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  1. Oldcrow added a post in a topic: Change to IPB from myBB   

    Andy when were ready I'll get back to you..

  2. Oldcrow added a post in a topic: Change to IPB from myBB   

    Thanks Andy. I may take you up on this..There is no rush.. Maybe when we are both free..

    I would like to wait until IPB 4.0 is stable and released.. Any idea as to when

    Right now the mybb board is 1.6.15 I am holding off on the upgrade to 1.8.0

    I bought this board because the guy was going to just walk from it..and let it sink..

    I have had it for almost a year, upgraded it a couple of times, added some plugins.. But I just do not care for mybb..

    How would you do this by Team Viewer.. Who is staying up late or getting up early.. Remember there is about 5 hours between you and me..


  3. Oldcrow added a post in a topic: Change to IPB from myBB   

    I have an IPB forum not being used.. I also have an active myBB forum, which I would like to change over and install in the old IPB forum I have..

    My question is:

    I have no clue on how to run the convertor.

    Does the IPB Staff do any change overs for us and at what cost..

  4. Oldcrow added a comment: HTML in category titles   

    Thanks Brandon.. Will do..
  5. Oldcrow added a comment: HTML in category titles   

    [quote name='bfarber' date='30 August 2010 - 03:52 PM']
    Updating status to: [b]Unintended User Behavior[/b]

    The default forums.name column is only 128 chars. We do allow HTML in the forum name, but if you want to use a lot of code you will need to change the column to accept more characters.

    I was the person asking Andy how to do this. And yes as you stated, I got stopped because of to much Code. Where do I go to make a change in in adding more than 128 chars.

    I did get the Image in but then I lost more than half of the Category name..
  6. Oldcrow added a post in a topic: With thanks to the support staff   

    I myself, have nothing but 'praise' for the staff of IPS. My tickets have been answered and taken care of, usually with a very short period of time..
  7. Oldcrow added a post in a topic: Customer Service Sucks!   

    I have two IPB Boards.. I have had the opportunity to use IPB Support numerous times, and I have never been disappointed..

    Thursday night I put a HTML code in the wrong place, and lost part of the forum and not knowing the Database very well, I put a Ticket in for Support Friday morning... I was fortunate enough to be back up and running within the hour..

    So IPB Support is 100% for me..

  8. Oldcrow added a post in a topic: Preset font/color/etc. preferences?   

    Sounds like iFont I have it installed in two forums.

    Get it here:
  9. Oldcrow added a post in a topic: Ticket Response Time?   

    Same here.. Never more than two hours, mostly less than an hour..I find IPS Support excellent..
  10. Oldcrow added a post in a topic: About license   

    You purchase the original license to operate the board.. Now IPB will send you a notice every six months, asking you if you want to renew "Support" cost is $25.00, well worth it.. Support here is the Greatest.

    Whether you renew or not, the board is yours. I don't believe you can remove the 'copyrights'. If you do not renew you lose the rights to 'support' and you lose the rights to has any access to the mod.'s that are available, including the 'skins'..But later down the line, you have the right to renew your support..

    Tell you now, you'll never find a better deal anywhere..

    Thanks Oldcrow...

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