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  1. AutoItScript added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [] Suboptimal results returned when searching for display name in ACP/PM
    This is a weird one.  On my forum my display name is "Jon".  Because there are so many members the letters "jon" are present in thousands of display names. "jjones12", etc. In certain sections of the forum when searching for members even though I enter "Jon" as the search term it is not returned as the first result even though it is an exact match - it can be on the 20th page.  
    Some examples:
    @mentions system: Jon appears as the first entry - correct  
    ACP / Members search: Jon doesn't appear in the search results on page 1. It shows "page 1 of 8" at the top. If you click page 2 it breaks and then shows "page 2 of 2218" (an additional bug).
    PM System - Compose New: Enter "Jon" as recipient and you get a dropdown list of various names containing Jon but not the exact match. Makes it difficult to PM me!
    As the @mentions search correctly brings up the exact match first it looks like it's possible for this to work.
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  2. AutoItScript added a post in a topic: Double-clicking "Submit" button allows double posting   

    A few of my users have been complaining about double-posting as well. They swear they are not double clicking the submit button though. 
  3. AutoItScript added a comment: [ - Downloads] - Can't upload files that end in a numeric extension   

    Note, you have to click on save and then go back in to see this. If you look in the DB as well you can see that the filename is wrong.
  4. AutoItScript added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [ - Downloads] - Can't upload files that end in a numeric extension
    My forum is about the AutoIt scripting language which has script files with a .au3 extension. I've noticed that existing .au3 files uploaded into the downloads system now download with long numeric strings and have a .txt extension appended. Also it's now impossible to upload .au3 files without the file becoming mangled.  I even tried adding the relevant mime type into Files.php. It appears that files that have the very last letter as numeric (.au3 .xy3) get mangled in this way. See the image below of containing the results of various file type uploads.

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  5. AutoItScript added a comment: downloading zips downloads html file   

    I also have this on some files.
  6. AutoItScript added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    ​Does something else need changing along with that? This url gives an error now: 
  7. AutoItScript added a post in a topic: New Logo on This Commmunity   

    It has a width and a height tag in the html, so they must be editing the template:
    I do this for mine:
    <a href='{setting="base_url"}' id='elLogo' accesskey='1'><img src="/forum/cdn/images/logo_autoit_210x72.png" srcset="/images/logo_autoit_210x72@2x.png 2x" alt=''></a>
  8. AutoItScript added a comment: [4.0.5] In order to build your application for download you must set phar.readonly to 1 in php.ini   

    It's because the phar package doesn't honour the tmp location of the forum. It just ends up using the global temp anyway. I don't there there is anything IPS can do about it because it's outside of the software. You just need to make your global temp folder writable. I think mine was the one returned by sys_get_temp_dir()
  9. AutoItScript added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.4] changeUrl.php error - trying to load a gallery class
    I'm trying to create a copy of my board ready to test the upgrade to 4.0.5. I'm trying to use the changeUrl.php script. I enter the new paths and URLs and then start it and immediately get the error:
    I don't - or ever had - Gallery installed. I just have Core+Forum+Downloads. 
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  10. AutoItScript added a comment: [4.0.2] Latest Topics Widget has problems on Innodb   

    This is interesting, I did some upgrades and this is what happened:
    MySQL 5.5.43 InnoDB - Both Latest Topics and Activity Stream -> Posts were taking ~3minutes + huge tmp tables
    MariaDB 5.5.43 InnoDB - Same issue
    Maria DB 10.0.19 InnoDB - Latest Topics is instant, Activity Stream -> Posts is now taking 15 seconds.
  11. AutoItScript added a file in Utilities and Stats   

    SSL Image Proxy v1.0.3
    This application makes it easier to run your site as full https and helps solve the problem of user posted http images. Displaying http images on a https page causes mixed content browser warnings and is a common reason why forums can't easily run as full https. 
    When a user posts a link to an external image the application does the following:
    - Checks if the user is posting a http url. If so it checks if there is a https version available (most popular image sharing sites have https support). If a https version is available then the image is simply rewritten to use the https version.
    - If there is no https version available then the image is rewritten to point at a local script. This script gets the image in the background and serves it via https thus removing any mixed content warnings.
    Your site needs to be running with a https base url with a valid SSL certificate.
    Your server must be able to make outbound libcurl requests via php to download images.
    Use the sslimageproxy_check.php script in the tools folder to verify requirements before installing.
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  12. AutoItScript added a post in a topic: Make embedded thread links an option   

  13. AutoItScript added a post in a topic: Latest Topics Widget slows down by 5x the site loading   

    It took me ages to track down in mysql monitor...
    Removing access to Activity Stream and disabling Latest Topics made my load go from 10.0 and unable to stay online, to 0.40 and snappy. 
  14. AutoItScript added a post in a topic: Latest Topics Widget slows down by 5x the site loading   

    Yeah I bugged it here:
  15. AutoItScript added a file in Utilities and Stats   

    Code BBCode Protect v1.0.0
    Currently BBCode (amongst other things) is parsed within code/pre tags when a post is submitted. This can be very damaging on programming forums where the integrity of posted code is critical. Additionally if a Rebuild Posts background task is ever initiated (I believe v4.0.5 will initiate this again) then existing code in posts will also be re-parsed causing emoticons to be parsed within code/pre tags. Again, this breaks code integrity.
    These have both been bugged on the tracker, but in the meantime this plugin will prevent any manipulation of the text within code/pre tags.
    Note: Nothing is parsed within code/pre tags - not even the profanity filter.
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