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  1. edgardo added a post in a topic: Twitch/JustinTV Video   

    hi i installed twich and JustinTV, but I do not understand how to make it work, I imported xml but I by no code BBcode.
    how can I do?
    my community is fmlive.it
  2. edgardo added a post in a topic: Ip4 Release date?   

    hi, I would like info on the output of ipb4.0 seen that q2 should be out in 2014 but still do not see news about it on a specific date, whereas the April-May-q2 would be in June. Thank you.
  3. edgardo added a comment: Email Overload   

    mmm i need an help...please contact me.
  4. edgardo added a post in a topic: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    in my community this not work.

    please check it. for ipb 3.4.1
  5. edgardo added a post in a topic: One-Click Ban   

    hello i have installed it but i have problem.


    Siamo spiacenti, non riusciamo a trovare questo!

    Spiacenti, non abbiamo potuto individuare la pagina richiesta. Clicca qui per tornare alla home della comuità


    error 404!

    i have last ipb release