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  1. c u l8er

    Is it just me or do IPB pages load slow at first then fast right after installing 3.2 beta 2?

    1. AndyF

      Caching probably, the first page load will be slower if its not partly in your browser already, js etc

    2. c u l8er

      I thought of this but I switched to a different browser and they loaded fast. Its like any page that I am visiting for the very first time has to cache with the server.

    3. Collin S.

      It's not the browser's caching - IP.Board has it's own caching system for posts, signatures, etc. :)

  2. c u l8er

    Ummm sorry google, your not aloud to promote your own products anymore. Ohhh and you can forget about putting ads up, no one likes them anyways.

  3. c u l8er

    I just jizzed all over the screen. 3.2 is AMAZING!

    1. Mr Washington

      lmao. I agree!

  4. c u l8er

    All respect has been lost for VB after they tried to sue XF. The guys at VB a crooks and are not to be trusted.

    1. Aisha

      Welcome to a year ago.

    2. dogpatch

      cdkey.. haha.. yeah for real... but its all good, at least hes aware of how lame vb has become.

    3. AlexJ

      Here is the recent news for you. http://gracelaw.com/XenForo.html

    4. DarkGizmo

      vB has sucked for a few years now. :-p

    5. Amy T

      lol They are just scared of being pushed out of business. lol

    6. co19

      lol tbh XF does look like vb..

  5. Matt Enloe » c u l8er

    It may interest you to know that Cloudflare's western datacenters have been experiencing issues lately and as long as you keep the shoutbox up globally people are liable to get errors frequently.

  6. c u l8er

    Whats up with people selling random pictures in the market...

    1. FaithFirst

      what do you mean?

    2. Jinkler

      All the images in the marketplace by Hiawatha, $1.50 each. I do hope the marketplace doesn't start filling up with crap like that.

  7. c u l8er

    IPB 3 ROCKS!!!