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  1. HeadStand added a provider in Providers   

    Headstand Consulting
    I've been working in the computer industry for 15 years, doing everything from Technical Writing, Project & Product Management, Web Development, and Programming. Over the years I have worked extensively with a variety of database platforms and on multiple Operating Systems. Despite the "Project Manager" title, I've always been hands-on, often taking on some of the more complex projects. In early 2010, I made the jump to full-fledged Developer, working in Java and C#.NET.

    I got involved with IPB in 2007, when a friend of mine started his own site and was looking for a programmer. I taught myself PHP and IPB, and by early 2008 I started accepting requests for custom modifications. In May 2010, I quit my job and moved full-time into consulting, with the majority of my work being IPB-related.

    All of my clients are long-term projects, some of them corporate. My clients look to me not only for development, but because I also have product management experience, I can often help them take a basic, not yet fully-formed idea and expand it into an actual application or project. I have worked with every IPS component available, as well as developed many custom applications.
    Please note that:
    My rates are hourly only. I am not currently accepting any fixed-price projects, although I will happily provide you with an estimate. I am primarily interested in long-term, ongoing projects. I prefer to build a relationship with my clients, rather than delivering a single plugin and walking away.
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  2. HeadStand added a comment: Email notifications are killing my Outlook   

    ​Would be nice if I got notifications from here, but I don't.  I wish I knew why. Sorry.
    Anyway, I am just confirming that it is fixed. I got an email a minute ago and it opened immediately with no problems. Tabbed between windows and had no issues. ** applause **
  3. HeadStand added a post in a topic: The new forumindex....   

    The more I use it, the more I think it's distracting. At first I was like... ooooo, pretty.... but now I find I can't focus on the content properly. I'm not sure if this is just an adjustment thing or if I just really can't read this way. Leaning toward the latter.
    But I wanted so badly to like it. :(
  4. HeadStand added a comment: Email notifications are killing my Outlook   

    And after it finally opened, I was reading it, got a Facebook notification in the browser, which took "focus" away from my Outlook... so when I tried to scroll down, Outlook froze again.
  5. HeadStand added a comment: Email notifications are killing my Outlook   

    This is still happening. I just got a digest from IPS about 2 seconds ago, opened it, and now my Outlook is totally frozen.
    Immediate notifications seem to be OK.
  6. HeadStand added a post in a topic: The new forumindex....   

    Also, it looks a little off when viewing a forum that has both sub-forums and topics. The difference between the 2 layouts (one on top of the other) is a little jarring. 
  7. HeadStand added a post in a topic: TV Shows   

    I watched the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones but then got annoyed with it because they made too many changes from the books and the books are always better.
    Currently watching: SVU (I am just addicted to that), Bones, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Gotham. Gotham is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
  8. HeadStand added a comment: Email notifications are killing my Outlook   

    More info: this is actually so bad that once the email is open, if I switch to another window and then try to switch back to Outlook, it freezes again.
  9. HeadStand added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Email notifications are killing my Outlook
    When I try to open an email notification received from this site, Microsoft Outlook locks up completely and becomes unresponsive. It eventually opens, but it takes well over 3 minutes.
    This did not happen last week. I still have some emails in my inbox that I received last week and I can open those with no issues. Any emails I received today are killing me.
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  10. HeadStand added a comment: Attachments staying in editor   

    Just for kicks and giggles, I hit Add Bug again. And then there were 3.
  11. HeadStand added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Attachments staying in editor
    Just reported another bug and I noticed this issue. When I go to "Create New Bug", the editor is showing 2 images that I attached to other bugs on Sunday. I deleted them from the editor with my last bug report, but they're still here! I just can't get rid of them permanently.
    See attached.

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  12. HeadStand added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Not getting notifications from this site
    At all. Not a one. No daily digests for topics, nothing about comments on bugs that I posted. Zip, zilch, nada.
    Checked my notification settings ,it should be fine. Checked my spam filters, should also be fine.
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  13. HeadStand added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Beta4] Cannot create not null database column
    Open Developer Center Go to Database Schema tab Edit existing table Go to Columns tab Click Add Column Create column where "Allow Null" is disabled. When trying to save, you get an error message that "this field is required". See attached screenshot.

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  14. HeadStand added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Beta4] Cannot create unprotected module
    I am IN_DEV and trying to create a new app.
    Open Developer Center select "Modules-Admin" tab (or Modules-Front, same issue) Click Add Module Enter module name Hit Save I get an error message that the "Protected" property is required. See attached screenshot.

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  15. HeadStand added a comment: System: Cookies   

    Couple of questions:
    1. Can you please clarify the following:
    So far, every email template I've checked does use {lang=""}, so I'm a little confused here as to what we're supposed to do (or not do).
    2. When creating my extension (following the instructions in the auto-generated file), my notification options are disabled. In other words, when I go to "Notification Settings" in my dropdown menu, the toggles for Inline and Email are disabled with a message that reads "The Administrator has disabled this option from being toggled." How do I prevent that from happening? I don't see any examples in the other applications. I did find an additional element called "editable" that should seem to do the trick, but when I add it to my extension, it has no effect.

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