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  1. KT Walrus added a comment: Filtering Bug Reports order by oldest first   

    Could someone please take a look into this bug soon? I have the problem of the reverse sort order every time is access the Bug Tracker with status filters applied. Since I access the fixed/closed bugs page from a bookmarked URL, the sort is incorrect until the csrf key in the bookmarked URL expires. Then the list sorts correctly, but has no status filters applied (so it is a full index, not a filtered one). If I filter the list by Update button and remember filters again, the list is in reverse again. 
    I can't be the only user that filters by status the Bug Tracker, can I?
    If this is a problem specific to my account, you might be able to debug it by signing in as me. I'm getting tired of have to click on the last page to see recently updated Bug Reports. Lists sorted in reverse order are not very easy to read since the last page may only have one Bug Report in the page meaning I have to go back one to see some of the recent updates.
  2. KT Walrus added a comment: Multiple Large Emoticon Sets Problems   

    @sijad fixed his emoji plugin to allow reorder and delete emoticon sets:

    So, my site is all set and looks very nice for my users.
  3. KT Walrus added a comment: New Content page EX0 error here   

    Could someone please sign in as me and reset my New Content page so I don't get this EX0 error? Of course, before you do reset the page, you should figure out what causes this problem as I've had it several times in the past.
    I miss my New Content page 
  4. KT Walrus added a review on a file: Badges   

    I purchased this app thinking it might use full CSS3 to implement the badge. Rather, this app just seems to position a PNG image that you have to create yourself. There is a PSD file included with a couple of badge styles, but it wasn't obvious to me how to create them. I don't have Photoshop and I use Pixelmator on the Mac to edit PSD files and I gave up trying to produce my own PNGs after just a few minutes. There are lots of free badge creators on the web that let you generate PNGs with your own text, so if I were to use this app, I would probably just create my own using one of these sites and just use it to edit the theme templates to position the Badge.
    CSS3 has various styles you can do to transform/rotate text and images so you could do these Badges entirely using CSS styles and no PNGs with hard-coded badge text. This would be a plugin I would buy if the CSS was included and well done for a number of different badge styles.
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  5. KT Walrus added a review on a file: Ultimate Location Field   

    I purchased this plugin to see if it would work on a site I am building using IPS4. After download, I realized that this plugin is for Pages use only. The About text clearly states this, but this didn't register with me before I purchased.
    From what I can tell from my limited testing, the plugin works well. What I wanted, though, is a plugin that simply adds individual field types for custom profile fields like Country, City/Street, Postcode with optional Location Map to aid setting the individual Field Types. This plugin basically does this for Pages, but doesn't do it for Profiles/Registration Forms. I could also use a Place Names field type where the field has an optional Places Map for searching Google Places and auto-completing the Place Name and Location fields.
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  6. KT Walrus added a review on a file: Emojis :: Ultimate Emoticons Pack   

    This is a well-done plugin if you want your site to fully support Emojis. There is only one small remaining problem in that IPS4 doesn't support ordering the Emoticon Sets within the editor emoticons plugin (at least what I can tell) so having 5 Emoticon Sets listed in a random order is less than ideal.
    Also, I had to edit the IPS4 language translations I am using to refer to Emojis instead of Emoticons in the appropriate places. The Emoticon Sets include a set that is named Emoticons so it was a bit confusing to see the term Emoticons used both to refer to all sets and also to refer to an individual set.
    Now users on my site will be able to insert standard Unicode emoji characters like: ❤️ and get it to display in all browser that might be used to view post text  .
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  7. KT Walrus added a comment: Twitter emoji plugin   

    @sijad did a fantastic job on this plugin. It is exactly what IPS should have done in IPS4 to add Emoji support.
  8. KT Walrus added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    New Content page EX0 error here
    I'm getting a fatal error in accessing the New Content page here for the last week or two. I think I might have reported this before, but it is still broken.
    Maybe you could sign in as me and reproduce the problem?
    This page has had this problem several times in the past. I think it might be too sensitive to corrupt remembered settings. If this is the problem this time, maybe IPS4 needs to auto-recover from such corrupt member-specific settings and reset these settings back to the sane defaults.

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  9. KT Walrus added a comment: Add class to emoticon output   

    @sijad  did an Emoji Plugin in response to my project here and will be posting it to the Marketplace for all to download and use. The plugin is very nice and does add styling to the Emoticon Sets it allows you to import. Not sure if the styles would apply to other sets, but I'm sure @sijad  would add this or he might do another plugin for you if ask.
    Actually, you can probably style the existing emoticon images using a proper CSS selector. I'm no expert on CSS, but CSS has powerful selectors now that allow you to style particular HTML tags even if they don't have specific class or unique ids.
    Really, IPS should just make it easy on us novices that want to customize a theme and provide an ipsEmo class to all inserted Emoticons. It should be a very easy thing for them to do. I posted a Bug Report yesterday about the missing support to order Emoticon Sets (controls the editor plugin categories order) and about the inability to mass delete an Emoticon Set. Maybe you should try a Bug Report on Emoticon easy styling since it might be difficult to style the emoticons in post text and in the editor (which I think @sijad 's Emoji Plugin will handle correctly). The worst thing that could happen, is IPS closes the Bug Report as "not a bug", but I think this might get fixed anyway since it is an easy thing for them to add and it is a usability bug, IMO.
  10. KT Walrus added a comment: Emoticons not converting with upgrade   

    In the Emoji plugin I'm testing for @sijad , the plugin adds an emoji class to the inserted img tags that is styled with CSS (img.emoji) to add appropriate margin-left and margin-right styles so the emoji show nicely and not all butted together.
    Maybe IPS4 Emoticons is missing a class to apply styles to or maybe the IPS4 CSS just needs to be updated for better look? In the Emoji plugin, the img.emoji css sets the width/height of the emoji icons to values that are configurable in the ACP . This lets me change display styles globally or in a specific theme.
  11. KT Walrus added a comment: Multiple Large Emoticon Sets Problems   

    I uninstalled the Emojis plugin (wiping out the Emoticon Sets except for the Default IPS4 set) and reinstalled the plugin. This is a workaround for the problem of not having a Delete Emoticon Set link.
    I then imported the Emoji Emoticon Sets, this time in reverse order to the way I want them to be listed in the editor plugin.
    But, the Emoticon Sets imported into a random order and I have no workaround to getting the sets in the order I want.
    I looked in the db at the emoticons table and I see that there is a column for specifying the position of an emoticon within the set, but no column for specifying the position of the emoticon sets overall.
    I think you need to add an emo_set_position column to this table or make a new table all together called emoticon_sets with emo_set and emo_set_position columns to specify the order of the Emoticon Sets.

  12. KT Walrus added a comment: Twitter emoji plugin   

    ​Your Emoji Plugin is just what I was looking for. I'll send you the $100 after you have posted it to the Marketplace and fixed any remaining issues that you might find in your final testing...
    Thanks. This Project can be closed now.
  13. KT Walrus added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Multiple Large Emoticon Sets Problems
    A developer responded to my Emoji Project and sent me an emoji plugin. This plugin allowed me to import the individual sets into the Emoticons section of the AdminCP.
    But, the Emoticons page seems to be missing a "Delete Set" link to remove the whole set and the only way I can see to delete the set is to delete each Emoticon individually. This will be very tedious to do since their are over 800 Emoji loaded into the ACP :

    Maybe this is a bug with the developer's plugin or is this a bug in IPS4 Emoticons where the delete set link is missing?
    The reason I need to delete the sets is because the imported emoticon sets appear in the editor plugin in reverse order. Is it a bug that I can't change the order of the Emoticon Sets in this dropdown?

    I'm hoping these are just oversights and you can fix these problems in IPS4 or maybe I just didn't see the way I can delete and reorder Emoticon Sets. I can delete and reorder the individual Emoticons within a set, I just don't see the icon to delete the entire set or to drag the entire set to a different order for display.
    Or maybe these are bugs in the developer's plugin which should be fixed by that developer?  I haven't ever imported any Emoticon Sets before... 
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  14. KT Walrus added a comment: OpenStack Object Storage plugin wanted for IPS4 File Storage   

    An even better implementation for me would be to store newly uploaded files in the local MySQL database and migrate those files with an IPS4 task (at night) to the OpenStack Object Storage. When the Files are served the local database is checked and if present, it is served from the database. If not, the file could be served from the Private Bucket caching a copy in the local database for the next time the file is requested. You would need another IPS4 task (perhaps running every few hours) to purge the least recently used cached files from the local db so the database never runs out of local storage. Then, I would configure my web servers to cache requests of these file urls.
    This would probably be an easier plugin to write since the File Storage Method would just be local database (which is already supported) and the plugin would only have to provide the IPS4 tasks and hook into the existing local database file serving class to manage the database cache fetching cache misses from OpenStack Object Storage. There is a PHP OpenStack SDK already that would make writing this plugin rather easy, I think.
    Anyway, these design choices are totally up to you if you choose to post a plugin to the marketplace...
  15. KT Walrus added a project in Projects   

    OpenStack Object Storage plugin wanted for IPS4 File Storage
    IPS4 File Storage has support for Amazon S3 file storage, but I would like to use the cheaper OpenStack Object Storage as provided RunAbove:
    It is only 1 cent per GB/month which is very cheap. I'm not sure if I will actually use RunAbove, but as they just run on OpenStack, I'd like to find an IPS4 plugin that would use OpenStack Object Storage for IPS4 File Storage Method.
    I would prefer that the plugin support both Public buckets and Private buckets. Public buckets are good if I want to use the OpenStack storage servers to serve my files using their bandwidth and Private buckets should be good if I want to use an NGINX Proxy Cache to serve the files locally using the Private bucket for cache misses (therefore using my server's very cheap bandwidth).
    As with my Emoji and 2-Factor Auth projects, I will pay $100 directly to the developer that posts an IPS4 Marketplace download (free or paid) that I decide is right to use on my upcoming IPS4 site.
    I think it will be best if the plugin were to serve the files in the buckets using local URLs and use NGINX to proxy the requests to the Public or Private buckets so I have complete control over the file URLs (from the point of view of the browser). I really haven't explored the Amazon S3 support yet, but I bet the URLs that IPS4 uses in img tags are Amazon S3 urls (where the bandwidth is very expensive). 
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you developers come up with on this one. This plugin will save me lots of money in storage or bandwidth if coded correctly.
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