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  1. TSP added a post in a topic: This is a mistake   

    Doesn't look like there's any bug here to me. 
    The language key is "statusUnlock ed " which refers to the current state of the item, while the default text "Lock" refers to the action you can take on it, likely a button. Maybe someone would deem it a bad choice of language key, but no bug in my opinion. 
  2. TSP added a post in a topic: What type of computer is your daily driver?   

    I use my Macbook Pro 15" for everything I don't use my PC for. So it's for browsing the internet, watching movies, working... Every-day stuff. I have a 24" screen both at work and home I can connect too. 
    I always connect my Macbook to a second screen at work, but can't be bothered most of the time at home. 
    I have a gaming PC that I use for... well, PC-gaming at home.
  3. TSP added a post in a topic: Moba Games   

    I've not played much of these types of games, but I have tried Heroes of the Storm. 
    When you first launch the current Heroes of the Storm beta, you're greeted with a nice tutorial you can go through before you take the plunge into any multiplayer. Defineatly felt it helped me. 
    But for what I know, the other games may have as good or better tutorials. 
  4. TSP added a post in a topic: Importing and exporting configuration settings   

    I agree, although they have made it slightly easier to at least copy a setting value to be used by the same setting to other nodes in IPS 4, so you could ensure they are the same for example. 
    But I still agree there could be done improvements here. Personally I believe it would be achievable in the ACP , but I like your spreadsheet idea. 
    Here is a topic I made that is related to this: 

  5. TSP added a post in a topic: Install error   

    It should check your permissions on install. 
    Folders datastore, plugins and uploads should be writable.
    If you could provide us with the entire error message or an image of it and the URL you're at when you receive the error, that would certainly be more helpful. (The part of the URL that is after "yoursite.com" if you don't want to provide where the install is)
    This is likely a bug though, so should be reported in the bug tracker , but then you should provide more information. 
  6. TSP added a post in a topic: 4.0 Marketplace API Information   

    Is there any special reason I just see a page indicating I don't have access? 
    Is it just for those that takes payment for their plugins / apps? (I'm unsure what the API is used for) 
  7. TSP added a post in a topic: Strange use of poll ...   

    The usage is for example that you have a poll to vote on the best novel. In which case it's useful with a link to provide the link to read it. Or something like a "Member of the year"-contest where a link to the user profile makes sense. 
    As for images; it could be because you'll have an avatar contest or it could be because you have a contest for which image is the best of the month, if someone makes such a contest. In which case seeing the image (could be a clickable thumbnail) is obviously a lot more useful than having options laid out as "Image #2 by Pete" and then you would have to manually find these by browsing some other part of the page. 
    Or simply because you want to provide an illustration for a choice or provide more information / background without the member having to look outside of the poll area for external links. 
  8. TSP added a post in a topic: Strange use of poll ...   

    It's been possible to add links and images in polls for every version I'm able to remember. 
    It's used in quite a lot of polls on a community I host. 
  9. TSP added a post in a topic: Featured blog entry and outdated offline message   

    Not big issues, but I've noted them. You may want to fix them, wanted to give you a tip about it at least.  
    Your offline message (this board was offline yesterday for instance) is outdated and still gives the impression that the downtime will result in a "fresh reveal/upgrade" of the community to IPS 4.  The featured blog entry is still for beta 2:  http://community.invisionpower.com/blogs/  (Which seems silly since beta 5 is here. Either don't have any of the beta release entries as featured or update it, in my opinion) edit: Actually, the issue with the featured blog entry is that you have multiple of them, which you can navigate by next and prev links. I would suggest you to unfeature the blog entries on earlier beta releases. 
  10. TSP added a post in a topic: Specifically V3 VS V4   

    UTF-8 MB4 
    Will be good when I can finally stop doing all that utf8_encode and utf8_decode nonsense in our API-calls and other custom scripts we provide for inclusion on other sites. We found we even had to do the utf8_encode twice when we submit things to the IPB API, one time before actually submitting a request (in the external code) and then another time inside the API methods in IPB itself (Which we had to do custom changes too) for some really weird reason. 
    Personally my favorites are autosave on tabbing in the translation area and live translation mode. Then there's also mentions and of course the editor "auto-save" — it's brilliant, never lose a post again! (at least much much much less prone to error) 
  11. TSP added a post in a topic: No Sidebar   

    Did you do as Brandon instructed in the bug report? 
    If you submitted a ticket, as instructed, then they'll either way get around to checking your issue out eventually. If you sent him a PM and you didn't receive a reply, then he may have simply forgotten about it possibly.
  12. TSP added a post in a topic: Post Editing / Hiding / Deleting in IP.Board 4   

    No changes on what you're suggesting.
    You have the option to keep post history of posts though, so you'll be able to see earlier versions of the post. That's the only change I can think of that I feel is related to these features. 
  13. TSP added a post in a topic: Please restore date format editing ability in IPS4   

    I have to say I initially agree that I would like this to be configurable globally again. While doing it automatically based on the by language pack locale seems a noble and decent idea at first, I still feel there are valid concerns. 
    If the language locale (even what should be the correct one) doesn't format it like you want (it's incorrect for the language), then you'll need to contact your host to get it sorted? How obvious is this for admins? For example, the locale pack for norwegian on our servers are apparently "flawed" since it for some reason adds "+0000" after each date / time. What about those on a shared server environment, the locale may be "correct" for them and wrong for me, so they wouldn't necessarily be able to change it in that case. 
    I'm also not too fond of the relative dates, neither seems my users. I feel it makes it confusing to figure out the time and insecurity on when something was really posted and in some cases you may want to see the exact time on something and not something ambigious like "2 hours ago" that is really anything in between 90 minutes and 150 minutes from now, I guess.
    That said, I haven't looked really into how easy it is to edit these locale packs on the server to what you actually want to have (and how safe it is to assume that changes wouldn't suddenly be overwritten by the hosts. So this could be better than I think, but I'm just not convinced. 
  14. TSP added a post in a topic: PageSpeed Insights -Going to Improve?   

    ​Because of enabled caching or "core" improvements?

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