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  1. PromoPoker

    Who was so brave to upgrade their live forums?

    1. Tony W

      Not me :)

    2. Aisha

      I was

    3. xChris777

      I did :) I was dumb enough not to back up my members, topics, posts, etc. though.

    4. Aisha

      I wasn't that dumb.

    5. xChris777

      Well, I'm from West Virginia. Not the brightest state :) lol

    6. PromoPoker

      Can we see it cdkey?

    7. Aisha

      No. I haven't given the site out to anyone yet. There are no members cuz I'm still working on it. That's part of the reason why I had no problem upgrading xD

  2. PromoPoker

    I hate IE6!!!

    1. Profiling

      It should disappear.

    2. Marcher Technologies

      Agreed. Cross-coding for it is Such a Pain.

    3. Herofiles ★

      Who doesn't :P

    4. Robulosity2

      Or, like the rest of the world you could just stop supporting it ;)

    5. Marcher Technologies

      Except that you thereby cut off a rather large customer base seeking support of it.. only reason I bother with cross-coding for it.

    6. ørret

      Down with IE in general if u ask me...

    7. Amy T

      Those who still use it should be told to stop they are putting their computer at a huge risk.

    8. TheRevTastic

    9. Amy T

      That percent is way to high. Needs to be .5 or less.

  3. PromoPoker

    Anybody knows why Yahoo! and Facebook servers were down?

    1. Olivier Turbis


  4. PromoPoker

    Who was offering IP. Content template services here?

    1. Graeme Leighfield

      I can do IP Content stuff... PM me with what your after :)

  5. PromoPoker

    Developing a full poker portal with IP.Content

  6. PromoPoker

  7. PromoPoker » DawPi

    Happy Birthday!!!