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  1. Connor T added a comment: Calendar: Single day event   

    Just got email notification for only this bug report. No idea why. 

  2. Connor T added a comment: Multiple blog notification emails
    Said it was fixed there. Definitely not. Just got 8 emails for that Beta 3 announcement. 
  3. Connor T added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Q&A Forums   

    Stackoverflow <3
  4. Connor T added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Improving multiple calendars   

    Maybe you will now :p
  5. Connor T added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - File Storage   

    Looking sexy. You guys continue to amaze me.
  6. Connor T added a comment on a blog entry: IPS Job Opening: Piracy Dept.   

    I'm all for it. There are mouths to feed and this theft has to stop. 
    lol, didn't read the blog post did you?
  7. Connor T added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Javascript framework   

    Bootstrap like data api :)
    Very cool.
  8. Connor T added a comment on a blog entry: IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 2: Uploads   

    I'm more concerned that I've never heard of Google Gears :p
  9. Connor T added a post in a topic: Non-supported Documentation in IPS4?   

    One thing that has always bothered me that I'd like to get considered in the realm of IPS4 is documentation.

    I have one example and thats it.

    I recently got a new development server to Nginx. My live server consists of 1 wordpress blog, 1 xenforo site, 1 invision power board site.

    These were my Google searches to prep for the changes and their yielded results

    "wordpress nginx rules" -

    "xenforo nginx rules" -

    "ipb nginx rules" -

    No official documentation. I know you don't support it, but its always helpful to have a nice starting point when writing rules. After reading about 3 separate threads on IPS about Nginx, I finally wrote my own modified rules, which I've yet to test since I'm too nervous to make the move. I'll have to setup a test site and mess around, but thats besides the point.

    Hell, Xenforo even gives out IIS rewrites and lighttpd.

    I personally think this could very much separate you from the competition, especially as times are changing. More and more people are moving away from the basic mySQL / Apache to things like MariaDB + XtraDB, or lighttpd / nginx / varnish / squid.
  10. Connor T added a post in a topic: Help me understand this licence renewal stuff   

    I don't know what everyone is getting up in arms about.

    I had IP.Downloads expire 5 days ago. IP. Board expired today, and IP. Content had been expired for a few months. I paid $50 and all of sudden all my products are on the same billing cycle. Now I just have to worry about 1 date every 6 months. This isn't complicated. Read the information you are given and stop making assumptions.

    IPS isn't cheating anyone nor doing any black magic. Their system makes sense. Read the website. Read the client area. It all makes sense if you just read it.
  11. Connor T added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Forms   

    Its gonna take me awhile to get used to all the everywhere, I'm used to the underscore like new IPS_Helper_Forms.
    O well, It'll grow on me.
  12. Connor T added a post in a topic: down?   

    ^ try

    Its back up now.
  13. Connor T added a post in a topic: Shoutbox - Official Support   

    I found a site w/ 1.5 million shouts.

    They really use it :p
  14. Connor T added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.4 Coming Soon   

    Do people even read the blog -_-
    *cough* FreeSpace, Expert Pixels
  15. Connor T added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.4 Coming Soon   

    a deadline :o

Status Feed

  1. Connor T » Michael

    Off topic: Your posts are always so hard to read. lololololol -> agreed.

  2. Connor T

    someone stole my name they haven't signed on in 6 years

    1. Amy T

      It is possible for more then one person to have the same name.

    2. Darbo

      True Amy T, but, if this is your account Connor, message IPS, an admin or mod, ask them to check the email, if you can give the correct email address, maybe they will merge your account :)

    3. Connor T

      Its not my account. I just wanted my username to be Connor.

    4. Darbo


    5. Connor T

      I'm the douche? lol. I just was messing around.

    6. Darbo


  3. Connor T

    Visual Skinner. Made a skin in 2 clicks. lolololol

    1. Amy T

      well it does not hurt the eyes so that is good.

  4. Connor T » Amy T

    I have submitted the updated version to the marketplace. It is pending.

  5. Amy T » Connor T

    Does your signature update automatically?

    1. Amy T

      Oh never mind I found your mod for it. Oh and I like the pickmen game too. It is a lot of fun.

    2. Connor T

      I just noticed it doesn't work in IPB 3.2. It seems they got rid of the XML skin. I guess you have to create your own XML skin now. I'll update this app.

    3. Amy T

      Thank you.

  6. Connor T

    Just bought all my upgrades. Time for 3.2.3 yeeeeeeee

  7. Connor T

    give me blog moderator :p, I'll clean up this spam.

    1. AndyF

      I spend a bit of time cleaning it :) Although there's probably more. I stop at the first few pages usually.

  8. Connor T

    if bfarber doesn't have a twitter soon, I might not renew.

  9. Connor T » Lewis P

    sweet new avatar

    1. Lewis P

      Haha! Thanks :D

  10. Connor T

    i love myself some good ole pm spam.

  11. Connor T

    Almost every topic in Marketplace is HOT, the limit on this forum should be like 50 replies :o

  12. Connor T

    Using IP 3.2 and IP. Converge for the launch of a new project.

    1. AlexJ

      Does it works? Support team said IP.Converge is not update for 3.2 as of yet o0

    2. Connor T

      I just downloaded all the files. Haven't even started, so I guess I'll wait. Thanks for the heads up.

    3. .Peter

      Are they even planning on updating it?

    4. Lewis P

      @Peter - I should think so. It's what they use to link the Client area with this site

    5. Glumbo

      When they did they say it doesn't work with 3.2? Anyways, their ticket and forum support for converge is nonexistent

    6. Glumbo

      Actually I just checked my thread history. I asked before and IPS said it works for 3.2 already and I just tested it using my own forum

    7. Connor T

      kk then nevermind. I'll see you guys in a few days when I get this sync working.

    8. AlexJ

      Jason, told me it's not updated for 3.2 as of yet.

    9. Sammy Nicole

      3.2 doesn't work with Converge.

  13. Connor T

    IP. Chat party.

    1. Jamie.

      I have food :)

    2. AndyF

      I have IceCream :)

  14. Connor T

    5 hours till the big game.

  15. Connor T

    I wonder if there will be another 3.2 blog today? Or maybe they'll just bring me into the QA? lol

    1. Charles

      Today's entry is the first on Nexus 1.3 actually.

    2. Ikadon

      So we are done with 3.2? Are all the apps currently been working on? *hopes for a major update on IP.Content soon*

    3. TheRevTastic

      No they are not done with 3.2 :P.

    4. Ikadon

      I meant with the entries. But this was a question ;)

    5. Collin S.

      There are still 3.2 entires to come. We're just mixing it up a bit. :P

  16. Connor T

    hmm notifications without an application. time to experiment

    1. Ryan H.

      It's possible.

    2. Connor T

      O. Should I cheat and look at your Mod Notifications? Or try and figure it out?

    3. Ryan H.

      Up to you. :) I had to ask for help, though.

  17. Connor T

    matt has 1999 rep, lol.

    1. Mo7sin

      2000 now LOL.

    2. F. John

      Party like its 1999

    3. Matt


    4. Fishfish0001

      I made it Web 2.0

    5. Connor T

      preserved forever:

  18. Connor T

    When was that new status update rule added :o

    1. Michael

      Been like that for a while, just not always enforced:

    2. Jamie.

      that my status lol

    3. Stars25

      It says those with only a link will be removed. So does that mean that Sherri's status is alright even though staff said it wasn't? And why is the staff allowed to post links such as the one for voting...unfair much?

    4. Michael

      Yeah, regular members should have the same rights as staff members! This is liek so unfare!!!1

    5. Collin S.

      It's always been a "rule" but we just added it to the guidelines on Sunday.

    6. Stars25

      So howcome staff members can still post links? Don't you guys need to follow your own rules too.

    7. Collin S.

      Are there any specific examples that violate our set of rules? Keep in mind we can also delete posts and do other things - we're staff. We do it for a reason, not to spam.

    8. Stars25

      What I don't get is that Sherri's status was deemed as advertising and against the rules, yet the rule specifically states that we can post our IPB/IPS related sites.

    9. Collin S.

      We updated the rules this morning to allow for linking to IPS Marketplace files or other IP.Board related information. It's moderator choice what gets locked. I have unlocked the mentioned status. As of last night, that was "against the rules" - we chose to revise the rules in the interest of members. Using the status updates for support, however, has always been against the rules and will not change.

    10. Stars25

      I knew about the support rule, I didn't know about the revision of this morning.

    11. Olivier Turbis

      So much drama for something so ridiculous. Should be writing some apps instead.

  19. Connor T

    java and php coding in one day. im dead.

    1. AlexJ

      !revive :)

  20. Connor T

    database replication looks quite interesting.

    1. VioAdmin


  21. Connor T

    IPS should remove everything that causes 90% of the bugs: charsets, timezones, RTE, new content, RTL, IE7

    1. Collin S.

      As much as I would love to remove timezones from the entire world, I don't think it would happen. :P

    2. Mike John

      I'd settle for just IE7.

    3. Dan

      We'll start phasing out IE7 support when IE9 is released. :)

    4. AnthonyKinson

      IE should just be eliminated from the internet. They never get anything right with that horrible browser.

    5. Fishfish0001

      DELETE * FROM internetz WHERE browser = internet_failsplorer

    6. Connor T

      $fanControl = (browser == ie) ? 'off' : 'off';

      now there computer will die.

    7. Fishfish0001

      Off or Off... :( Thats no fun for others.

  22. Connor T

    200+ spam accounts. now im just annoyed.

    1. townie83

      Not hard to stop them really, read this

    2. Carl M

      Simple question and answer stops it

    3. Arianna

      question and answer worked for me.

    4. Connor T

      meh, my questions must be too easy.

    5. Fishfish0001

      Use a picture of an animal and have them type in what it is.

    6. Connor T

      lol. I hadn't enabled Q and A, I just made the questions. My fault.

    7. ørret

      I can only have 1 QA (at the same time) :S When I make 2, only the last QA i made will work.

    8. townie83

      It's random, it will pick 1 of x amount of questions you use. Hit F5 a few times and you'll see it change

    9. Zhana

      ok got hit with spam too.
      "Wow! I definitely like this side better…
      Good story!wedding dresses gowns
      Thank you for sharing, I will always remember."

  23. Connor T

    Anyone have any old beta w/ the fancy template editor?

    1. Ryan H.

      If I remember correctly, those were encoded, and since expired. I doubt you'd get much out of it.

  24. Connor T

    IP. SEO gave me those "sitelinks" on Google in just 1 week. Amazing work Dan :p

    1. Mike John

      +1 Noticed an improvement as well.

  25. Connor T

    how do I find my albums? I want to add to my old dog album.

    1. (e) Eric

      I keep mine in boxes in the closet, next to my old turntables, so you might try there. Good luck!

    2. Woodsman

      OUCH! Which reminds me got to pickup a needle for mine. That or dig out the 8tracks...

    3. Woodsman

      OUCH! Which reminds me got to pickup a needle for mine. That or dig out the 8tracks...

    4. Woodsman

      go to your cp profile your gallery is there...

    5. Woodsman

      go to your cp profile your gallery is there...

    6. Connor T

      Shows 0 albums lol. However, I uploaded 5 images :( . I'm going on the hunt for them.