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About Me

How Things Started

I’ve been involved in making money online for the last 24 months, making $x,xxx per month for the last year in passive income and $x,xxx from my ‘work’ at ViperChill, although life is about to change very shortly. At 16 I had a full-time job for the summer at a retail store, I hated it but the money wasn’t bad so I stuck at it, spending most of what I had spare going to the town with my friends and putting the rest into online ventures. 2 months ago I quit my job at this retail store, and just 2 weeks ago I was given an opportunity to do something I love but it would mean quitting college.

Quitting My Job

Quitting my job was the best thing that has happened to me. With college I had very little time to work online except during weekends but of course this was the time in which I was working. Being free from work and with college ‘closed for the summer’ I have been able to start up this website you are viewing now and make a real good go of things. It may surprise you to learn that I don’t really have any web ventures worth talking about apart from some passive proxy income which makes me over $1,000 per month and a lot of testing / research in my favourite online areas. I realise that some people need something to fall back on before they can quit their job but I guess I am lucky in that I am young and didn’t get that much of an income (offline) in the first place.