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  1. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Mobile View - Turn Off Hover Cards & Topic Preview   

    When using the forum on a mobile device I am constantly battling against user hover cards and topic previews. 
    Could this functionality be turned off once the resolution reaches mobile territory?
  2. Heyhoe added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Profiles   

    Yes, they would not really be "nodes" I get that :)
    For a future release, the ability to select the type of content shown to visitors on the main page of your profile.
    This would help websites which have a focus one one particular area of the suite, be it the forums, the gallery, articles or blogs etc.
    Currently, our users do not use the Gallery or Blogs, so showing a visitor information about blogs or albums on your profile makes no sense. However, if they could be shown articles that the user has submitted, it would be another story.
    Thanks :)
  3. Heyhoe added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Profiles   

    Better still,
    Can you make all the content types available as "nodes" and have them user selectable to which will show on your profile?
    This would mean getting rid of the nodes essentially and just having the main page show recently submitted, Articles, posts, gallery images, albums, blogs, comments, etc etc
    This way, the user can push important content on visitors to his/her profile without them having to search through the "Browse My Content" Link.
    Just a thought.
  4. Heyhoe added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Profiles   

    To add,
    I would definitely like to see "Articles" included on the main page as a node because an article is much more than a forum post or a comment etc. I would say they are equally, if not more important than a users album, or blog...
    I understand the current nodes (blog and album) are containers, which a user can add content to and that an article is simply an article, so it's not quite the same to implement.
    Is their no way of creating a node of "My Articles" and using this as a node for all user submitted articles?
  5. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    Could I order;
    One screenshot of the board index One screencast of a user registering and making a post A few screenshots of the reactive skin on Android and Apple devices. Oh and a side of your favourite thing/feature in IPCS 4.
    Please deliver to somewhere below this post.
  6. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery - Re-size on upload   

    Could IPS clarify this?
  7. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: IPC Slider   

    Could be the read more link...
  8. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: I.P.Content Article Menu Format   

    Could anyone tell me how to get the counters in the menu? The current content categories menu has a blue block at the end which seems to serve no purpose whatsoever. The numbers at the end are really useful, especially for a site just starting out!
  9. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: IPC Slider   

    I'm using 1.1.1.
    Actually, the option is there but it has no effect..

    Do i need to re-build anything? I F5 it but that does not change anything.
  10. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: IPC Slider   

    I cant find the setting to set the caption height (The bg box) on the new version..
  11. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Edit "Recent Articles" Block to show larger images   

    Would this be possible with an edit to the block?
    Currently the block shows thumbnails which are resized when more articles are added.
    I would like a maximum of two images/articles per row to show. The images would expand to the width of the div. (this actually happens when only two articles are present in the database)
    The next article that was added would start a new row. So, the table size would be 2 columns by X amount of rows.
    Any help appreciated. :smile:
     EDIT: Sorry, I'm using the Article Block with medium image template.
  12. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Thoughts?   

    That's fair enough,
    But two out of three aint bad!
    We are really hoping the content of the site will be the big pulling point, the forums are not really an integral part of the site, but will come in handy.
    Not sure why the page should be "blank" IT should have a few recent reviews, and the categories for other reviews. Anything more would essentially just be stuff to fill in gaps, which I find actually distracts the user away from the actual content they want.
    But each to their own and thanks for taking the time to look, it's good to hear what others think. :)
  13. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: SEO   

    Well, I have been a relatively long time customer with IPS and never really had much luck with SEO & rankings, but that's mainly due to the field I was competing in (outdoor sports, pretty big in the UK).
    I have recently (about 4 days ago) set up a community in the cloud site which reviews products for the Karting scene in the UK.
    Well, I submitted the URL to Google about two hours ago and if I now search for "Adidas XLT Review" (which is one of the most popular, if not the most popular racing boot in karting right now) The site comes up third on the front page!
    I am seeing similar results with other reviews.
    Now, I know karting is not the biggest sport in the world but there is a big following around the world. And I'm impressed at the results so far.
    So, Thanks IPS :)
  14. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Thoughts?   

    Thanks guys :D
    I have another IPB site so it's hard to not follow the same sort of styling I have used for that one. But I'm glad you like it.
    The site will hopefully stay simple & too the point :)
  15. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Thoughts?   

    So, myself and a few freinds decided to set up a simple review site.
    The content area needs a bit of work but I just wanted to see what you thought to the overall feel of the site.
    Based on the default IPS skin with a few edits to CSS colours, and a couple of height attributes but that's it. No layout changes (apart from some padding and margin around the primary nav area.
    (Site not live yet, still setting up the finer details)

Status Feed

  1. Heyhoe

    www.osatuk.com :)

  2. Heyhoe

    Looking for artist/graphic designer to design mascot

  3. Heyhoe

    Allan Mcnish you lucky man!

    1. dogpatch

      geeesh thats some scary stuff, the media guys must have been just as freaked out as the driver

  4. Heyhoe

    Is it just me or was registration on the preview board a pop-up window? now it's just a normal page..

    1. Amfi

      Just you, I guess ;)

    2. Heyhoe

      I Guess so!

  5. Heyhoe

    How do i log-in to 3.2? I have an active license but i can't log in :(

    1. Fishfish0001

      Have to create a new account.

    2. Heyhoe

      Makes Sense. Thanks!

    3. HellaWicked

      why must we create a new account for this preview?? Why not just let existing customers sign in as we do in these forums? :(

    4. Lewis P

      So you see the registration process?

    5. nodle

      It's only temporary that's why.

  6. Heyhoe

    Gallery down?

    1. AndyF

      no ?

  7. Heyhoe

    Gallery 4 Beta 5 released ;)

    1. Matt


    2. xCurlyx


    3. AndyF


    4. Infini9

      tehehhehehehehee I'm EXCITED to upgrade to b4/rc1 xD

    5. media

      HeyHoe Hoe!

  8. Heyhoe

    Merry Christmas

    1. Heyhoe

      From Scotland!

  9. Heyhoe

    Gallery Currently Offline? Has this been like this for a while or is this a clue that Gallery 4 will be used on these boards soon?

    1. NiftyWolfie

      its a clue!

    2. Matt

      Yup - I'm doing some real live testing. Will be offline for a few days though.

    3. Wilhelmsen

      IP Downloads to be released today and who knows maybe Galery will be next ;.)

    4. Herofiles ★

      @ Matt, thats like...gooood news! xD

  10. Heyhoe

    Where has the upgrade file for 3.1.3 to 3.1.4 gone??? It was there a few hours ago..

    1. Olivier Turbis

      It's not there anymore. I think you just have to upload the 3.1.4 files and run admin/upgrade

    2. Heyhoe

      That literally sucks. Takes forever to upload 20mb with my connection.

    3. Heyhoe

      Oooops, i found it. It's in "Upgrade Packages" not stable releases as before. :)

    4. Olivier Turbis

      Oh, it's useful to know. thanks!

  11. Heyhoe

    IP. Content maintenance release? I feel like im being teased :(

    1. Amy T

      Ya me too.

    2. NiftyWolfie

      they won't release something till its been tested on here. So next one should be downloads

    3. Olivier Turbis


    4. Rüdy

      Hm, it's not IP.Beatles?

    5. emm1

      This new release schedule sucks.

    6. Amy T

      I kind of like the schedule as I do not have to check every day to see if what I want came out.

    7. .Ian

      The original schedule included maintenance releases on Tuesday's

    8. JahLion

      It's better this way at least they can deal with bugs and issues with one product at time,then bring out all products and then have to deal with bunch issues,so i really like the schedule,IP content had issues that need to get address,now they can focus on another product next week then going back to old ones that already releases. :)

    9. optrexnz

      anyone installed it yet? Whenever I upgrade content something always goes wrong

  12. Heyhoe

    Sooo, today's release is?

    1. Charles

      Kind of boring. Don't get excited :)

  13. Heyhoe

    Anyone tell me what was released today? Thanks :)

    1. NiftyWolfie

      nothing yet. But it will be Nexus today

    2. Heyhoe

      Ok, not really sure why IPS have not stated the order for releases. Just means i have to keep coming back every tuesday and try and find out what's been released. :(