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  1. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Still no "Only search in titles" option   

    I'm surprised you cannot see why this feature would be used.
    If i want to search for a specific model of phone or car for example its because i would like to find a topic on that item! Not a specific post which may have mentioned the phrase i searched for.
    The last thing I want to do it scroll through an endless list of individual posts going backwards and forwards to the search results.
    Fair enough if you search for the term in the title and no topics exists, then i would start sifting through the individual posts.
    I'm sick and tired of a search on IPB returning useless results as it is, let alone without any control of what may be contained in the results. It's so frustrating when you know a topic or marketplace item exists, and you cannot find it! God help you if you don't know it exists.
    If you really can't see a use for it then why have you included the option in the last 10 years of the software? I'm not one to have a moan at IPS but the attitude of "why would you even need that?" has really surprised me.
  2. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: How To Emulate The Bug Tracker?   

    I just managed it.
    It really is very simple!
  3. Heyhoe added a comment: Nav Alignment   

    Just realised this is the 1/2px border around the content that's causing this.
  4. Heyhoe added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Nav Alignment
    Possibly the least of your worries but it's driving me insane.

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  5. Heyhoe added a comment: Hover Cards on Mobile View   

    HTC One M8 with default browser.
    If you place your finger on a topic title and swipe the page up or down (scrolling) it loads a hover card.
    This is mainly a problem when you are scrolling through topics. If you are careful and make sure you don't touch the title text then this does not happen. It seems to happen frequently for me and gets pretty annoying.
  6. Heyhoe added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Hidden posts appearing in search results
    When you conduct a search, results are being returned from the "Test posting messages" forum.
    Example when searching for "Cars" below.

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  7. Heyhoe added a comment: Page not scrolling to top when using page numbers   

    Attached an mp4 video screencast expecting it to become a download but this does not work.
  8. Heyhoe added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Page not scrolling to top when using page numbers
    See video.
    Perform a search in downloads,  browse the results.
    When clicking a number the page remains at the bottom. This also happens when clicking "Next"
    Link to vid: http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c2lD2keOHH
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  9. Heyhoe added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Hover Cards on Mobile View
    I know this is not strictly a bug, but from a users perspective, very annoying.
    When viewing V4 on a mobile device, and you touch a topic title or a users username, a hover card is loaded. This fills the screen and makes the usability of the forum on a mobile very frustrating.
    Can you turn off the hover cards when the screen size/resolution reaches mobile platform levels?
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  10. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: qusestion answer format is confusing one:(   

    This would actually be really nice.
  11. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Thumbnails in IP4.0 Abysmal   

    For me, I still think the user should be able to upload a 10mb image but the software resize this to an admin determined size.
    In this day and age, asking users to resize images before upload is crazy.
    Or does this actually happen?
  12. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Mobile View - Turn Off Hover Cards & Topic Preview   

    When using the forum on a mobile device I am constantly battling against user hover cards and topic previews. 
    Could this functionality be turned off once the resolution reaches mobile territory?
  13. Heyhoe added a post in a topic: Thumbnails in IP4.0 Abysmal   

    I have read all posts in this topic, However a few questions..
    1.)  When a user tries to upload an 8mb image will this be accepted by the software and re-sized to an admin setting size?
    Will the image be simply refused?
    2.)  If I allow 8mb images to be uploaded (admin setting 8mb) but set my thumbnail size to show 500px x 500px, will the 8mb image be scaled using HTML to DISPLAY at 500px?
    Does IPC4 create a thumbnail at a medium size and scale it using HTML to display at 500px?
    If IPC4 is creating a "thumbnail" at for example, 800px but then displaying this same image at the admin determined size (150 x 150 for example) then this is surely a huge waste of bandwidth..
    After reading the whole thread, it is still not clear what the process of handling attachments is.
  14. Heyhoe added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Profiles   

    Yes, they would not really be "nodes" I get that :)
    For a future release, the ability to select the type of content shown to visitors on the main page of your profile.
    This would help websites which have a focus one one particular area of the suite, be it the forums, the gallery, articles or blogs etc.
    Currently, our users do not use the Gallery or Blogs, so showing a visitor information about blogs or albums on your profile makes no sense. However, if they could be shown articles that the user has submitted, it would be another story.
    Thanks :)
  15. Heyhoe added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Profiles   

    Better still,
    Can you make all the content types available as "nodes" and have them user selectable to which will show on your profile?
    This would mean getting rid of the nodes essentially and just having the main page show recently submitted, Articles, posts, gallery images, albums, blogs, comments, etc etc
    This way, the user can push important content on visitors to his/her profile without them having to search through the "Browse My Content" Link.
    Just a thought.

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    www.osatuk.com :)

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    Looking for artist/graphic designer to design mascot

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    Allan Mcnish you lucky man!

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      geeesh thats some scary stuff, the media guys must have been just as freaked out as the driver

  4. Heyhoe

    Is it just me or was registration on the preview board a pop-up window? now it's just a normal page..

    1. Amfi

      Just you, I guess ;)

    2. Heyhoe

      I Guess so!

  5. Heyhoe

    How do i log-in to 3.2? I have an active license but i can't log in :(

    1. Fishfish0001

      Have to create a new account.

    2. Heyhoe

      Makes Sense. Thanks!

    3. HellaWicked

      why must we create a new account for this preview?? Why not just let existing customers sign in as we do in these forums? :(

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      So you see the registration process?

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      It's only temporary that's why.

  6. Heyhoe

    Gallery down?

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      no ?

  7. Heyhoe

    Gallery 4 Beta 5 released ;)

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      tehehhehehehehee I'm EXCITED to upgrade to b4/rc1 xD

    5. media

      HeyHoe Hoe!

  8. Heyhoe

    Merry Christmas

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      From Scotland!

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    Gallery Currently Offline? Has this been like this for a while or is this a clue that Gallery 4 will be used on these boards soon?

    1. NiftyWolfie

      its a clue!

    2. Matt

      Yup - I'm doing some real live testing. Will be offline for a few days though.

    3. Wilhelmsen

      IP Downloads to be released today and who knows maybe Galery will be next ;.)

    4. Herofiles ★

      @ Matt, thats like...gooood news! xD

  10. Heyhoe

    Where has the upgrade file for 3.1.3 to 3.1.4 gone??? It was there a few hours ago..

    1. Olivier Turbis

      It's not there anymore. I think you just have to upload the 3.1.4 files and run admin/upgrade

    2. Heyhoe

      That literally sucks. Takes forever to upload 20mb with my connection.

    3. Heyhoe

      Oooops, i found it. It's in "Upgrade Packages" not stable releases as before. :)

    4. Olivier Turbis

      Oh, it's useful to know. thanks!

  11. Heyhoe

    IP. Content maintenance release? I feel like im being teased :(

    1. Amy T

      Ya me too.

    2. NiftyWolfie

      they won't release something till its been tested on here. So next one should be downloads

    3. Olivier Turbis


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      Hm, it's not IP.Beatles?

    5. emm1

      This new release schedule sucks.

    6. Amy T

      I kind of like the schedule as I do not have to check every day to see if what I want came out.

    7. .Ian

      The original schedule included maintenance releases on Tuesday's

    8. JahLion

      It's better this way at least they can deal with bugs and issues with one product at time,then bring out all products and then have to deal with bunch issues,so i really like the schedule,IP content had issues that need to get address,now they can focus on another product next week then going back to old ones that already releases. :)

    9. optrexnz

      anyone installed it yet? Whenever I upgrade content something always goes wrong

  12. Heyhoe

    Sooo, today's release is?

    1. Charles

      Kind of boring. Don't get excited :)

  13. Heyhoe

    Anyone tell me what was released today? Thanks :)

    1. NiftyWolfie

      nothing yet. But it will be Nexus today

    2. Heyhoe

      Ok, not really sure why IPS have not stated the order for releases. Just means i have to keep coming back every tuesday and try and find out what's been released. :(