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  1. ClanFeC added a post in a topic: Whmcs template with ip: content wrapper   

    Anyone know how to use the ip:content ipb wrapper to integrate whmcs? I usuallu use iframe but i hear thats not very good to do
  2. ClanFeC added a post in a topic: Multiple Websites in 1? (HELP)   

    I still need help with this. Is there a easy way to goto a domain like and have it link to the main ipb domain called

    The reason for this is i want one website that has a member list and login that can use for mutiple sites.

    Main install is at and the secondary could be at but it still shows the whole link instead of just

    Is there a way to get around this or should i buty 2 ipbs and the figure out how to share logins?
  3. ClanFeC added a post in a topic: Multiple Websites in 1? (HELP)   

    I have an idea of making multiple websites into one site due to wanting to save money and to get everything into one main site for easy editing and having self advertising.
    >First website for games -
    >second website for movies -
    Each website would have a logo and skin.  Each would also have its own navigation.  Is this possible to do with the use of mods or do I have to code everything, cause I know nothing about coding but I'm trying to make a multiple use website to have different individual websites.  I know IP: Content can do this, but I usually use the IP: Content navigation menu and the IP: Board Wrapper.  The wrapper wont allow me to do different skins and logos, and the navigation menu won't let me change based upon a new page.  Anyone have ideas or can help me with this?
  4. ClanFeC added a post in a topic: Nexus Email Template   

    I'm trying to edit the email to add display name and other variables.  Now do I add the customers display name after customers name?
    CUSTOMERS EMAIL, A support request in the 'General' support department has been created or replied to by CUSTOMERS NAME. SUPPORT TICKET TITLE ------------------------------------------- SUPPORT TICKET DESCRIPTION ------------------------------------------- You can view and respond to the support request in the Admin CP (SUPPORT TICKET LINK), or reply to this email. Thanks
  5. ClanFeC added a post in a topic: Product Purchased email missing info   

    Ive been trying to figure this out too.  The emails with by name and not display name are annoying.  I can't find the correct {   }   code.
  6. ClanFeC added a post in a topic: Suggestion, Adding polls to articles   

    I would also like polls since I want to get rid of forums all together and only use IP: Content.
  7. ClanFeC added a post in a topic: Media System   

    I don't really want it truncate it.  Just wanted it to fit even with a huge paragraph.
  8. ClanFeC added a post in a topic: Media System   

    I'm getting this display error