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  1. HeadStand added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.2] New plugin version does not properly update templates
    Uploaded a new version of a plugin to a server. The server was not in dev and was not in Designer's Mode.
    After the upload, the plugin was properly updated, but the associated HTML templates were not. I checked in the ACP, and the templates had an "M" (for modified) next to them, even though no manual changes were made.
    I had to hit "Revert" in order to force the correct version to load.
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  2. HeadStand added a comment: Theme&Code Hooks for IPS4 still don't work   

    Yay! In which version can we expect this fix? .3 or .4?
  3. HeadStand added a comment: [4.0.1] Plugin templates not updated in Designers Mode   

    Update: same issue with applications. When I install a custom app on a site with Designers Mode enabled, the new templates are not written to disk.
  4. HeadStand added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] Plugin templates not updated in Designers Mode
    Put community in Designers ModeInstall a plugin that includes templates. Templates will be written to themes/#/html/core/global/pluginsInstall new version of plugin with template changes. Templates created in step #2 will not be updated.The only way (that I can see) to pick up the new changes is to disable Designers Mode and sync the files, reinstall the plugin, then re-enable Designers Mode.
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  5. HeadStand added a comment: Theme&Code Hooks for IPS4 still don't work   

    Edit: nvm. Please delete this comment.
  6. HeadStand added a post in a topic: Are web forums in general on the way out?   

    I (and a couple of other people) have been working on an alternative. (http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/409475-introducing-forummob-white-label-mobile-apps-for-ipb/). Tapatalk has gone down the tubes, Forum Runner has become so awful, it's barely even an option anymore. The goal here is to provide a GOOD mobile experience for those who need it.
    I'm not looking to derail this topic, though, so my personal thoughts on this subject.... I don't have my own forums (although I used to, back in the day), but I do have quite a few clients with active communities. I believe that more than just being a niche forum, you need to offer something more than just discussions. Blogs/Articles are good and important, but not enough. Custom development really is one of the things that can make a site successful, if done properly. You need to think about what your community is about, and then build something your members NEED. A good example (shameless plug) - http://bariatricpal.com/. This is a community for people who have or are considering undergoing weight loss surgery. The site has a directory of all bariatric surgeons in the country, complete with reviews by actual patients (who are members of the community), and a LOT of information for each surgeon. And that's just one example of the features that are available here. I have worked with the owner of this site for 4 years now, and I can tell you that there is a lot of time and effort and thought invested into what the members of the community need and appreciate. Yes, there are some features that are created "because they're cool" but for the most part, it's not just a collection of every mod in the marketplace. The goal of this site is to be THE place to go for information, help, and support for everything related to bariatric surgery, and it works. 
    This is a big difference between a successful community and a Facebook group. If all you offer is a place to chat and share your thoughts, then Facebook will beat you every time. Growing a community means making an investment - in your time, and in development of features that will make you unique and give your members a reason to come back.
  7. HeadStand added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Providers page is inaccessible on smaller screens
    From my phone, I went to IPS4 Resources -> Custom Projects and Providers. I was taken to the Projects page. There is no tab visible for the Providers page, and no way to access it without manually entering the URL in the address bar.
    The tab just "gets lost" when the screen gets smaller.

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  8. HeadStand added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    No notifications for new messages
    I don't seem to be getting email notifications for new PMs on this site. I get notified for REPLIES to a conversation, but never for a new conversation.
    My notification settings are set to "Email" for "I receive a message".
    I do get inline notifications for both new conversations and replies.
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  9. HeadStand added a post in a topic: Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB   

    We are not planning on going in that direction.​
    I think there will always be a need for branded native apps, especially once we start going into the world of custom.  For a free version, the way Tapatalk is set up, probably not.
  10. HeadStand added a provider in Providers   

    Headstand Consulting
    I've been working in the computer industry for 15 years, doing everything from Technical Writing, Project & Product Management, Web Development, and Programming. Over the years I have worked extensively with a variety of database platforms and on multiple Operating Systems. Despite the "Project Manager" title, I've always been hands-on, often taking on some of the more complex projects. In early 2010, I made the jump to full-fledged Developer, working in Java and C#.NET.

    I got involved with IPB in 2007, when a friend of mine started his own site and was looking for a programmer. I taught myself PHP and IPB, and by early 2008 I started accepting requests for custom modifications. In May 2010, I quit my job and moved full-time into consulting, with the majority of my work being IPB-related.

    All of my clients are long-term projects, some of them corporate. My clients look to me not only for development, but because I also have product management experience, I can often help them take a basic, not yet fully-formed idea and expand it into an actual application or project. I have worked with every IPS component available, as well as developed many custom applications.
    Please note that:
    My rates are hourly only. I am not currently accepting any fixed-price projects, although I will happily provide you with an estimate.I am primarily interested in long-term, ongoing projects. I prefer to build a relationship with my clients, rather than delivering a single plugin and walking away.
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  11. HeadStand added a comment: Email notifications are killing my Outlook   

    ​Would be nice if I got notifications from here, but I don't.  I wish I knew why. Sorry.
    Anyway, I am just confirming that it is fixed. I got an email a minute ago and it opened immediately with no problems. Tabbed between windows and had no issues. ** applause **
  12. HeadStand added a post in a topic: The new forumindex....   

    The more I use it, the more I think it's distracting. At first I was like... ooooo, pretty.... but now I find I can't focus on the content properly. I'm not sure if this is just an adjustment thing or if I just really can't read this way. Leaning toward the latter.
    But I wanted so badly to like it. :(
  13. HeadStand added a comment: Email notifications are killing my Outlook   

    And after it finally opened, I was reading it, got a Facebook notification in the browser, which took "focus" away from my Outlook... so when I tried to scroll down, Outlook froze again.
  14. HeadStand added a comment: Email notifications are killing my Outlook   

    This is still happening. I just got a digest from IPS about 2 seconds ago, opened it, and now my Outlook is totally frozen.
    Immediate notifications seem to be OK.
  15. HeadStand added a post in a topic: The new forumindex....   

    Also, it looks a little off when viewing a forum that has both sub-forums and topics. The difference between the 2 layouts (one on top of the other) is a little jarring.