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  1. TSP added a comment: Not received blog entry notification   

    Oh dear, yes I've got it. I'm sorry! 
    It actually wasn't my junk folder but it was picked up by a custom mail filter I considered deprecated and thus it was sent to another folder and marked read.  ​
  2. TSP added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Getting started topic
    The link to documentation still sends you to a 404-page. It links here:  http://remoteservices.invisionpower.com/docs/getting-started?v=40000
    I would also suggest that you review the entire text. Personally I would remove the extra lineshifts between the paragraphs and maybe add links on the words "Getting Started Guide" and "Administrator Documentation"
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  3. TSP added a post in a topic: Please don't clear autosave on form submit   

    From this bug report:  http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/localstorage-post-stripped-prematurely-r1920/
    The issue is that when the board goes offline, I lose my internet access without noticing or probably anything that causes the form submit to go wrong; you'll lose the post. Because the localStorage / autosave data is cleared from the editor on post submit, so the post will be gone.
    This have happened to me twice for the past few days. The first time was when the board was taken offline at some point, the form submitted but I was just met with the offline board message. So I had to write the post again. The second time was today, I'm currently on a train with an unstable internet connection so when I posted a new bug to the bug tracker, it didn't go trough the first time, I just got the message in the browser that I had no internet connection. I tried to just keep the tab open and refresh it later, in the hopes that the post data would submit again, but that didn't help, I was just taken back to an empty form. 
    The autosave is a wonderful feature and a huge improvement from IPS 3.X, I love it in all the cases it has saved me. It works much better than previous versions for me. But that also heightens my expectations to it, so when it doesn't save me, then it's even a bigger disappointment than when something of the like happened in 3.X. It makes perfect sense to me it would also preserve it when something goes wrong with the submit. Up until just a few days ago, I've removed my tendency to copy the post before submitting, because the system made me trust it, now I would have to work that habit in again. The system doesn't really work as it should if I still have to copy my post before submit on 10/10 posts, just because it fails 1/30 of the times. 
    Both @bfarber  and @Mark  stated they think this is challenging to do something about, I'm not sure what sort of implementation solutions, they've considered. But I hope we can be able to work this out together. 
    ​The most obvious suggestion is to clear the autosave only when the reply have been confirmed as received by the database. As suggested by @teraßyte , the submit and confirmation could be handled by ajax, as it does for most replies either way. If the ajax submit is not done or it fails, then the localStorage would NOT be cleared. 
    The other suggestion wouldn't solve the problem if I lose my internet access, but if you could at least display the un-submitted contents from the post request on the offline-page, so it could be manually copied from the offline page or any other error page that could happen. 
    Ultimately though, I'll much rather have posts that have been submitted and not cleared from localStorage, rather than having non-published posts be gone. :/
  4. TSP added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Not received blog entry notification
    I haven't yet received an email notification about the beta 6 blog entry. I checked and I'm still following it with immediate notification.
    I realize it has 500+ followers and is probably queued, but I would've expected to gotten it by now either way. I've recevied all previous notifications about new beta versions within a short time of the blog entry actually being posted. 
    Blog:  http://community.invisionpower.com/blogs/blog/1174-news-and-announcements/
    Entry:  http://community.invisionpower.com/blogs/entry/9722-ips-community-suite-400-beta-6-available/
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  5. TSP added a comment: Profile Photo/Avatar Sizes   

    Here is a query I ran on our member database to show a subset of the different aspect ratios being used: 
    mysql> SELECT (pp_main_width/pp_main_height) aspect, COUNT(*) cnt FROM ippbe_profile_portal WHERE pp_main_width != 0 GROUP BY (pp_main_width/pp_main_height) ORDER BY COUNT(*) desc LIMIT 10; +--------+------+ | aspect | cnt | +--------+------+ | 1.0000 | 7351 | | 1.3333 | 979 | | 1.3274 | 438 | | 1.4925 | 335 | | 0.6667 | 232 | | 0.7500 | 217 | | 1.2500 | 190 | | 0.8000 | 182 | | 1.3158 | 153 | | 0.7491 | 124 | +--------+------+ So 7351 members have 1:1, but there is more people that have an avatar that is NOT in that ratio. Total of 13 355.
    mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) cnt FROM ippbe_profile_portal WHERE pp_main_width != 0 AND pp_main_width/pp_main_height != 1; +-------+ | cnt | +-------+ | 13355 | +-------+  
    And if I just take a look at the members that have logged in for the past three months, then the results are still more in favor of non-square avatars.
    // Perfect square avatars mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) cnt FROM ippbe_profile_portal pp, ippbe_members m WHERE m.member_id = pp.pp_member_id AND pp_main_width != 0 AND pp_main_width/pp_main_height = 1 AND FROM_UNIXTIME(m.last_visit) > NOW() - INTERVAL 3 MONTH; +------+ | cnt | +------+ | 1970 | // Other aspect ratios, non-square avatars mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) cnt FROM ippbe_profile_portal pp, ippbe_members m WHERE m.member_id = pp.pp_member_id AND pp_main_width != 0 AND pp_main_width/pp_main_height != 1 AND FROM_UNIXTIME(m.last_visit) > NOW() - INTERVAL 3 MONTH; +------+ | cnt | +------+ | 2737 | That's more than half the people with an avatar that would be affected and annoyed that their avatar is no longer displaying correctly if upgrading with no modifications. 
    So in my opinion, this should be addressed. 
    Edit 4: On two other forums that both have had more than 1000 logged in members with an avatar for the past three months, I get results that are actually significantly more in favor of non-square avatars. 
  6. TSP added a comment: Profile Photo/Avatar Sizes   

    We also have a lot of avatars in our forums that are not square. Some are horizontal, some are vertical. 
    For example sizes can be 100x50 or 100x200. So we wouldn't want avatars to be forced to be a perfect square either. I can go into any topic at our forum with a fair amount of replies and I'll always see avatars that have different aspect ratios from each other.
    I assume and hope that this should be able to be resolved with CSS and no template edits in IPS 4, but I haven't tested. If it doesn't, then I would suggest you change the system so we would be able to do that
  7. TSP added a comment: [Beta 5] Pages: Map/Address Caching   

    I digress, but wouldn't the support tool in IPS 4 also clear some of these caches?
  8. TSP added a comment: Topic Title Edit not changing in "Featured Topics" or "Latest Topics" Blocks   

    The blocks were probably still cached, I believe the default setting is for it to be cached for 5 minutes. 
    Just in case you see this again. 
  9. TSP added a comment: [Beta 5a] Guest Report post   

    There is not really a reason to provide a guest name, I think it would just annoy people to have to fill in yet another field when all they want is to report something for the attention of staff. It's not really posted in an environment where being "distinct" or give themselves an "identity" really matters much. 
    If they want to "sign it", then they can do so manually in the report itself. 
    I would've personally straight away hidden the guest name field if it ever made it into default for the report form at least.. Just my opinion on it and how I personally don't view the lack of guest name field to be a bug.
    Andy Millne also stated they don't intend for it to be present in the current version either, so it's not something they view as a bug. And I hope it continues that way. 
  10. TSP added a comment: Localstorage post stripped prematurely   

    The way auto-save works now (and it works really great most of the time!), made me truly believe it would also keep the content if I experienced any trouble in posting it, like the board going offline. It works so perfect all the rest of the time, it's only natural people will expect it to take care of them in this circumstance too. 
    You take this board offline relatively often and while I understand that isn't something that happens far too often otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised if I and other admins would immediately get member complaints if I suddenly have to take a board offline and when they submit a post they have used considerably long time on, it's simply gone. 
    Can you not at least check the post data for editor data and if it does contain editor data then you could return "The message have not been posted due to the board going offline, please copy your message contents below if you wish to keep it." Which they most surely would want to. 
    I'll submit a feedback topic on it for future versions if I need too, but please give it a second thought first. 
  11. TSP added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    But I don't think that's always feasible, no matter how good you make your search. 
    For example, I might remember a certain topic about "search" and I remember that Matt posted a reply in it, but I don't feel entirely sure the post from Matt had the word "search" in it. But when I see the topic title or some other information that I remember, then I'm more likely to find it. Sometimes however I just end up going to Matt's profile and browse all his content if it's not too far off. 
    With that said, most people probably use search to find posts that in some way answer the query they searched for, while I usually go out to find content I've already read. So I'm probably using it differently than what it's really made for. 
  12. TSP added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    I agree, I find it better to view results as a topic list myself. Then I don't have to view results from the exact same topic numerous times, because there might be 20 matches just in a single topic. I'm also best at finding what I want by looking exclusively at the titles of a search result. That is because I often have some memory of the topic, and I'll remember it when I can see all the familiar information, like amount of pages and the title. 
    And by searching for title, the result set can be narrowed down, so I don't have to look through as many results. 
  13. TSP added a post in a topic: How to speed up the Background Processes?   

    I'll be eager to see how it will handle 20+ million posts then...  
    Not too eager to have to choose a reasonable number of various posts and check that content have rebuilt properly.
  14. TSP added a post in a topic: New topic at top on mobile?   

    I agree, they should move it back up. 
    They apparently moved it down because of complaints there were too much space used in the top, but they took it a step too far in my opinion. 
  15. TSP added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Localstorage post stripped prematurely
    I had written a reply to a topic and then posted it. 
    However, the board here had then gone offline and I was greeted by the message that told me the board was offline. 
    Board came back up and I went back to the topic, but the reply I had written was no longer present. It had not been added to the topic and the post editor was empty. 
    I'm suspecting that the post content was removed from my local storage on submit, even though the board was offline and the content not posted. 
    Now I have to write again  
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