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  1. KT Walrus added a post in a topic: Please don't clear autosave on form submit   

    Well said. I can think of many ways to solve this problem and I hope the developers give it some more thought and fix this before IPS4 release. I posted my "naive" idea of how to implement a fix in the original bug report. Basically, the JS needs to defer clearing localStorage for as long as it can and only delete this data when it is absolutely sure that the text made it into the database. 
  2. KT Walrus added a comment: Localstorage post stripped prematurely   

    I have no idea how the IPS4 JS works now, but I would "mark" the localstorage as "submitted" where the JS is now deleting the data. Then, when the JS for the loading of the editor retrieves this localstorage, it could check the "mark" and if "submitted" then do an ajax request to see if the post was committed to the database. If it was successfully committed, then the localstorage data would be deleted and a blank editor would be loaded. If not successfully committed, then the data would be loaded into the editor like it is now.
    This would mean that the submitted localstorage might hang around for a long time, but I doubt that it takes much room in the browser since posts are generally short and a single user doesn't really generate that much text. If this was a problem, there could be JS that triggers when the user first visits the site for the day that clears all localstorage older than 30 days (or some age). The session manager should be able to tell when the user first visits for the day and set a flag so that the global template checks the flag and emits the JS to clear any old localstorage.
    Another place you could insert a check for "submitted" localstorage is in the HTML for the page that loaded the topic since the view topic page code can do a server side check for any replies/topic by the current user in the page and clear the localstorage at that time. This might be harder to do than just having the restore post JS check for "submitted" and posted before deciding whether to restore the saved text or not.
    The important thing from my point of view is that I shouldn't lose the text I just typed in because of some temporary site issue that causes the text I typed in to not make it into the database. Very annoying and should be fixed, if possible.
  3. KT Walrus added a post in a topic: Can Pages apps be exported/imported?   

    I ask this question because I would like to have similar apps to the IPS4 Resources Bug Tracker and Documentation apps for my site. But, I don't want to have to implement these apps myself in Pages since it will take some time and effort to set them up for my site (learning Pages just to implement these apps would be a low priority to me).
    My suggestion is that IPS provide these apps as a free download in the marketplace that can be imported into my Pages installation to give me a starting point to using them on my site. The Pages app comes with an Articles app, but I don't find this app to be very useful to me. Indeed, this site doesn't even use this app unless you consider the IPS4 Documentation app as a customization of the Articles app.
    An alternative to making the Bug Tracker and Documentation apps available for download would be to provide detailed tutorials on customizing Pages to create these apps on our own sites as articles in the IPS4 Documentation area. But these tutorials would need to be very detailed (including the actual templates and database setups needed for a production Bug Tracker and Documentation system).
  4. KT Walrus added a comment: Single Forum Sites   

    ​Well, I'll defer to your judgement, but I feel this is a bug...
  5. KT Walrus added a comment: Single Forum Sites   

    ​But, I will have have multiple forums visible to some and single forums visible to others. Can't you just make the small change to allow the lang bit to be parameterized by the number of content nodes visible to the user?
    I realize that this is a very small issue and if I wasn't such a perfectionist I wouldn't bother pleading my case, but I want my site to be very polished and look its best to all users. Other lang bits in the suite are parameterized to deal with the singular/plural situations, so I don't see any reason that app titles shouldn't handle singular/plural situations as well. The app title is translatable, so it seems to me a small fix to make it singular/plural aware.
    BTW, in my situation, I will probably change the Forums app title to Support (which isn't affected by singular/plural distinctions), but the Blogs app will be. But, since people often refer to Blog Entries as Blogs, the Blogs app title can be plural even though there is technically only one blog visible to the user. So, in my case, I can workaround the singular/plural situations, but I think it would be better if this was fixed for all.
  6. KT Walrus added a comment: Single Forum Sites   

    ​Can I set the application title based on the number of content nodes visible in the application to the user?
    That is, can I set the language string to handle singular/plural for apps like Forums and Blogs where the app may have only a single Forum or Blog visible?
  7. KT Walrus added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Insert other media button left aligned in mobile/tablet views but right aligned in desktop view
    This is minor, but having the "Insert other media" button left aligned in mobile/tablet view while right aligned in wider window widths is inconsistent. And, having the button be so close to the "choose files..." link is not a good design choice when it could be right aligned in all views.
    Here is the narrow view:

    And, here is the wider view:

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  8. KT Walrus added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Single Forum Sites
    I'm going to use the Forums app for a Support Forum. Therefore, each member will have access to only 1 forum. In Beta 6, the Forums app does just show the single forum and not an index of forums. That is all good and I like it. But, there are a few aspects of a single forum site that don't work so great for the user.
    The +Create -> Topic action forces the user to select the single forum in a forums list and hit Continue button. This is completely unnecessary since there is only 1 forum that is postable. The label for the Forums app is plural even though there is only 1 forum visible to the user. Other parts of the suite special case the language strings to use the correct singular/plural words depending on how many of the items are associated in the context that the words are used (e.g., reply/replies). The Forums app label should be just "Forum" in the case that only 1 forum is visible to the current user. My site will also have a set of multiple forums for other, more privileged, users. Actually, if the user has purchased an item in the store and is a customer, they will see several forums and therefore see a Full Forum index. So the behavior of the Create Menu item and the app label will need to be the same as now (w/ select forum popup and plural Forums label) for members of this customer group.
    I realize this could be considered "Not a Bug", but I feel that it is a usability bug and should be fixed before GA version is released.
    BTW, the Blogs app should also distinguish between sites with a single blog visible to the current user and use the label "Blog" and not show the Blogs Index (but go directly to the blog page). I haven't gotten to this part of the suite yet but my site will probably have a singular Blog for some users and multiple Blogs for others (e.g. customers).
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  9. KT Walrus added a comment: Localstorage post stripped prematurely   

    This has happened to me several times and is very annoying. The localstorage copy should not be cleared until the post has been successfully processed and saved on the server. Why be in such a hurry to remove the cached copy?
  10. KT Walrus added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    New Content page gives error after changing content type filter
    On the New Content page, I selected Blog Entries to just show the new unread blog entries here, but this resulted in an error page. Now, I am unable to show the New Content page at all and I don't see a way to fix the issue. I suspect it has stored my filter settings to just show Blog Entries and there is some bug in that.
    Anyway, here is a pic of the error page. Feel free to log in as me to reproduce the error (unless it somehow magically fixes itself).

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  11. KT Walrus added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Bug Comments not included in All Activities page
    Just noticed that the 2 Bug Comments posted by @Daniel F  do not show up in his All Activities profile page...

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  12. KT Walrus added a comment: Daily Digest email has untranslated string and bad profile photo   

    Just looked at the email HTML and the problem is that the img url for Matt is missing the 'http:' prefix for some reason. The Mac OS X Mail app assumes a 'file:' prefix, I think, so it doesn't resolve like the url would if used in a webpage viewed in a browser.
  13. KT Walrus added a comment: Daily Digest email has untranslated string and bad profile photo   

    Message forwarded...
  14. KT Walrus added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Daily Digest email has untranslated string and bad profile photo
    I got my first Daily Digest email from this board today. Previously, I never received any email so you must have fixed some bug today with Digest emails.
    The email I did receive has 2 obvious bugs:
    an untranslated lang key (digest_area_records21) Matt's avatar is a broken link (further down in the message were unbroken avatars so this might be specific to Matt). Here is a screenshot of Mac OS X Mail:

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  15. KT Walrus added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Bug Tracker filter urls contain csrfKey
    This might not be a bug, but it is somewhat annoying. I have a bookmark on the Bug Tracker with a Filter applied (to list only Pending bugs). The URL for this page contains a csrfKey parameter:
    http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/?advanced_search_submitted=1&csrfKey=3646951b2f6b4f805771664987e68ff8&content_field_106%5B1%5D=0&sort_by=record_last_comment&sort_direction=desc Since csrfKeys are valid only for a limited amount of time, the csrfKey in my bookmark URL eventually becomes invalid (in a few days). With an invalid csrfKey, the Pending filter is not applied to the resulting page (although Pending is selected in the sidebar Status select box).
    So, my bookmark URL is no longer effective after the csrfKey has expired. I don't really understand why this URL needs a csrfKey since it is just a filter. I think this csrfKey should be removed unless there is some security issue that I am not aware of in filtering lists. The Sort By URL doesn't have a csrfKey so filtering should be no different.
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