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  1. TSP added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    ​I guess to maybe go into more details on what the tools exactly will do and how they work.
  2. TSP added a post in a topic: Consider responsive breakpoint values being a theme setting   

    @Rikki: could you consider having the breakpoints for responsive be definable with a theme setting in default skins?
    Otherwise I either have to copy all the CSS-rules within the core_responsive.css etc. into my own responsive CSS (and not include the default responsive) or change all the values within all the places where the responsive breakpoints are used. 
    So wouldn't it be better if we could set these breakpoints from a theme setting? One for tablet and one for mobile. 
  3. TSP added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Mysql error on upgrade when ANSI_QUOTES is used
    Error: Unknown column '' in 'field list' 
    UPDATE `ips4rc6_core_sys_conf_settings` core_sys_conf_settings  SET conf_value="" WHERE conf_value=?
    This causes an issue in environments where ANSI_QUOTES is enabled, because "" is not intended to wrap plain strings in these environments. 
    \IPS\Db::i()->update( 'core_sys_conf_settings', 'conf_value=""', array( 'conf_value=?', '{blank}' ) );Change to the below in order to resolve the issue
    \IPS\Db::i()->update( 'core_sys_conf_settings', "conf_value=''", array( 'conf_value=?', '{blank}' ) ); This was an upgrade from 4.0.0 to 4.0.2.
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  4. TSP added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC6] Forum rules removes forum description
    When I choose one of options to show forum rules (either link or contents), it removes the forum description. Tested with regular discussion type forum.
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  5. TSP added a file in Translations   

    Norwegian (Norsk, bokmål) for all IPS-apps except Commerce v1.0.3
    This is the Norwegian translation of IPS 4, the remainder of this text will be in Norwegian.
    Dette er den norske språkpakken for Invision Power Suite 4. Oversettelsen er gjort til bokmål.
    Disse applikasjonene er oversatt:
    System / CoreForum - IP.ForumsBlogger - IP.BlogKalender - IP.CalendarGalleri - IP.GalleryNedlastninger - IP.DownloadsSider - IP.PagesOversettelsen ble eksportert og testet med IPS 4.0.3. 
    Jeg setter veldig pris på om du kommer med tilbakemeldinger, tips til endringer, melder inn feil osv. i dette emnet: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/409197-ips-4-norwegian-translation-norsk-bokmål-for-blog-calendar-and-forums/
    Du kan også ta direkte kontakt med meg her i forumet eller min profil TSP på Diskusjon.no.
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  6. TSP added a post in a topic: AdminCP Search   

    The ACP search is broken in the latest RC. There is a bug report on it :)
  7. TSP added a post in a topic: After updating via the acp blank page   

    And then what happens?
  8. TSP added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    ​I actually used "more than x replies yesterday", but that was as a result of the fact I couldn't use search in title or view the result list as a simple "forum/topic list view". 
    I remembered words in the title, but not the complete title, but didn't get a good result set and got a lot of results from the exact same topic in the listing. I only needed the title to remember the topic, so this is frustrating, when a topic is repeated in the result set. 
    Eventually I remembered the topic I was looking for had quite a lot of replies, so I was able to limit the result down enough for me to find the result somewhere on page 1 or 2. 
  9. TSP added a post in a topic: Designers Mode concerns   

    Those who have a problem with it: What do you need that you only get in DM? 
    To my knowledge you're still perfectly able to edit the HTML, template logic and CSS from the ACP (if you don't enable designers mode), I even think you're able to upload resources in the ACP without DM enabled.
    So couldn't you just use the old approach of editing in the ACP without bothering with enabling DM? The ACP editing even have syntax highlighting and tabbing now.
  10. TSP added a post in a topic: Guests can't view New Content   

    ​I understood that from the first post, but it was the other posts I'm talking about. 
    I agree that New Content should be accessible for guests. 
  11. TSP added a post in a topic: Guests can't view New Content   

    Could you please write in english
    Translation from Google Translate, for others convenience: 
    ram108: Look in the admin settings group access to sections forumua. When new content is published in the section to which the guests do not have access, then they will not be able to read, respectively, in its theme.
    Kirill N: I'm talking about this page http://community.invisionpower.com/new-content/
    Guests open it can not in principle.
    ram108: I have not watched the new admin panel, but in the old admin had a lot of options to limit the performance of the forum - such as whether the guests to see this or that, use the search engine, etc. If this setting is not present, then it is a bug, not a Fitch :)))
  12. TSP added a post in a topic: How to have non-square avatars?   

    He meant rectangular avatars, @Charles 
  13. TSP added a post in a topic: Did you know that you can post really, really, really long topic titles in Invision Power Services Comunnity Suite 4.0 and there is no option in the Admin Control Panel to limit that?   

    So have your moderators actually do moderating to avoid this then. Having arbritary limit settings to try and prevent people from doing "bad" things will never work, as there will always be a way for someone to do these things to your community.
  14. TSP added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC3] ACP search on email provides result with 2C115/1 error
    If you search for "email" in the ACP search and click on the result "Community Enhancements" you'll receive an error. 
    2C115/1 We could not locate the item you are trying to view. 
    URL you're taken too: /admin/?&app=core&module=applications&controller=enhancements&do=edit
    I'm guessing the URL to the result should be: 
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  15. TSP added a post in a topic: Reset Archive Status   

    Don't run queries like that. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than a simple query like that. You would likely cause the system to be confused, lose control of posts etc.
    I doubt there is anything stopping you from rearchiving them again. But this is done at the archive page in ACP. What have you tried?