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  1. Elly added a post in a topic: Add 'first page' and 'last page' to mobile skin pagination   

    <a class="button page-button prev" href='{parse url="{$data['baseUrl']}&amp;{$data['startValueKey']}=0{$data['anchor']}" base="{$data['base']}" seotitle="{$data['seoTitle']}" template="{$data['seoTemplate']}"}' title="{$this->lang->words['tpl_prev']}" rel='prev' style="margin-right: 5px; width: 15px !important;">{$this->lang->words['_laquo']}</a>
    Change the link to that as one of the quotation marks was a double quote instead of a single quote.
  2. Elly added a post in a topic: 3.3 Suggestion: Varnish support   

    Just a bump to this. While IPB works fine with varnish already, it would be great to have some sort of inbuilt purge compatibility and counting guests with ESI(?). Something like the sphinx search options in ACP where vcl settings are generated and an article in the KB.
  3. Elly added a post in a topic: Mobile Skin Status Update   

    2. +1, anyone able to make a mod or something to status update in mobile skin?

    Will be greatly appreciated! :D