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  1. KT Walrus added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.2] AdminCP links to http not https
    I'm not sure if this is a problem with my simple NGINX setup (I am proxying https to an http dockerized nginx container) or a bug in IPS4, but I noticed that when I am signed in as the admin, the AdminCP link in the user nav menu redirects me to http://example.com:443/admin and not https://example.com/admin (which is the real link).
    So, NGINX gives this response:

    Note that I enabled "Rewrite URLs?" for Friendly URLs so it may be that the url is being rewritten with the http: prefix and port=443 due to that setting. 
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  2. KT Walrus added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    New Content Forum Filters Empty On This Site
    Not sure if this is unique to me, but I just noticed that the "Filter results by Forums" select list is empty for me in the New Content page here.

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  3. KT Walrus added a project in Projects   

    $250 for New File Storage Method Plugin for my site
    I posted this "contest" project last month:
    for an OpenStack Object Storage plugin for a Marketplace download that I could use on my site. So far, there have been no takers for the $100, I am offering.
    Since then, I have clarified the specifications of the plugin I am seeking. What I really want to purchase is a plugin that always serves files stored with this new File Storage plugin from a database that the plugin manages as a Cache for some other File Storage method (specifically, from an OpenStack Object Storage service, in my case).
    So, the plugin should support the following:
    Specify the Database Details for connecting to a "file cache" database, the maximum size in GBs for the "file cache", and a Backup File Storage Method (the OpenStack Object Storage config or an Amazon S3 config or even just some other File Storage Method, if you wish to implement it with more than OpenStack Object Storage support)Create the "file cache" tables in the remote database, if they don't exist (upon update or new File Storage Method config).Every upload by the user into this File Storage method, would copy the file into the "file cache" database (just like the existing IPS4 Database Storage Method).A system task would run periodically (maybe overnight or once an hour) and copy the new files in the "file cache" database to the Backup File Storage Method.Files would be served from the "file cache" database. If the file is not present in the "file cache" database, the file would be fetched from the Backup File Storage Method and cached in the "file cache" database and the copy served to the user. The plugin should copy and save the files in chunks (maybe configurable as 10MB chunks) to the "file cache" database. So, the blobs in the database are never bigger than 10MBs (or some manageable size) and the partial data from the Backup File Storage Method served back to the user as each chunk is downloaded.A table in the "file cache" would log the time and date of each file served from the "file cache" database, including whether it was copied from the Backup File Storage Method into the cache for this download.A system task would run periodically (maybe every night) to summarize the "file cache" logs and update the "file info" for files in the cache with the date of last download and the total number of downloads of the file in the "file cache".The system task would then check the size of the files in the "file cache" and if it is over (or near) the configured max size, prune the oldest LRU'ed files in the "file cache".This plugin should be fairly simple to implement and, really useful for almost all sites. Bandwidth is used only from your local servers since Cloud Bandwidth is pretty expensive (compared with the bandwidth included in most server plans). All files are stored (within 24 hours) to reliable cheap Cloud Storage (costing just 1 cent per GB per month in my case). I should be able to easily cache up to a 1TB or more locally on my database server so files will not be fetched from Cloud Storage very often. The Cloud Storage can be stored in private buckets so the privacy of user data is managed by IPS4 and not directly visible from the Cloud Storage servers. And, all my users files are backed up to reliable cloud storage if my database server fails and I have to start with a new empty "file cache" db. 
    I want this plugin badly enough (because it will save me money if my users end up uploading tons of photos and videos) that I am increasing the amount I'll pay for a production quality plugin downloaded from the IPS4 Marketplace to $250. You may price your download separately for others that might want the same plugin. I only want a production quality plugin so I will be choosy if multiple plugins appear in the Marketplace in the next month or so.
    If you are interested in developing this plugin, please comment here so I (and others) will know you are thinking of doing this plugin and when it might appear in the IPS4 Marketplace.
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  4. KT Walrus added a comment: Last comment not updating for my comment to a bug report   

    ​I understand. Thanks for sorting this out. I appreciate the process here and understand you are doing testing on this site while we use it to keep track of your progress on IPS4. I am looking forward to a very stable GA, hopefully soon. 
  5. KT Walrus added a comment: Last comment not updating for my comment to a bug report   

    ​Good to know it just isn't me. There must be some sort of regression caused by a fix applied this morning?
  6. KT Walrus added a comment: Last comment not updating for my comment to a bug report   

    No, Matt was finished debugging by the time this happened a second time. The first time was in the bug report I linked to. This time, it happened in this bug report when Matt made the first 2 comments fairly quickly (one right after the other). The last post time was updated, but the last poster was not after the first comment. Then, the second comment then showed the last poster as being Matt. When I made another comment, the index showed me correctly as the Last Poster. 
    Something is definitely wrong with updating Last Poster and Last Post time. The Last Poster seems to be lost in some cases while the Last Post time is always updated. Seems strange to me since both these columns should be updated in the same SQL Transaction, but maybe not... Or, some other caching is going on here where the cache for Last Poster is not updated, but the Last Post time cache is?
  7. KT Walrus added a comment: Last comment not updating for my comment to a bug report   

    Now, the index shows me as the last poster, which is correct now. Something just seems off because it has happened to 2 bug reports I have started today. Maybe it only happens when two comments are posted close together? It can't be such a coincidence to have happened twice in the same day.
  8. KT Walrus added a comment: Last comment not updating for my comment to a bug report   

    Not a one off. Something is off here.
    The first comment you posted showed as me in the index, but had the new time. The second post you made then set the Last Poster to you so the index now looks correct.
  9. KT Walrus added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Last comment not updating for my comment to a bug report
    I made a comment to a bug report 15 minutes ago. But, the Bug Tracker doesn't show me as the Last Updater in the Bug Tracker index. Maybe something is being cached or the Last Post isn't being updated properly for posts to your own bug report. Or, maybe the id of the previous commenter is still being shown even though the time of last post was updated (i.e., "15 minutes ago"). Or maybe both our comments were posted close to one another and the db is not doing an "atomic update" to both Last Post time and Last Poster. Not sure if you have implemented Innodb Transactions yet. If not, all separate SQL queries that update the various rows in the tables need to be applied in a single Transaction. Or maybe this is some other problem?

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  10. KT Walrus added a comment: Polls: Wrong counting when using multiple questions   

    If there really were exactly 18 voters that decided to not cast a vote for either Yes or No, shouldn't there be another line in the results for "(no vote)" so this isn't so confusing to the viewer?
    I haven't tried this or even tested multi-question polls, but the OP seems to have a valid bug which was closed prematurely without clearing up the confusing View Results output.
  11. KT Walrus added a comment: Bug Tracker Inaccessible - EX1064   

    Oops! The EX1064 error is back!
    This time I can easily recreate. Delete all cookies, sign in again, go to the bug tracker, unset the Version filter (by CMD-Click) so no Version filters are applied and check the "Remember filters" checkbox. The EX1064 page is then generated until I delete the ips4_cms_filters cookie.
    Seems the bug tracker doesn't like to remember No Version filters selected. If I select all Version choices and Remember Filters, the index works.
    I had been unselecting all Version filter choices before because Version Filtering wasn't working for me at one time and I had gotten into the habit of not having anything selected in this filter option.
    Actually, I just tried with all Status filters unselected and with Remember Filters checked, the problem reproduces. If I don't "Remember Filters" and unselect all Status filters, the problem does not occur. So, I think the problem is with the cookie not having one or more filters selected.
  12. KT Walrus added a comment: Bug Tracker Inaccessible - EX1064   

    I manually deleted ips4_cms_filters cookie and the bug tracker index now works.
    Perhaps you should automatically repair this cookie (or delete it) when the code throws an EX1064 error?
    Not auto recovering from a cookie problem might be an issue for some sites where the users aren't sophisticated enough to know how to delete cookies.
    At the very least, the fatal error page should have a link to reset all settings cookies (minus the session cookies that are related to keeping the user signed in). Also, if there are some settings like this that are stored in the db instead of cookies, you might want to auto-repair (or just have a link) to try to repair any problem that results in a fatal error page. Many of my users will not be able to fix a problem like this themselves and would require support from staff. Just telling them to delete all cookies and try again, probably should be the last action in supporting users who encounter a cookie problem. Better to auto-repair bad settings or have a "try this to repair" link.
  13. KT Walrus added a comment: Bug Tracker Inaccessible - EX1064   

    I now get the fatal error page regardless when accessing the bug tracker. If it weren't for the create menu and auto-following my content, I wouldn't have even been able to post this bug report. I guess something with the order fix has broken my remembered settings for the bug tracker index. 
  14. KT Walrus added a comment: Bug Tracker Inaccessible - EX1064   

    This might be caused by applying the fix for http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/filtering-bug-reports-order-by-oldest-first-r4093/. 
    Do you apply fixes this morning?
  15. KT Walrus added a comment: Polls: Wrong counting when using multiple questions   

    Seems like this is a bug to me. If 100% of the votes for the second question are cast for one answer, then shouldn't it show as 100% for No and 0% for Yes.