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  1. steve00 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    IP.Pages css issue
    Appears that when creating a page from within admincp >> Pages and using any of the 'blocks' from right column it is not finding the css for:
    <h3 class="ipsWidget_title ipsType_reset"> No idea why but it is not finding it so imagine for some reason css file is not being loaded like it is for other areas (not even loading my custom.css file) unless that has its own css file somewhere else ?
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  2. steve00 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    IP.Pages block language
    When creating a Page in admincp >> Pages and using 'blocks' from right column:
    {block="5" title="Category List"} When viewing page in browser it shows title as:
    And it is showing links to video's and no thumbnail just a hex number for the thumbnail
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  3. steve00 added a post in a topic: Theme Upload problem   

    Likely in php.ini on your server configuration (php.ini has a default of 2MB)
  4. steve00 added a comment: Upgrade 3.4.7 to RC3 issue   

    sorry but unable to give url as on localhost
  5. steve00 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    RC3 Login problems
    Creating backup of RC3 forum files (inc database)
    Creating new folder and moving the backup files to it
    creating new database and importing the backup into it
    Change conf_global.php to reflect the new url and database name
    Forum shows ok in new location
    Now the  problem starts that cannot login to forum or into the admincp as every time enter login details for the forum or the admincp and click ok it re-directs to the original forum url
    So somewhere it appears it is still getting the url to old forum when trying to login yet have changed conf_global.php
    Please advise why this is happening
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  6. steve00 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Upgrade 3.4.7 to RC3 issue
    Noticed when upgrading from 3.4.7 to RC3 that some forums did not have permissions copied from 3.4.7 and so the categories/forums were not showing
    Also some posts are missing from other forums (see screenies)
    IPB 3.4.7

    IPB 4 RC3

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  7. steve00 added a comment: Sorrry people but think had enough ... cannot get RC3 to install as an upgrade or fresh install   

    Take it didn't see the last line ....
  8. steve00 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Sorrry people but think had enough ... cannot get RC3 to install as an upgrade or fresh install
    As per title am starting to lose my patience now.
    Tried upgrading 3.4.7 to RC3 and got an error (apparently cannot be reproduced and blamed on MySQL yet feel it isn't)
    Now cannot install completely fresh install of RC3 as get following error
    Have never ever had max execution time out before so why does it start now ?
    So my question is  how much longer am I having to put up with all these errors which apparently no one else can reproduce
    Last version have been able to use was way back to Beta 4 since then have had no end of problems
    Just glad hadn't upgraded live site as would be in heck of lot of trouble
    Trouble is as on localhost with problems then no one can try and  find cause
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  9. steve00 added a comment: Seems cannot upgrade from 3.4.7 to RC3   

    Server is localhost (as can see its XAMPP in the path)
    It renamed other tables so cannot see being MySQL problem
    Noticed there were a lot of tables not renamed and all to do with ccs so perhaps a problem with the script convertor ?
    Why did it get to 100% and say Finished if it hadn't renamed all tables ?
  10. steve00 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Seems cannot upgrade from 3.4.7 to RC3
    Nope get error after converting database to utf8
    that is after 100% and click Finish button
    Again cannot do anything ... if try running upgrade again am told need to convert database to utf8 .... but already done that  
    If go to forums then get following:
    One of these days I might get a version that will upgrade 3.4.7, as it stands cannot check anything else so have to wait until next release 
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  11. steve00 added a post in a topic: Administraion of IPS 4 RC2   

    ​Think will find everyone is in same boat learning the new code in IPS 4
    Was similar problem when went from 2.x.x to 3.x.x (had to learn again)
    Likely same will happen when goes from 4.x.x to 5.x.x
    All can say is try and persevere and hopefully be easier as time goes on
  12. steve00 added a comment: UPGRADE: 3.4.7 to Beta 4 RC2   

    No good submitting ticket as installed on localhost
  13. steve00 added a comment: RC2 Site Logo / Advert   

    Not sure but wouldn't you have to create a smaller logo for mobiles and add to css (that's what I have done) ?
  14. steve00 added a post in a topic: Display Name Login Issues?   

    ​Same for me
  15. steve00 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    UPGRADE: 3.4.7 to Beta 4 RC2
    Tried upgrading from 3.4.7 to Beta 4 RC2 and receive the following error messages:
    The above happened 3 times after I clicked the 'Continue' button
    The above happened twice after clicking the 'Continue' button
    The above cannot get any further, have tried over 20 times to click 'Continue' button but still comes up with that error 
    Database was converted to UTF8 and made changes to conf_global.php as instructed in the d/loaded utf8convert file
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