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  1. AutoItScript added a record in IP.Board   

    Facebook sync scheduled task taking too long
    The Facebook/Twitter sync task was taking way too long on my board of 55k members. Even when I reset the fb_bwoptions to 0 for everyone the task was still taking around 3 minutes to run. It also would fail to run in cron mode altogether.
    In [b]twitfacesync.php[/b] it seems like the Twitter version of the task also checks if the bwoptions field is 0, and if so it skips any further processing. The FB function doesn't have this check.
    I changed the code to this and it solves my issues.[code=auto:0] foreach( $members as $member ) { //----------------------------------------- // Facebook Sync //----------------------------------------- if ( IPSLib::fbc_enabled() === TRUE ) { // AUTOIT CHANGES START if ( ! empty( $member['fb_uid'] ) and ! empty( $member['fb_bwoptions'] ) ) // AUTOIT CHANGES END { [/code]
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  2. AutoItScript added a record in IP.Board   

    Share links not working from iPad
    On this forum, from my ipad, the share links all just lead to a blank page. They work fine on my own 3.3.4 forum.

    Maybe related to the precious bug fix where guests could abuse the email link. However, I'm logged in.
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  3. AutoItScript added a record in IP.Board   

    Some tag characters cause issues with Sphinx
    I think tags need sanitising/escaping before being sent to Sphinx - I noticed that I'm getting a lot of search errors in [b]/forum/cache/sphinx_error_mm_dd_yy.cgi[/b]
    For example, some of my posts are tagged "@comspec" - but when you click on the tag to search for matching tags you get no results and the error log gets a message like:
    "Sphinx Error: index core_tags_search_delta,core_tags_search_main: query error: no field 'comspec' found in schema"
    After looking at the logs this is happening with many tags on characters like @, /
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  4. AutoItScript added a record in IP.Board   

    CODE tags from 3.3 are double spaced in 3.4
    In IPB 3.3.4 - Code entered with the CODE dialog is stored in the database with <br />\n line breaks:
    [ code ]
    line 1<br />\n
    line 2<br />\n
    [/ code ]
    In 3.4.0 this displays as double line breaks. More seriously, if you rebuild post content the database is changed to:
    [ code ]
    line 1\n
    line 2\n
    [/ code ]
    Which means that the content is forever double spaced.
    I'm not sure why that's not become apparent on this forum. Maybe the post content is still cached and/or the rebuild content task hasn't been run?
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  5. AutoItScript added a record in IP.Board   

    CODE tags in STD editor force auto line numbering
    Click the editor button to turn off formatting. And enter the following (i've put a space in the tags to stop them parsing here)
     [code=auto:0] [ code ] line 1 line 2 line 3 [/ code ][/code]
    Now click Preview.  The preview appears with line numbering enabled and the tags have been changed to:[code=auto:0] [ code=code:1 ] line 1 line 2 line 3 [ /code ][/code]
    If you then delete the :1 to try and stop line numbering and then click Preview again the line numbers aren't in the preview but the post tags have been changed to code:1 again. Clicking preview again brings back the line numbers. 
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  6. AutoItScript added a record in IP.Board   

    Manually entered CODE tags lose line breaks on edit
    This is with the RTE editor and default options.
    If you type in in manual code by entering the [ code ] tag then enter some code with line breaks. It will preview and save ok (see [url=""][/url] )
    But if you then edit the post all the line breaks will be stripped.
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  7. AutoItScript added a record in IP.Board   

    BBCode option "Prevent other codes parsing" not working
    The BBCode option "Prevent other codes parsing" doesn't appear to work any more. For example with the [ xml ] tag (which has the option enabled by default) 
    Some text
    [b]This should show the tags and not be bold[/b]
    In the 3.4.0 source the corresponding option "bbcode_no_parsing" doesn't appear to get checked at all outside of what appears to be some legacy code.
    Things also get very weird when swapping between the editor modes. In this post I entered the tags manually, I didn't click "bold". But that's how it will now appear if you switch editor modes or re-edit this post.
    This worked on 3.3.4.  You could switch between editor modes, and re-edit without the tags getting parsed.
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  8. AutoItScript added a record in IP.Board   

    CDN URLs and Trailing Slash
    The ACP help text for the CDN URLs state that a trailing slash must be used. However, if a trailing slash is used then the resulting link has double slashes in it.  For example:
    Images CDN Url: http//
    Results in URLs like: [url=""][/url][b]//[/b]public/style_images/...
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  9. AutoItScript added a record in IP.Board   

    core_share_links_log filling up
    The table "core_share_links_log" is 1 million rows on my forum. It appears that there are two issues here:
    1. The log is never getting pruned. The "logprune.php" scheduled task does not reference it so there is no way it will ever get cleaned.
    2. It is logging shares from guests (this was flagged as fixed in a 3.2 bug report but it still happens on my 3.3.4 install)
    Repo steps:
    - Access the forum as a guest
    - Browse a topic
    - On the share strip click "download"
    - Notice that a new entry in the "core_share_links_log" table is created with a log_member_id of "0"
    I did a quick search for "core_share_links_log" in the source files of the preview 3.4 release - couldn't see any log cleanup there either.
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