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  1. Smiter added a post in a topic: (Wolf3x) Restricted Reply Function   

    Hi, I tried installing this hook on my forum. When it was installed, clicking on any of the forums only returns blank pages, even if the hook's settings are not enabled. I had to completely disable the hook in the Admin CP in order to get the forum topics to show again.

    I'm running IPB 3.4.5.
  2. Smiter added a post in a topic: Glare by IPS Themes   

    I couldn't find the header_bar class in tctc91_general.css, but it turned up in ipb_styles.css, so now I know where I can adjust the banner. Thanks. :)
  3. Smiter added a post in a topic: Glare by IPS Themes   

    Hi, I recently updated my board and installed your skin, and everyone loves your design. :)

    I was looking at adjusting the banner area at the top of the page, perhaps lowering the logo and primary navigation (and user menu) towards the bottom of the banner, and slightly expanding the height of the banner area.

    Where should I look in the CSS to achieve that effect?

    Thanks in advance. :)
  4. Smiter added a comment on a file: (BIM34) Featured Content   

    Difficult to get working due to lack of documentation.  I finally got it running in the end, but I cannot manually add items, and I cannot add topics to a group because the selection box shows nothing - it is too narrow.