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  1. AutoItScript added a post in a topic: Retina Emoticons   

    ​I just browsed the emoji plugin that @sijad has done. That looks very interesting. If those emojis looks OK scaled down then I think that may be an option. I do worry about plugins though. I heavily modded my 2.0 IPB and I really suffered. I've been keeping it standard since
  2. AutoItScript added a post in a topic: Retina Emoticons   

    Unless I misunderstand that won't be work because:
    You'll be serving the @2x image all the time. So it will look good on retina but a 40x40 icon that's shrunk to 20x20 for non-retina tends to look terrible.IIRC you can only specify absolute widths/heights in css - percentages only apply to containers. So unless all your icons are exactly the same size you will have issues. Not a bad limitation I suppose, but I currently have some short but wide emoticons
  3. AutoItScript added a post in a topic: Retina Emoticons   

    The new IPB4 looks great on a retina/HiDPI screen. Except for emoticons - it's like someone is sand papering my eyes . Please consider adding some sort of support for retina emoticons. Even if it's just adding a customizable width/height to each emoticon so that you can use @2x assets and scale them down. Preferably be able to load @1x @2x assets and use the img srcset tag (for all browsers apart from IE, fallback to JS for that maybe). Anything!
    As a proof of concept I wanted to come up with something for my 3.4.7 / soon-to-be-4.0 site that would allow me to use retina emoticons without modding the board at all so that if such support becomes available in a later version I wouldn't have issues on upgrade. This is my first attempt at a crazy solution - if anyone can think of a different approach then let me know as what I've done seems a little elaborate. The way the storage system works in IPB 4 (where emoticons can end up in monthly folders with GUIDs on the end) complicates a few of the ideas I had.
    My first thought was to just upload @1x and @2x version of each emoticon and then use to rewrite the images for retina clients. The problems with this is:
    Forums can serve a lot of image assets, and the javascript would be checking for and receiving 404 errors for 95% of images on a page. Not really performance friendly for the client or my server.If an emoticon is called "monthly_2015_04/my_emoticon.png.14229aa3222" then there is no easy way to upload the @2x version that would need be "monthly_2015_04/my_emoticon.png.14229aa3222" - sure you can manually upload it via ftp into the same foldert but it's going to get nuked the next time a "Remove Orphaned Attachments" task is run.Without modding my board a javascript file still seems like a decent idea so I've modified retinajs with the following changes:
    Allowed it to work with filenames that can have a guid at the endAdditional config options for a source_url.  Only filenames served from this url are subject to the retina treatmentOnly files with @1x in the filename are processed. Along with the source_url this means that most of the images on the forum will bypass the script so performance should be maintained. I just need to make sure I add @1x in the filename of my emoticons.Additional config options for destination_url. When the @2x file is requested it can use a path outside of the forum rather than the original source folder. Therefore I won't risk any forum task "cleaning" my @2x emoticons. So on my IPB4 board I have a folder structure like this (with a custom folder called cdn that I added):
    forum / uploads / monthly_2015_05 / my_emoticon@1x.png.14229aa3222   (uploaded through the ACP)
    forum / cdn / js / retinajs-custom.js
    forum / cdn / retina-redirect / monthly_2015_05 / my_emoticon@2x.png.14229aa3222    (manually uploaded through FTP and named to match that from the ACP)
    When a page is loaded the @1x emoticons are loaded for everyone, then the retinajs script checks if it is a HiDPI device and if so it scans img tags for paths that match @1x and the URL we configured. If it matches it checks for the @2x version on the alternate URL and then loads it in. It sounds crazy but it's the same technique the Apple site uses - if you refresh you can see the @1x assets briefly before they are replaced with the @2x ones.
    This is a lot of work, but people like their emoticons   Hopefully what I've done is upgrade-proof. But again, please add some support for this into the software so I can retire it - for my sanity!
  4. AutoItScript added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] Prettify not re-running when re-editing code and moving between pages.
    The prettify function runs on page load. But when re-editing a post that contains code, or by clicking on the numbered pages buttons in long topics then the code is not highlighted. 
    Is it possible to get the page transitions and the act of clicking "save" when editing a post to re-run the prettify function?
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  5. AutoItScript added a comment: [4.0.1] BBCode is being parsed when entering code   

    Also acronyms are being processed as well. 
  6. AutoItScript added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] BBCode is being parsed when entering code
    Some BBCode is still being parsed when using the Add Code button. See previous bug report for an example:       [4.0.1] Signatures not getting rebuilt during upgrade     
    This should not be bold This should If you edit this post and look at the code above you can see that the [b ] and [ spoiler] codes have been processed and stored as html.
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  7. AutoItScript added a comment: [4.0.1] Signatures not getting rebuilt during upgrade   

    The signature contents I posted above was using [ color] tags - they shouldn't have been parsed in a code box.  I'll bug that as well.
  8. AutoItScript added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] Signatures not getting rebuilt during upgrade
    As title. My users on 3.4.7 use emoticons, spoilers, urls and whatnot in their signatures. But the content doesn't look to be being rebuilt as it is for posts. They look like they've not been touched at all and the emoticons are pointing to the old public/style_emoticons folder rather than the new location. I didn't see a "RebuildSignatures" background task execute nor can I see a .php file for it.
    An example:
    Contributions:Display Multiline text cells in ListView Perforated image in GUI ( UEZ UI major update) Excel color picker tool Oracle SQL Report Generator Input Period udf Weather Monitor Universal Date Format Conversion Presentation Manager] Excel Chart UDF (with water) USB Drive Tools Animated animals SQLite Report Generator - Computer Info - Shared memory DisableDetailsPane _ExportListView SQLite ListView and BLOB demo Dynamic input validation MsgBox_CountDown] - CheckUpdate - SelfUpdating script _GetDateInString() - find date/time in a string using a date format notation _TaskListAllDetailed - List Scheduled Tasks 
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  9. AutoItScript added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] Team Icons left in public after migration
    During migration emoticons are moved into uploads. Team icons seem to be left pointing to the old public folder. 
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  10. AutoItScript added a post in a topic: post= and topic= BBCode. post= now gone in IPB4?   

    It does actually.  "topic=" still works "post=" doesn't, and the new way to do this is to use the share link and embed it in the post
  11. AutoItScript added a post in a topic: MIgrated 3.4.7->4 Notification Settings seem to be random?   

    After migration from 3.4.7 to 4.0 the Notification Defaults seem quite random and bear no resemblance to how I had them on 3.4.  Is this intended as a "new start" for notification settings or should they have been migrated where appropriate?  For example, half of them are now set to "Member can edit? : Disabled" and they were all enabled on my 3.4.7 board.
  12. AutoItScript added a post in a topic: post= and topic= BBCode. post= now gone in IPB4?   

    I'm sure I skimmed a topic on this on this forum but it was before I was testing IPB4 so I didn't take much notice and I can't find it now 
    My members use the [ topic=xx] and [ post=xx] features quite a lot. It seems like topic still works in IPB4, but post does not. Is this intentional?
  13. AutoItScript added a comment: [4.0.1 and previous] Moving File Sytem result in bad file name and no post rebuild   

    Duplicate of [4.0.0] Changing emoticons storage location - at least it wasn't just me
  14. AutoItScript added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] Editor / Add Button / Custom - Can't select icon image
    Customization / Editor / Toolbars / Add Button / Custom:
    I can't select an image to add as an icon. No matter the image I get an error of " The file must be smaller than 64MB.".  I last tried this on RC6 or 7 and it worked ok.
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  15. AutoItScript added a comment: Issues with ads after first post   

    There was another bug logged where the solution was the addition of an option to disable AJAX pagination which I think is related to your "page 2" issue. The option doesn't seem to have made it into 4.0.1 though as far as I can see.
          AJAX Option