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  1. KT Walrus added a comment: [Beta 8] Post rebuild super slow   

    ​If I were upgrading a large site, I would not mind taking the site offline for a few hours in the middle of the night and put it back online for the next day. It would be nice if the rebuild jobs ran much faster and consumed more (all server) resources when the job is run with the site offline and then go into a slower background mode when the site is toggled back online. Since the rebuild job starts with the newest content, most posts that users are likely to be accessing will be processed in the first few hours that the site is offline during the night. And, if the job takes more than 1 full day, the site could go back to offline the next night to turbo the rebuild until the process is fully complete.
  2. KT Walrus added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Page 1 doesn't work in Bug Tracker after Go To Page 4 action
    I used the Go To Page 4 dropdown in the Bug Tracker and it worked. But, clicking on Page 1 after the refresh doesn't go to Page 1 (just slides the page up a little). I am using Safari on Mac OS X. The other Pagination buttons work fine, including PREV, Page 2, etc. It is only the Page 1 that seems broken.
    Also, I filtered the bug list by all priorities and the blank priority looks odd in the header "Filtered by" text. The blank priority is shown as a leading comma (, Normal, High, Critical )

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  3. KT Walrus added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Followers of News and Announcements has strange counts
    Not sure what is going on, but I am following the "News and Announcements" blog and with the "Let others see that I follow this" checked, the Following count is 528.

    But, when I uncheck the "Let others see that I follow this" and update my Follow Preferences, the Following count is 25.

    Seems strange to me that the counts differ so much since the Following count should be substantially the same.
    When I click on the Following count, the list of Followers seems messed up too. I can only see the first 50 or so followers and a count of how many more there are. But, the number of followers isn't close to 25 so the list is probably more like 528. 
    For the case when I have "Let others see that I follow this" checked, there seem to be "25 others" than are explicitly listed.

    But, when I uncheck the "Let others see that I follow this", there seem to be "24 others" than are explicitly listed.

    I think this popup is not working correctly. Also, the list should be paged so I can see member names that are alphabetically after Bombera. The "and 24 others" should be replaced with pagination links or "load 50 more" or use infinite scrolling for the list so the full list of members following this blog work.
    Maybe the "and 24 others" refers to the number of members that don't want to "Let others see that I follow this", but if this is the case, then I should see that this number is 1 more with the preference unchecked but it seems to be 1 less which seems incorrect.
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  4. KT Walrus added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Bug Tracker has extra Sort By options that shouldn't apply to Bugs
    The Sort By dropdown in the IPS4 Bug Tracker has some redundant or not applicable options for sorting the bugs.

    When I first visit the page, the Sort By dropdown had both the "Recently Updated" and "Last Reply" options checked. After changing to one of the other options, selecting either Recently Updated or Last Reply seems to sort the list in the same order. Perhaps these two options are redundant and one should be removed?
    Also, since bugs aren't rated or reviewed, the Sort By options of "Highest Rated" and "Most Reviewed" don't seem to be applicable and should be hidden/not included in this dropdown.
    And, one other bug is that in the Custom Sort By select list, there is a "field_106" untranslated option. I suspect this should be translated to "Status".

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  5. KT Walrus added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Positioning of popups in Safari with Page Zoom
    I have a hard time seeing smaller text so I sometimes use the Safari Page Zoom feature (CMD-'+') to enlarge the current tab. This works well except that popups often aren't anchored to the new enlarged position on the page (even after refreshing the page in the zoomed tab).
    Not sure if this is something you can fix but I think the Javascript is using the wrong coordinates to position popups or are not adjusting to the page zoom properly. Some popups are positioned correctly but others are not.
    It would be nice if you could make this work as Page Zoom is a very good feature for us visually impaired older people.
    Here is an example of an un-zoomed page and the same popup with the page zoomed. The cursor (not captured) is hovering over the same unread dot in both pics:

    Sometimes the popups do work and are positioned correctly, but other times, not. So, this may just be a problem in Safari as it always isn't reproducible and it doesn't happen for all attached popups. You may need to use Safari with Zoomed tabs/pages for a while to reproduce on your end and get down to the real problem.
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  6. KT Walrus added a comment: Missing manual query to run   

    ​Too many bugs in 7a for the next release to be a release candidate... Need to see IPS devs fix or close all bug reports in the tracker (except those marked for the future) and then see how many bug reports are generated once beta 8 is released. I have a feeling that we will see several more betas before we see RC1. 
    Edit: Bug in the Emoticon plugin or I would have added an emoticon to the end of my text above.
  7. KT Walrus added a post in a topic: Please don't clear autosave on form submit   

    Well said. I can think of many ways to solve this problem and I hope the developers give it some more thought and fix this before IPS4 release. I posted my "naive" idea of how to implement a fix in the original bug report. Basically, the JS needs to defer clearing localStorage for as long as it can and only delete this data when it is absolutely sure that the text made it into the database. 
  8. KT Walrus added a comment: Localstorage post stripped prematurely   

    I have no idea how the IPS4 JS works now, but I would "mark" the localstorage as "submitted" where the JS is now deleting the data. Then, when the JS for the loading of the editor retrieves this localstorage, it could check the "mark" and if "submitted" then do an ajax request to see if the post was committed to the database. If it was successfully committed, then the localstorage data would be deleted and a blank editor would be loaded. If not successfully committed, then the data would be loaded into the editor like it is now.
    This would mean that the submitted localstorage might hang around for a long time, but I doubt that it takes much room in the browser since posts are generally short and a single user doesn't really generate that much text. If this was a problem, there could be JS that triggers when the user first visits the site for the day that clears all localstorage older than 30 days (or some age). The session manager should be able to tell when the user first visits for the day and set a flag so that the global template checks the flag and emits the JS to clear any old localstorage.
    Another place you could insert a check for "submitted" localstorage is in the HTML for the page that loaded the topic since the view topic page code can do a server side check for any replies/topic by the current user in the page and clear the localstorage at that time. This might be harder to do than just having the restore post JS check for "submitted" and posted before deciding whether to restore the saved text or not.
    The important thing from my point of view is that I shouldn't lose the text I just typed in because of some temporary site issue that causes the text I typed in to not make it into the database. Very annoying and should be fixed, if possible.
  9. KT Walrus added a post in a topic: Can Pages apps be exported/imported?   

    I ask this question because I would like to have similar apps to the IPS4 Resources Bug Tracker and Documentation apps for my site. But, I don't want to have to implement these apps myself in Pages since it will take some time and effort to set them up for my site (learning Pages just to implement these apps would be a low priority to me).
    My suggestion is that IPS provide these apps as a free download in the marketplace that can be imported into my Pages installation to give me a starting point to using them on my site. The Pages app comes with an Articles app, but I don't find this app to be very useful to me. Indeed, this site doesn't even use this app unless you consider the IPS4 Documentation app as a customization of the Articles app.
    An alternative to making the Bug Tracker and Documentation apps available for download would be to provide detailed tutorials on customizing Pages to create these apps on our own sites as articles in the IPS4 Documentation area. But these tutorials would need to be very detailed (including the actual templates and database setups needed for a production Bug Tracker and Documentation system).
  10. KT Walrus added a comment: Single Forum Sites   

    ​Well, I'll defer to your judgement, but I feel this is a bug...
  11. KT Walrus added a comment: Single Forum Sites   

    ​But, I will have have multiple forums visible to some and single forums visible to others. Can't you just make the small change to allow the lang bit to be parameterized by the number of content nodes visible to the user?
    I realize that this is a very small issue and if I wasn't such a perfectionist I wouldn't bother pleading my case, but I want my site to be very polished and look its best to all users. Other lang bits in the suite are parameterized to deal with the singular/plural situations, so I don't see any reason that app titles shouldn't handle singular/plural situations as well. The app title is translatable, so it seems to me a small fix to make it singular/plural aware.
    BTW, in my situation, I will probably change the Forums app title to Support (which isn't affected by singular/plural distinctions), but the Blogs app will be. But, since people often refer to Blog Entries as Blogs, the Blogs app title can be plural even though there is technically only one blog visible to the user. So, in my case, I can workaround the singular/plural situations, but I think it would be better if this was fixed for all.
  12. KT Walrus added a comment: Single Forum Sites   

    ​Can I set the application title based on the number of content nodes visible in the application to the user?
    That is, can I set the language string to handle singular/plural for apps like Forums and Blogs where the app may have only a single Forum or Blog visible?
  13. KT Walrus added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Insert other media button left aligned in mobile/tablet views but right aligned in desktop view
    This is minor, but having the "Insert other media" button left aligned in mobile/tablet view while right aligned in wider window widths is inconsistent. And, having the button be so close to the "choose files..." link is not a good design choice when it could be right aligned in all views.
    Here is the narrow view:

    And, here is the wider view:

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  14. KT Walrus added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Single Forum Sites
    I'm going to use the Forums app for a Support Forum. Therefore, each member will have access to only 1 forum. In Beta 6, the Forums app does just show the single forum and not an index of forums. That is all good and I like it. But, there are a few aspects of a single forum site that don't work so great for the user.
    The +Create -> Topic action forces the user to select the single forum in a forums list and hit Continue button. This is completely unnecessary since there is only 1 forum that is postable. The label for the Forums app is plural even though there is only 1 forum visible to the user. Other parts of the suite special case the language strings to use the correct singular/plural words depending on how many of the items are associated in the context that the words are used (e.g., reply/replies). The Forums app label should be just "Forum" in the case that only 1 forum is visible to the current user. My site will also have a set of multiple forums for other, more privileged, users. Actually, if the user has purchased an item in the store and is a customer, they will see several forums and therefore see a Full Forum index. So the behavior of the Create Menu item and the app label will need to be the same as now (w/ select forum popup and plural Forums label) for members of this customer group.
    I realize this could be considered "Not a Bug", but I feel that it is a usability bug and should be fixed before GA version is released.
    BTW, the Blogs app should also distinguish between sites with a single blog visible to the current user and use the label "Blog" and not show the Blogs Index (but go directly to the blog page). I haven't gotten to this part of the suite yet but my site will probably have a singular Blog for some users and multiple Blogs for others (e.g. customers).
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  15. KT Walrus added a comment: Localstorage post stripped prematurely   

    This has happened to me several times and is very annoying. The localstorage copy should not be cleared until the post has been successfully processed and saved on the server. Why be in such a hurry to remove the cached copy?

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