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  1. TSP added a comment: Limited autoexpand on mobile and no scroll inside editor   

    Please note that in the case where I close the mobile keyboard, it doesn't seem to immediately change the focus to the top, but it seems to be triggered first when I've scrolled the page or changed tabs.
  2. TSP added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Limited autoexpand on mobile and no scroll inside editor
    I noted this when typing a long reply on mobile. 
    The autoexpand seems to work on my iPhone 5S for a couple of extra lines, before it seems to stop at a fixed height for the editor.
    This doesn't become a problem if I just keep writing my post straight-forward without closing the mobile keyboard. 
    However, if I try to navigate to the top of what I've written, try to review my entire post or close the mobile keyboard to switch tabs so I can copy a link to something for example, then I get trouble because I'm unable to "scroll" inside the editor, I've tried it quite a lot, but I can't get it to work. 
    In the case of closing the mobile keyboard; when you come back to the editor to contine writing, the editor is now displaying the contents from the top. Since you're unable to scroll and the editor height is fixed to show a limited number of lines, you now can't return to the bottom to continue writing from there.
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  3. TSP added a post in a topic: Line Spacing   

    ​The problem is that the member is dependent on the board administrators to actually do these things, instead of the member finding a solution that works regardless of the board they're on. And the board administrators might not implement a solution, either because they don't know how they could do it, don't have the time to put into it or for another legitimate reason 
    For example, as a member here on this community board I've found myself in the need to add a short and sweet list to a topic from my mobile. I would love to do it in the structural appropiate way by using the list-button, but it's not available for the mobile editor. And even if it had been, it would likely be difficult (as in: tedious) to activate it in certain replies, because you have to scroll up to the toolbar of the editor each time you want to activate and deactivate. On a desktop PC (and tablet) you'll eventually get the same problem, but you'll have more time before the problem presents itself, in combination with the fact you're more aware of the toolbar at all times, for the same reason.
    A partial fix for this issue would of course be to add the list-button to the mobile view editor. But in the case of the community board for IPS, they'll likely not listen to my request of using anything other than the default settings, because they probably prefer to keep these forums as close to the default software as possible.
    You would get the same problem by requiring the administrator to implement a title tag. Besides, I meant more like a "title", as I for example would consider a short line of text like the below, followed by : to be a sort of title / short explanation of the paragraph to follow, it's not sure I would want to make a "big deal" out of it by using a title tag. 
    I'll give you an example:
    Here is the example.
    I do agree with you on most things here opentype, for example, I personally don't feel there is anything wrong with the current behavior for a desktop PC and I agree on the things you say regarding structure from a technical standpoint and so on. But for replies from mobile and tablet there are certain replies that'll trigger annoyed typers as they try to type their reply on the mobile, because they don't have a way to shift+enter and they usually don't have editor buttons like lists or title tags. 
    You can't solve it with CSS rules specific to mobile sized screens to remove any space between paragraphs either (when on mobile), then desktop PC readers will just be annoyed at all the double spacing from mobile users  (And the opposite effect for mobile readers). (I personally don't have any issue with the default spacing between paragraphs on mobile either btw, just saw another one of your replies to wimg)
  4. TSP added a comment: [Beta 6] Member select setting displays ID   

    Okay, but then I would say the doc block is wrong. At least it gives me the wrong impression from how it's presented in the docblock for formAbstract.php: 
    /** * Constructor * * @param string $name Name * @param mixed $defaultValue Default value * ... */ public function __construct( $name, $defaultValue=NULL, $required=FALSE, $options=array(), $customValidationCode=NULL, $prefix=NULL, $suffix=NULL, $id=NULL ) { It uses the term "default value", which to me suggests I should just fill in a single value that will be the default value for the setting. Shouldn't it rather be explained as something along the lines of a current/displayed/active value? 
  5. TSP added a post in a topic: RC version...is it considered "fully supported" and stable?   

    I've found that most bugs fixed in "late" minor point versions like 3.4.7 are bugs that really have been present for quite a long time, in most cases it comes down to the fact that they either haven't been discovered before or it's just taken a while to get a fix applied (likely because it's a minor issue).

    ​I have experienced quite some performance issues with early point versions for large boards. So usually I've found it best to wait a bit. The "punishment" is also more substantial if there are 'experience-breaking' issues that your board didn't have before, the larger the board is, just simply because you'll have more visitors that can complain and you're expected to handle issues with more speed and professionality. 
    Ultimately though, you're more likely to discover performance issues and the large impact on experience some bugs may actually have, only when a large board actually upgrades and start to use it in a real-life environment, which can take some time in itself due to the fact they usually have quite a few custom code modifications, login handlers, a professional theme and so on they must do. So I've found that it doesn't necessarily help so much to delay even more with the expectation that someone else will find such bugs earlier either. So I'm a bit mixed on my opinion on this.
  6. TSP added a post in a topic: Line Spacing   

    I don't see a single paragraph in this topic where I see text I feel would've looked better if they were just a single line-break instead of a new paragraph. All messages would've been less readable in my opinion if you just had a single line-break between what is now paragraphs. I only see some examples of double paragraph spacing that seems inappropriate. 
    I found this to be new and "unusual" when I wrote posts myself when I first tried the editor back in July, but to be honest I quickly got used to it and I now prefer it as the default method of enter 90% of the time.
    The client area on www.invisionpower.com is still running IPS 3.4.7, while this community board is running IPS 4 Beta 6. They decided to change the behavior for version 4, as you've noted, so obviously it's still the old way in the support request editor. 
    Are you saying you would've wanted your post below to have looked like how I've edited it to be in the quote-box below? 

    Please note that I do agree that the enter-behavior is problematic for mobile and tablet users when they write certain  types of replies, as they usually don't have a way to shift+enter. So I do see that concern and I'm personally worried that I'll get complaints on this too. But on a desktop PC, where you have the option of shift+enter, I find the behavior to be okay. 
    The cases I can come up with right now, where I feel a single line break is the most appropiate is for poems, lists and titles. All of which will be harder to do for mobile users now, for lists you can use the list function in the editor, but that may not be available for mobile and tablet users. (Dependent on the editor settings on the community)
    I personally feel this should be addressed by IPS for mobile and tablet in some way, but I don't know how.
    Example of poem with a title
    Roses are red
    I'm going to bed
    Hold me tight
    don't give me a fight

    And a list with a title:
    1. Game of Thrones
    2. Rome
    3. Sherlock
    So I do agree on some of this feedback, but I don't see any cases where single lines would've been better in a majority of replies on this community board.
  7. TSP added a comment: Localstorage post stripped prematurely   

    I have submitted a feedback topic, @KT Walrus :  http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/406688-please-dont-clear-autosave-on-form-submit/
    I think we'll have to take it from there. So I would appreciate your reply in the topic 
  8. TSP added a comment: [Beta 5a] Select multiple always loads with first value selected   

    I also have the problem that the values doesn't save with the Node form type. I select values (forum nodes), save it, but the choice is either not preserved or values not retrieved on the next visit. 
    In comparison, my Member and Text setting does save. 
  9. TSP added a comment: [Beta 5a] Select multiple always loads with first value selected   

    I'm getting this myself in beta 6 @bfarber . 
    This is the code for a plugin setting I've made: 
    $form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Select( 'anon_ingroups', NULL, FALSE, array( 'options' => \IPS\Member\Group::groups(), 'parse' => 'normal', 'multiple' => true ) ) ); Also, I can't save the setting or the saved setting is not displayed correctly, it always displays "Administrators" as selected, even though I've previously chosen and saved other selections.
    @Adriano Faria : did you find a solution or you still seeing this too? 
  10. TSP added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 6] Member select setting displays ID
    If you type a member name in a member form select code, it does an ajax search and you can select a member. The member name is displayed inside a blue "tag box". 
    But if you save the setting with the entered name and then later come back to edit the settings, it displays the member ID where the display name should've been. 
    Setting code from a settings.php for a plugin: 
    $form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Member( 'anon_whois', \IPS\Settings::i()->anon_whois ) );  
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  11. TSP added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 6] Additional modal appears behind "Create new plugin"-modal
    I clicked on the icon with a 0 and a magnifying glass to see what it did, but if the "Create new plugin"-page has opened in a modal window, then the modal window for this tool appears behind it.
    I guess this could be a global problem, so should probably check other similar areas.

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  12. TSP added a comment: Developer Mode   

    What are the correct steps to take when upgrading a IN_DEV install? 
    I think it's this, but I'm not sure: 
    Turn off IN_DEV Upload the updated core files and dev files Run the upgrade procedure, still not IN_DEV View the community front page when the upgrade is done to check it seems okay Turn IN_DEV on again Can it be upgraded without turning IN_DEV off? Are the multiple ways to do it? Does this seem like the best procedure or is there a better one? @Mark , could you share some insight? I think it would also be useful to write some words on this in the article. 
    I have the same kind of questions with regards to upgrading a designers mode installation too. But I guess I'll wait with that for the designers mode article to come around. 
    I think I'm not the only one who is unsure on this, so some official clarification would be good. 
  13. TSP added a post in a topic: TV Shows   

    Rome Game of Thrones 24 Lost Sherlock Frasier Supernatural (Haven't watched since season 5/6-something) Prison Break House of Cards House (I've seen an episode here and there before. I've started watching it chronologicially though, and I've completed season 2 now. I'm currently stuck here, because I got season 1, 2, 4 and 5 for christmas on DVD - but not 3   ) I've also followed "NCIS" (where I absolutely love the characters and their interactions), but I've just seen it on TV, so I haven't really been able to follow it in a very chronological order. Currently I'm also very much enjoying a norwegian television series named " Kampen om tungtvannet " ( The Heavy Water War in english).
    I feel like I have tendency to swing towards series that contain characters that are in an official strong leadership position (Like; president in the USA or historical leaders like Julius Cæsar) and detective series. It just feels good to get an "inside look" into something that would be "impossible" otherwise, even if it's just fictional. Yesterday I actually sat down and watched the five first episodes of "Madam Secretary" which I quite enjoyed too. 
    Recently I also came to the realization that I've never been interested in animated series for some reason, like Homer Simpson, South Park etc. I've watched parts of a few episodes if I've seen it on TV, but it never captures my interest for long.
  14. TSP added a comment: Graph JS loaded dynamically doesn't work   

    ​ Not sure what you ended up changing it to, but "cachebust" (abbreviated cb, so ?cb=...) is what I believe  is the most widely recognizable param value to use for this purpose. So I think it's the shortest term least likely to interfere with anything.
  15. TSP added a comment: Not received blog entry notification   

    Oh dear, yes I've got it. I'm sorry! 
    It actually wasn't my junk folder but it was picked up by a custom mail filter I considered deprecated and thus it was sent to another folder and marked read.  ​

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