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  1. TSP added a post in a topic: Contributors to blog, amount of entries...   

    I very much agree on this one. 
  2. TSP added a post in a topic: Improvements to follow system (Advanced filtering and activity feed)   

    I'm feeling the follow feature is currently quite useless, because of the way it's setup as being focused on delivering notifications for example. 
    Issue 1: It notifies me of EVERYTHING, no filtering
    It notifies me of any comment, reply and content items that these members publish. Which is not what I would really want to see in the follow feature. 
    For example, I may want to follow the developers on here. But since I read every bug report and every comment on them, I wouldn't be interested in notifications every time they comment on bug reports. But I would be interested in knowing about their replies to topics or blog entries. For other members I may only be interested in activity in the gallery and so on. 
    I may also only be interested in knowing about new content items from them and NOT replies or comments on every existing content item. So I may want to only receive notifications when bfarber started a new topic, a new blog entry or a new bug report. 
    Currently I would be swamped in notifications if I used this feature, with no way to filter the incoming solutions. 
    Some suggested solutions:
    Go back to how it was in earlier pre-releases. Then I would just receive a new notification when new content items were started and not on every comment etc. they make Alternatively make that a choice I can do for each individual member I follow (with a default option if no choice is made) Go for a "digest"-option approach. Like: "This is the content bfarber posted the previous day". This would likely the least popular and useful solution Add advanced filtering options. When I follow bfarber I would get the option to also configure to filter away content from the apps I choose. I would also be able to decide whether I would only want new content items or also new comments / replies Make it more clear you receive the notification because you follow them.  
    Issue 2: The only focus is on notifications, rather than voluntary content discovery
    Notifications are cool and I wouldn't want you to take it away from the follow feature, but I would prefer that you improve it by solving issue 1 in some manner. The second issue ties in a bit with issue 1, because this issue becomes apparent by the amount of notifications you would receive if you started to follow a decent amount of relatively active members.
    When I follow people on Twitter, I don't get a new notification in my email every time someone posts something, that would obviously swamp it. What  Twitter does instead is to provide  a feed that only contains tweets from the people you follow and it usually requires your active  decision how much you wish to follow along on this feed. Another thing it does is to provide the option to create secondary lists, so you'll be able to just display tweets from the people you've placed in a "Developers"-list and so on.   
    The core of the issue is this:  There is no feed I can go to in order to get a quick overview of content I'm interested in. Essentially what I want would be for example a tab in the activity feed to only display content posted by the people I follow. Likewise there could be a similar option in "New Content" to only display content items where members I follow have posted in. 
    Integrate the follow members feature into content discovery areas, like "Activity Feed", "New Content" and "Status Updates".  
  3. TSP added a post in a topic: My problem or a bug?   

    Are you using the download of beta 4a, released yesterday? 
    I haven't seen this issue, but there are other translate issues in it:  http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/translate-issues-r927/
  4. TSP added a post in a topic: Lack of indication in mobile menu on who I am   

    I think the display name (and maybe a small avatar) should come back in the mobile menu. 
    I find myself unsure on which account I'm logged on with now. Someone else may have logged in without me knowing, it may be a tablet or mobile that someone else borrowed etc. Now it seems I'll have to post something or go to the messenger area to try and figure out which account I'm logged in on. 
    This insecurity on which account I'm in may be seen as weird, but it really makes me unsure and wants me to log out and then in again, just to be sure... Which would be a waste in 90% of cases probably...  
  5. TSP added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Can't set an existing language as default language, only new one
    When I edit the setting for a language pack that is not default, the option to make it default is not visible. That setting is only available when creating a new language pack.
    I can't find any option in the action menu / dropdown menu either. 
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  6. TSP added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Translate issues
    Clean install of IPS 4. I'm not getting the translation to work. 
    I created a new language pack that I made the default language. 
    Then I enabled Quick Translating. 
    From the front end it seemingly works, I translated "New Content" and "Mark site as read" for example. After I refresh the page, it's still translated, so values are saved. 
    Now I wanted to check on whether this translated the proper language pack (since I saw no language choice option on the front end). So I went back to AdminCP and disabled quick translating. Then I went into editing the language pack I had created (and set as default) and searched both "Mark site as read" (original) and "Merk side som lest" (translated). I found the original string as expected, but the input field displayed nothing. Then I chose the tab "Translated" which also displayed no results. 
    So issue 1: It did not update the default language pack (which I had created). And there was no option for me to switch language pack on the front end (even though I have two languages, the default and mine). UPDATE: See this report for more information:  http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/cant-set-an-existing-language-as-default-language-only-new-one-r931/  
    Then I went into the edit for default language pack. I searched for both the original string and the translated one. It didn't display anything in the translation field here either! BUT, if I go into "Translated"-tab, it shows the string as one that has been translated, but the input value is not displayed. 

    So issue 2: The translated value is not displaying in input field. Even though it's translated and displayed as translated on the front end. 
    Now I started to try and update strings from this AdminCP-section instead. 
    Issue 3: Nothing happens when I press tab on my keyboard in this edit section. The language string have been automatically saved whenever I've tabbed in the previous versions and then moved on to the next string. But that no longer happens. Instead I'm seeing a small "Save"-button I have to press with my mouse. Clicking it just empties the input field in the ACP but updates the string on the front end.
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  7. TSP added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Outdated IP.Nexus check
    First step of installer 
    Should be IP.Commerce? 
    Either way, I think I remember @Mark  saying that Nexus/Commerce would no longer be encoded, somewhere? Not sure if it was here or the preview board. Couldn't find anything with search.  
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  8. TSP added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Can't find "Mark" in members search
    Or do I really need to look through 37 pages in order to find him? I would expect you to the force the exact match to the top of the result list. 

    Alternatively you could sort by the amount of characters in ascending order (secondly alphabethically on the name). 
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  9. TSP added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Hash code instead of forum name "Go to topic listing"
    One of these again. This site. 

    Out of curiosity, why do this kind of issues transpire and what is your usual fix for the hash-code instead of a language string? 
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  10. TSP added a post in a topic: Upgrading IP.Content   

    ​Matt was only looking for people with current usage of basic pages or databases made with IP.Content. I'm deducing from PrettyPixels that he doesn't have that already. Matt also said in the topic that he probably have enough people for his initial testing.  
  11. TSP added a post in a topic: Upgrading IP.Content   

    Pages is not upgradeable between pre-release versions. Neither is it considered to be upgradeable between 3.4.7 and the pre-releases just yet. 
    It should be upgradeable between beta releases. So you should be able to upgrade from beta 1 to beta 2 etc.
  12. TSP added a post in a topic: The datastore folder   

    Can I place the datastore-folder anywhere I would want? For example on a shared file system? So I would point it to /nfs/forum/datastore/ for example. 
    It seems I can configure this in constants.php, but the installer seems to require the datastore folder to be writable in the community root, so I'm wondering if that's just the setup script being stubborn or whether there are other areas that doesn't use the value from init.php / constants.php and expects this to be a writable folder in the forum root either way. 
  13. TSP added a post in a topic: Rebuild the old posts on here?   

    I understand you have to have a separate copy etc. to test on first. And it's obviously not done in a second. 
    But isn't it just a matter of:
    Select post rows from 3.4.7 database (from before the upgrade) Rebuild the retrieved post content with the rebuild post function used for the background process in IPS 4 Run update query on the corresponding post with the rebuild post function (Maybe take into account whether the post has been edited after the upgrade) Although it sounds like your approach is probably: 
    Set up 3.4.7 copy from the backup Upgrade the backup to 4.0 with fixed rebuild routine Select newly rebuilt posts from the newly upgraded 4.0 installation and update corresponding posts in the live community board DB Which do you go with? I would imagine the first approach would be better to more constantly test the rebuild routine, but the second option may provide a more stable and consistent final result. 
    And when I say "post", then I also mean blog entries, comments etc. 
  14. TSP added a post in a topic: Rebuild the old posts on here?   

    Hi, reading old topics on here can be a bit of a chore right now, due to the converter not having converted things properly. Quotes are missing etc. 
    I'm unsure as to whether I should report these or whether they'll likely already fixed. 
    Do you plan on attempting another rebuild of the post data for old posts from before the upgrade here? It would help us feel safer that more conversion bugs have been fixed etc.  
  15. TSP added a post in a topic: External tools for advanced users   

    Apparently it should work to delete the files though, but it didn't for me.
    @Mark , could you maybe answer as to whether that would be a bug then or whether I was supposed to delete something other than the css_built_1-folder? 
    Either way, it really made me love the auto-loader. Because I could just "magically" call a method from a "random" class as easy as adding a single line to index.php! Didn't have to worry about requiring a file in a certain way, manually copy a method or something. It just worked!

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