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  1. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Pages Examples?   

    I'm also interested to see some examples. I really like your site opentype. Very clean.
    There seems to be an issue when viewing on mobile however. The index takes an age to load and then there is some strange behaviour with the menus and css elements going blurry. Using HTC one M8 on lollipop standard browser.
  2. Heyhoe added a comment: RC2 Switching between Reviews & Comments   

    IE works but when you click the tab it reloads the whole page
  3. Heyhoe added a comment: RC2 Switching between Reviews & Comments   

    Does this help? Console message from firefox: Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help http://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/
  4. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Change Application Title?   

    Thanks guys!
  5. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Change Application Title?   

    Or does that literally just change the navigation tab?
  6. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Change Application Title?   

    I knew I could do it this way but I would rather not change the language used suite wide.
    If I have to do it that way then ok, but I don't really want to have to change all mentions of forum/forums in the language bits.
  7. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Change Application Title?   

    I may be missing a really obvious setting here but have been unable to find it so far.
    I would like to change the "Forums" application title to "Discuss"
    In v3.4.7 you could change the application title and it would change the navigation menu to suit. Do I have to create a new tab and link it to the forums application? Seems like there should be a setting for this.
    An example of this is on This site. "Downloads" should really be "Marketplace" (This may be intentional but it demonstrates what I'm after.)
  8. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: How to make posts more distinguishable   

    I think this is an issue in mobile too.
    Way too much clutter which detracts from the post content.
  9. Heyhoe added a comment: RC2 Switching between Reviews & Comments   

    This only happens in Pages.
    In calendar for example, it works fine. Which makes me think its something related to my install/template.
  10. Heyhoe added a comment: RC2 Switching between Reviews & Comments   

    Support ticket submitted. ID 908334
  11. Heyhoe added a comment: RC2 Mobile Menu   

    Android Lollipop HTC standard browser.
  12. Heyhoe added a comment: RC2 Switching between Reviews & Comments   

    Something going on with attachments. Max file size 0.01mb????
  13. Heyhoe added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    RC2 Switching between Reviews & Comments
    If a page loads with "reviews" tab selected on a record, the reviews work but when comments is clicked, you are faced with a blank box.
    If you refresh the page leaving "comments" tab selected the comments area activates.
    However, if you switch back to "Reviews" the same thing happens and you have to refresh.

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  14. Heyhoe added a comment: RC2 Mobile Menu   

  15. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Pagination   

    This used to be a bbcode option.
    I have reviews which can contain 30 or so images. The page is huge and can be slow to load. I was looking forward to the new pages app nailing stuff like this as it wasn't perfect on the old system. It just feels like pages has been stripped out a bit.

Status Feed

  1. Heyhoe

    www.osatuk.com :)

  2. Heyhoe

    Looking for artist/graphic designer to design mascot

  3. Heyhoe

    Allan Mcnish you lucky man!

    1. dogpatch

      geeesh thats some scary stuff, the media guys must have been just as freaked out as the driver

  4. Heyhoe

    Is it just me or was registration on the preview board a pop-up window? now it's just a normal page..

    1. Amfi

      Just you, I guess ;)

    2. Heyhoe

      I Guess so!

  5. Heyhoe

    How do i log-in to 3.2? I have an active license but i can't log in :(

    1. Fishfish0001

      Have to create a new account.

    2. Heyhoe

      Makes Sense. Thanks!

    3. HellaWicked

      why must we create a new account for this preview?? Why not just let existing customers sign in as we do in these forums? :(

    4. Lewis P

      So you see the registration process?

    5. nodle

      It's only temporary that's why.

  6. Heyhoe

    Gallery down?

    1. AndyF

      no ?

  7. Heyhoe

    Gallery 4 Beta 5 released ;)

    1. Matt


    2. xCurlyx


    3. AndyF


    4. Infini9

      tehehhehehehehee I'm EXCITED to upgrade to b4/rc1 xD

    5. media

      HeyHoe Hoe!

  8. Heyhoe

    Merry Christmas

    1. Heyhoe

      From Scotland!

  9. Heyhoe

    Gallery Currently Offline? Has this been like this for a while or is this a clue that Gallery 4 will be used on these boards soon?

    1. NiftyWolfie

      its a clue!

    2. Matt

      Yup - I'm doing some real live testing. Will be offline for a few days though.

    3. Wilhelmsen

      IP Downloads to be released today and who knows maybe Galery will be next ;.)

    4. Herofiles ★

      @ Matt, thats like...gooood news! xD

  10. Heyhoe

    Where has the upgrade file for 3.1.3 to 3.1.4 gone??? It was there a few hours ago..

    1. Olivier Turbis

      It's not there anymore. I think you just have to upload the 3.1.4 files and run admin/upgrade

    2. Heyhoe

      That literally sucks. Takes forever to upload 20mb with my connection.

    3. Heyhoe

      Oooops, i found it. It's in "Upgrade Packages" not stable releases as before. :)

    4. Olivier Turbis

      Oh, it's useful to know. thanks!

  11. Heyhoe

    IP. Content maintenance release? I feel like im being teased :(

    1. Amy T

      Ya me too.

    2. NiftyWolfie

      they won't release something till its been tested on here. So next one should be downloads

    3. Olivier Turbis


    4. Rüdy

      Hm, it's not IP.Beatles?

    5. emm1

      This new release schedule sucks.

    6. Amy T

      I kind of like the schedule as I do not have to check every day to see if what I want came out.

    7. .Ian

      The original schedule included maintenance releases on Tuesday's

    8. JahLion

      It's better this way at least they can deal with bugs and issues with one product at time,then bring out all products and then have to deal with bunch issues,so i really like the schedule,IP content had issues that need to get address,now they can focus on another product next week then going back to old ones that already releases. :)

    9. optrexnz

      anyone installed it yet? Whenever I upgrade content something always goes wrong

  12. Heyhoe

    Sooo, today's release is?

    1. Charles

      Kind of boring. Don't get excited :)

  13. Heyhoe

    Anyone tell me what was released today? Thanks :)

    1. NiftyWolfie

      nothing yet. But it will be Nexus today

    2. Heyhoe

      Ok, not really sure why IPS have not stated the order for releases. Just means i have to keep coming back every tuesday and try and find out what's been released. :(