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  1. Ryan11433 added a post in a topic: Free license for developer   

    Hmm nothing is free so why do you think you deserve a free license from IPS?
  2. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: Links Directory   

    It is still a great application as I just purchased this again as the third time now for my other board that is also using latest version of IPB. :)
  3. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: Links Directory   

    now I have 2 Link Directory purchases and congratulations bug fixing the link addresses. :)
  4. Ryan11433 added a post in a topic: Download Manager and the Marketplace   

    It has been a long time with this issue I'm having so I wanted to let you know now that prior downloading always come up with characters between numbers and sometime with ( ) that forced me to manually correct the filenames here.

    Example: I want to download shoutbox and it downloads as Shoutbox_v1%2e3%2e8_BETA_2(Build_39)_Paid.zip I need to correct it to Shoutbox_v1.3.8_BETA_2(Build_39)_Paid.zip

    Maybe it is caused by a period in the example I just said. Also I don't know if it is really happening to any other internet explorer user?
  5. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: PM Viewer   

    thanks for the update with fixes it is much appreciated :)
  6. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    thanks for the update! I just purchased this download because the paid version are probably better as its better than making nothing when you continue developing this appllication.
  7. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: Links Directory   

    thanks for the update! it is appreciated. :)
  8. Ryan11433 added a comment on a gallery image: Test   

    Mac wallpaper
  9. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: RealStats   

    This application is useful when you want to view statistics and yes it works on all of IPB addons that we currently have here.
  10. Ryan11433 added a post in a topic: White-Label Mobile Apps   

    alright so you guys have not gave in yet.
  11. Ryan11433 added a post in a topic: White-Label Mobile Apps   

    Hello since I have purchased White-Label Mobile Apps in the past but was canceled because it never came out for real as IPS reports problems with application submission to apple. I do have the option to reactivate it but first before doing so what are the benefits that I would get?
  12. Ryan11433 added a post in a topic: IP Gallery Questions   

    That is a good question and that really depends on your server configuration with file size AND file type too if you have came to that point that I have experienced in the past.
  13. Ryan11433 added a post in a topic: Optional renewal   

    I think you could by selecting that add on that you don't want to renew in your purchases section through client area and whenever you want that product renewed in future just reactivate it?
  14. Ryan11433 added a post in a topic: Arcade?   

    Maybe they are moving their site but their DNS server aren't updated yet or they have given up paying? Who knows and while it is down you should try iarcade or something.
  15. Ryan11433 added a post in a topic: More Menu problem?   

    Maybe to disable more button is not a good idea because what if other people uses a different resolution but i still think it is a bug if there was just one button in more button.

About Me

I was born hard of hearing and am fortunately helped by hearing aids. I was born in Jacksonville FL and still live here. I want to let you know that I have been through hard times and have the character to overcome the problems I have been dealt. I was in a serious car accident when I was 15 (a passenger in my friends car). I was in a coma for 10 weeks and almost died. After 4 months I got out of the hospital and could not even sit up. After a lot of hard work I can now get around using a walker. The main effect from the accident is holding my balance due to ataxia (shaking). Since the 7th grade I went to The Broach School and attended class just like regular students. After the accident, I went back and graduated in 2003. I know sign language but don't use it often. I read lips pretty well and if you pay attention you can understand my speech. My biggest problems are that I can not use the telephone or to drive even I have TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). I live on my parents property (who are really cool) in a apartment we just had built for me to have more privacy.

I am really a good person without any emotional problems and want to find some real friends that I can care about and have them care about me in return. I have a lot to offer and hope I can find someone who desires a real relationship that meets not only my needs but theirs as well.