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  1. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: Links Directory   

    It is still a great application as I just purchased this again as the third time now for my other board that is also using latest version of IPB. :)
  2. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: Links Directory   

    now I have 2 Link Directory purchases and c ongratulations bug fixing the link addresses. :)
  3. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: PM Viewer   

    thanks for the update with fixes it is much appreciated :)
  4. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    thanks for the update! I just purchased this download because the paid version are probably better as its better than making nothing when you continue developing this appllication.
  5. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: Links Directory   

    thanks for the update! it is appreciated. :)
  6. Ryan11433 added a comment on a gallery image: Test   

    Mac wallpaper
  7. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: RealStats   

    This application is useful when you want to view statistics and yes it works on all of IPB addons that we currently have here.
  8. Ryan11433 added a comment on a file: CSEO Migration   

    Thank you for the update

About Me

I was born hard of hearing and am fortunately helped by hearing aids. I was born in Jacksonville FL and still live here. I want to let you know that I have been through hard times and have the character to overcome the problems I have been dealt. I was in a serious car accident when I was 15 (a passenger in my friends car). I was in a coma for 10 weeks and almost died. After 4 months I got out of the hospital and could not even sit up. After a lot of hard work I can now get around using a walker. The main effect from the accident is holding my balance due to ataxia (shaking). Since the 7th grade I went to The Broach School and attended class just like regular students. After the accident, I went back and graduated in 2003. I know sign language but don't use it often. I read lips pretty well and if you pay attention you can understand my speech. My biggest problems are that I can not use the telephone or to drive even I have TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). I live on my parents property (who are really cool) in a apartment we just had built for me to have more privacy.

I am really a good person without any emotional problems and want to find some real friends that I can care about and have them care about me in return. I have a lot to offer and hope I can find someone who desires a real relationship that meets not only my needs but theirs as well.