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  1. Feneroin added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Making "unread" a topic don't work (RC3)
    I have tried making unread a topic from topic listing (in a forum), don't work. It's still read
    • 1 reply
  2. Feneroin added a post in a topic: Adding YouTube videos   

    It's ok on mobile. Thanks to responsive...
    No problem on mobile and desktop for me
  3. Feneroin added a post in a topic: IPS4 Turkish Translation   

    Yes and submitted on MarketPlace. Waitinf for approval
    I have translated at the moment: forum index, category, forum, topic section and a little bit profile section when i have submitted.
    Now i have translated and translate more section but i wait Ips team approve my file...
  4. Feneroin added a post in a topic: RC3?   

  5. Feneroin added a post in a topic: RC4 today?   

    I guess there will be one more RC(5)
  6. Feneroin added a post in a topic: Does RC3 still have the cover photo not working like on live here?   

    don't work for me, Repostion Cover etc...
  7. Feneroin added a comment: VLE#DEFAULT#!#[(DEFAULT)]#!## (in ACP)   

    I have been seen Mark has set to Fixed before release of RC3.
    And in my first post, the issue is fixed in Admin CP but on forum, not fixed. So they have fixed half  and for me Front-End is important but not fixed :s
  8. Feneroin added a comment: VLE#DEFAULT#!#[(DEFAULT)]#!## (in ACP)   

    I think, this is fixed before RC3 but on my forum this issue still exist:
  9. Feneroin added a post in a topic: I have enabled sidebar at left but   

    Any solution?
    How make sidebar at left on desktop and at bottom on mobile? I can't activate my sidebar on mobile, because i don't want see "Latest topics" and other widgets at top. and i want to keep sidebar at left.
    Maybe there must be a setting in the next release for that...?
  10. Feneroin added a post in a topic: RC3?   

    More bugs can be fixed in just some minutes They have said.
    The important is critical bugs, can take more time to fix. So in one day the bug pages can reduce from 5 to 1
  11. Feneroin added a post in a topic: (Updated RC3) I have missed some thing :s ?   

    Issue fixed by ticket.
    Thanks to IPS support team!
  12. Feneroin added a post in a topic: (Updated RC3) I have missed some thing :s ?   

    On mobile also, i can't enter a text into editor.
    I have missed some css files maybe or files?
  13. Feneroin added a post in a topic: (Updated RC3) I have missed some thing :s ?   

    Hello, I have upgraded to RC3 from RC2 and i see some problems.
    1- I can't enter text into editor and tags also don't work.

    2- When i click to my profile menu...

    Any solution? Or i can upload the files again?
  14. Feneroin added an answer to a question: What are the largest websites using IP Suite?   

    with 440k members and 2,3m post
    14m post  
    +3m post
  15. Feneroin added a post in a topic: RC3?   

    Your banner on mobile...

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    You have leaved developping mods :/ ?

  2. Feneroin » Enkidu

    Hello Enkidu, your mods/hooks are great

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      thank you :)

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    Happy with IPB since v2.1.6 :) I LOVE IPS products!

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    Ben şuan hala 2.3.6 kullanıyorum ancak aynı zamanda 3.0.2 kurdum ve dil çevirisi yapıyorum.
    Çeviri bittigi an forumu update yapacağım.

  10. comranking » Feneroin

    Haklısın, ama önce güzel bir tema çıksın :)

  11. comranking » Feneroin

    Olurmu, ben 3.0 kurdum sonra (T30) Group Format 1.0.0 modunu kurdum.
    3.1 çıktı bütün editleri yeniden yaptım.
    Birhayli skin edit vardı, senin dediğin skin edit olmayan modlar için

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    Sen bu Türkce dil dosyasini nasil halletin?
    Kendimi yaptin, yaptinsa full degildir.
    Ben yapacam, erinmem bu konuda ama yanliz olmaz.

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    Naber bilader, ne olacak bu halimiz :)
    IPB upgrade yaptim deneme bir forumda, simdi butun Modlari kuracam iki gun sonra 3.0.2 cikacak hepsini sil bastan :)
    Gelde delirme ya

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    Bu 3.0 senin tahminine gore nezaman cikar?
    Bende cok kisa bir sure sonra cikacak olan RC2 yi kurmayi dusunuyorum.

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    Sagolasin bende iyiyim, Turkce karakterler cikmiyormus cirkin bir goruntu oldu :)

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    Vay Fenerbahçeli hem%u015Ferim nas%u0131ls%u0131n?

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    You are cool!

  18. Feneroin » Alex Duggan

    Hey Specialist. When you will create a WBB 3 converter :) ? I'm still waiting for it for use my license :(

  19. Feneroin » Majdi 2.1

    You have a response of the release of WBB3 Converter :s ?