبدا ترجمة النسخه الجديدة بعد البيتا 2 منتظر بفارغ الصبر

    1. aljareh4ever

      امممم حاولت قبل كذا اكثر من مره انه نكون قرووب واحد للتجرمة ومازال العرض مفتوح للي يحب يساعد يقدر يراسلني

  4. Kilwa » aljareh4ever

    Hey dude, How are you? you got any Arabic themes? I am using IPB on my new forum.
    Thanks dude.

  5. Anjana Dewana » aljareh4ever

    Asalaam-o-Alikum Bro..
    i m waqas dar and i have ipb same like ur board.. i m looking for urdu language file.. but couldnt find it.. could u please help me out if its possible.

  6. aljareh4ever

    now arabic Language Pack for IPB 3.1.2 and Apps submitted to the Resources

    1. AndyF

      Approved it :)

    2. aljareh4ever

      thanks *_+

  7. aljareh4ever

    this forums really slow for me or it's for all visitors

    1. FCB-ROGA

      Just you.

    2. Carl M

      Agreed - just you.

  8. aljareh4ever

    just finished ipb translate still nexus and

    1. GemGr

      Just for the record, how much time did you spend?

    2. aljareh4ever

      a lot i finish 30 pages per day

  9. aljareh4ever

    mod_forum_no_posts The forum you are attempting to move the topic to does not allow posting or displaying of topics. As a result the topic would be sucked into a black hole and lost in oblivion. How about you try a different forum?

    1. AndyF

      Seen that before ;) :D

    2. ZakRhyno

      I love it!

    3. aljareh4ever

      I've been into translating the few past days alot of interesting stuff though

  10. aljareh4ever

    love Bouncy Mail +J+


      agree :P

    1. Garthilk


  11. aljareh4ever

    wa 3alikom alsalam

  12. aljareh4ever

    been paramedic is pain in the AsS

  13. aljareh4ever

    then how come 1-1=2

    1. Eduardo Bautista

      [1-1]=2 though :)

    2. Eduardo Bautista

      so is log(32)^5=7

    3. Ajouz ♞

      this true in some rings , one example is in the ring Z/2Z ={0,1}
      here 1-1=0=2

    1. Wolfie

      Yes. 1 positive + 1 negative + 1 positive = 1. :)

    2. AndyF

      Wolfie is correct :) , but remember not to divide by zero :)

    3. .Ian

      but then it wouldn't be 1+1+1 it would be 1+-1+1 different sum

    4. AndyF

      My head hurts now

    5. .Ian

      try sticking a babel fish in one ear - might not cure the pain, but might help you understand ;)

    6. rbiss

      Yes, after minus 2

    7. Ryan H.

      for sufficiently small values of 1, sure.

    8. aljareh4ever

      lol +_*

  14. aljareh4ever

    just finished translating +_+ now start with -__+

    1. maxima

      Great work forward :)

  15. aljareh4ever

    just finished translating +_+ now start with -__+

  16. aljareh4ever

    just finished translating +_+ now after that -__+

  17. maxima » aljareh4ever

    بالتوفيق ان شاء الله اخى الجريح

  18. aljareh4ever

    i love the new ipb i hope good stuff show in the ACP as will

  19. aljareh4ever

    ان شاء الله راح يكون فيه دعم عن طريق موقعي كم شغله لازم تخلص قبل ماافتح الموقع بشكل نهائي