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  1. Joshua Hina added a post in a topic: Invision Going Downhill   

    *cough* My recent problem was due to a system setting on the IPS Hosting side. If I just wanted the permissions set I could ask any one of my contractors to do that for less than I pay IPS. Though now that I look at it Charles is right; I guess I was just overly annoyed that the issue was not found sooner (As if the technicians were assuming I did not know what I was doing). Becuase we have over 200 forums and max_vars is set to 1000 200 * 5... yeah... it was cutting off. So far as response times I guess I should use my own companies SLA as a guide... We give clients a 12 hour response SLA... From that prospective going from response to response... Yeah.
  2. Joshua Hina added a post in a topic: Invision Going Downhill   

    Actually the SLA for priority support is 1 business day. If they can't provide that 100 percent of the time they should not offer that. If they were a dedicated server provider they would get a lot of SLA claims and lose money. I am not saying they need to respond to my current tickets daily; read my statement; I said that is what I use to get whereas now I just at least expect them to help when I ask. I got replies to my tickets so I am fine; though how some of the active folks on this forum act is part of the reason I never post here. In the hosting world and that of provided dedicated servers and project management solutions there is some expectation of a reliable level of service; while IPS is a software provider they themselves also walked into the hosting world of their own accord thus I hold them to the standard anyone would hold my company to (if we dont respond to them and resolve their concern within a reasonable time something should be done about that; now as far as people in this thrad saying pay extra; I have contacted IPS sales in the past when we had those four forums I mentioned and specifically asked if there was any other things we could pay for to increase the level of support offerings even though we already had a business liense. They told me they do not; maybe they should offer addictional support levels for businesses like me that even though we are small our cliente is VERY demanding and MUST have access to something... BUesinesses that would be willing to throw IPS an extra hundred or so dollars when we need it for an extra EMERGENCY level of service for issues that are critical to our operations (Not nessecarily forums being down but something making the forum semi-unseable for non staff).

    EDIT: I hate laptop keyboards.It is when the forum software is not working to expectations (like when you set a permission group to see a forum but it can not see said forum; which is what we are facing with all of our permission groups.
  3. Joshua Hina added a post in a topic: Invision Going Downhill   

    Not to hijack this thread but I agree with the OP; granted I have looked at alternitives and would rather stay with IPS. The support services I have gotten as of late have gone very far down hill since the point when I ran four forums and filed tickets on a daily basis. Back then I got responses in like five minutes; now there is no phone support that I can call. I have to file a ticket just to get Mark to call me and then it takes like 4 - 8 hours to get that call. When before I was able to talk to a person AND when the phone support was eliminated I still got call requests answered in like 2 hours. Lets move on to ticket support though; as I mentioned I use to get five minute reponses when I was filing tickets EVERY DAY. Now that my company no longer manages forums and only has ONE (our main corporate forum; which is hosted by IPS using a business license) and I file a ticket every like month or two depending on what its going on. It takes 6 - 8 hours to get a response if not longer and that is ONLY becuase I have a business license. Now to get anything actually done it takes 12 - 24 or so hours when before Jason would just do it for me; the level of service for the money people pay has gone down hill. I even ask IPS's techs to help me change my companies forum permissions (becuase they are utterly broken right now) and I just get a response saying when you have done it and if you ahve problems tell us; I dont have the time to change 100 forums by hand. Isn't that what I pay you guys 50 dollars every six months and 10 dollars a month to do when I only file a ticket every like month... Consider that your making 25 dollars or so per ticket if you calculate it out.

    (Forgive my spelling; I am on a work site and dont have time to check my work but saw this thread and figured I would make this known since everyone seesms to be attacking the OP; while security issues are his problem becuase its his server that is compramised it does not mean that his entire point is invalidated; IPS support has gone down hill)
  4. Joshua Hina added a post in a topic: Good old days... of GOOD support.   

    I have been with IPS for like 2.5 years now. Honestly some folks seem to expect the world when they pay for a 149 dollar license. IPS does alot for free but you should expect to wait longer; there are those of us who actually pay IPS for the added level of service that comes with a one day ticket turnaround. A week should be fine for you if your not expecting to pay IPS another 200 dollars to ensure they respond to you. THis may seem like a mean reply but after all time IS money. IPS IS giving you their time for free. Consider that.

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