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    In the original package there is a "custom" folder, so you should have that and that other 2 zip file you don't need, just use the php file.

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  1. m4ss4

    R.I.P. Peter Falk

    1. AndyF

      I just saw it too :(

    2. dogpatch

      bummer.. i used to watch colombo when i was sick at home from school when i was a kid..

  2. m4ss4 » atomicknight

    Has to be more of people like Him!

  3. m4ss4

    Happy Birthday m4ss4 :)

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      Thank You! ;)

    3. AndyF

      Happy Birthday ! :)

    4. m4ss4

      :) Thanks!

  4. m4ss4

    iPhone & GlassWorld Skin Updated to: 3.1.2

  5. m4ss4

    Nothing special, I trying to find out how it's working if I submitting a skin here on IPS

    1. AndyF

      I replied to your PM. :)

    2. m4ss4

      detto, thanks Andy, I understood ;)

  6. m4ss4

    yepp offline, I hope, that soon will available