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  1. saggsab added a post in a topic: Anti-spam by CleanTalk. No CAPTCHA, no questions, no counting animals, no puzzles, no math. No spam bots.   

    Getting error messages of the same type as HeatSeeker, not only on registration but on trying to post messages as well.
  2. saggsab added a post in a topic: Can't enter events on calendar   

    I've gone over permissions several times and still cannot add events to the calendar even as Admin!  Has anyone else had this problem, what did you do? By the way I have IPB 3.4.6
    Also, does anyone have a good guide for setting up a board, I find the documentation to not be very complete. Thanks!
  3. saggsab added a post in a topic: Help files   

    Thanks, I'll give it a try. :smile:
  4. saggsab added a post in a topic: files to upload   

    Thanks, I'll see if I can read up on ImageMagic - if bmp are large files maybe I should not allow them anyway. It just confused me that it would not allow them to load. :smile:
    If anyone knows anything about making a change to ImageMagic from GD, or has any input about allowing bmp files please let me know.
  5. saggsab added a post in a topic: Help files   

    No wonder I didn't see it, I hardly look at the bottom unless changing the skin - and right now I just have the default skins loaded. Thanks.

    Is there a post that will tell me how to do this?
  6. saggsab added a post in a topic: files to upload   

    Yes, I added it to Valid postable image extensions
  7. saggsab added a post in a topic: files to upload   

    The properties of the picture states it is only about 61K, so that should meet the size requirement.
    Is there anything special I would need to do to move from GD to ImageMagic?
  8. saggsab added a post in a topic: files to upload   

    This is the error message
    "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"
    So I don't think it is based on size, but I could be wrong
  9. saggsab added a post in a topic: files to upload   

    I know that bmp should be a valid / recognizable file to b loaded on the board / gallery, but even though I've added it I can't seem to add any bmp pictures to the gallery. Is this just not doable or have I missed something somewhere?
    I'm not sure about the .xcf flies, but if they are allowed how do you get them to load too?
    Also, am trying to make a watermark for the gallery - any suggestions?
  10. saggsab added a post in a topic: Help files   

    I know that on the older IPB had "Help" in the menu, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the help files to display on the board so members can take a look to see what is available. Could someone please tell me where this is done?
  11. saggsab added a post in a topic: Documentation Is Hard to Find   

    There is no documentation, just a few pages with some stuff that really doesn't explain much or that glosses over a few things.
    When I first started using IPB v 2.x.x there was a great guide to get the site put together - now there isn't anything you can depend on helping you get your site up and running. If you really want to keep from answering the same questions every 5 min or having to do everything for those of us that are not tech gurus you would have a solid guide - no excuses.
    All "certified" users are paying a lot of money and not getting things done in a timely manner. Not something I would recommend to someone moving from another community forum or starting a new community.
    I would much rather have the proper documentation and doing what I could by myself and not depending on someone else.
  12. saggsab added a post in a topic: Disposable/temp email addresses   

    If these email sites are disposable how long are they in opperation before they change to something else - and then you have a long list of email sites that are no longer opperating (wasted space on our boards)... if this doesn't make sense blame it on being up for over 24 hours (w00t)
  13. saggsab added a post in a topic: Gallery does not seem to work properly   

    I am having problems loading images into my Gallery, don't know if I don't have it configured properly or if not uploading it properly or if there is a problem with this version. Don't seem to find an answer looking through the forums.
    Also, I've been trying to figure out how to get a watermark working in the Gallery and there does not seem to be any real documentation or discussions on this topic. Anything that references watermarking seems to be missing information to me - like where I can get a watermark to use and how to use it.
    Thanks in advance!
  14. saggsab added a post in a topic: Spell check   

    Am I understanding this correctly, we have to tell members to set up their own spell check for their browser so it will work on the IPB postings? Shouldn't the board be made to make it easier for the members not harder? :cry:

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