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  1. rsyvarth added a comment on a file: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    Yes it is. 
  2. rsyvarth added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Social Groups 2.0.0 Final Released!

    I have just released Social Groups 2.0.0 Final. It resolves many bugs with the previous version of the app and adds support for IPB 3.4. I am sorry that it has been so long between releases, my life has been a bit hectic. I am in a bit more of a stable place now so I should be able to continue to give incremental releases as necessary to resolve bugs.

    I now have faith that this app is stable enough to be run on any website so if you have been holding off due to the Beta status the wait is over! As always if you have any suggestions or bugs to report please post in the support topic or report it to the tracker . Thank you for your patience!


    Changelog: New:
    Interface for changing the group's homepage Added Meta tags to groups for SEO and Facebook parsing Group moderators are now able to move topics between the forums in their group Compatibility with IPB 3.4 Updated Mass Message system to message by rank

    Fixed numerous mass message bugs that prevented the system from working Resolved issues with moderating system Users can no longer delete the group's homepage Resolved some issues with the Addon Installer Fixed issues with SQL Strict mode Group discussion breadcrumb should now always be formatted correctly Resolved various JS issues in IE Added language bits for a few remaining hardcoded words Text editor now works on page edit view consistently Resolved issue with inviting members whose names begin with numbers to groups Fixed drop down selection issues when editing pages in FF and IE


  3. rsyvarth added a comment on a file: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

     I have resumed development for the app. You can track the progress here: 
    The current "beta" is actually reasonably stable which is one of the reasons why the app hasn't been updated (school/work are demanding my time). 
    I am guessing the final version of the app should be done in like a week, then it is just getting some people to test it so I can ensure everything works properly.
  4. rsyvarth added a comment on a file: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    [quote name='Lemos' timestamp='1339204724']
    Looks great, but I read that "the application is limited in its ability to be translated". I run a brazilian board. Is it possible to translate Social Groups in AdminCP (or externally)?

    The front end of the application should be fully translatable. If you find any strings which cannot be translated then you can report them and I will make them translatable.
  5. rsyvarth added a comment on a blog entry: Social Groups 2.0 Dev Update III: Navigation and Themes   

    [quote name='msevilla' timestamp='1337113290']
    Is there a way to turn off Social Groups from being accessible by users on a mobile device?

    There is no mobile skin for the app right now so you can't access it on a mobile device, you only can access the forums which it creates.
  6. rsyvarth added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Social Groups 2.0 Released!

    I am happy to announce that Social Groups 2.0 has now been released! I would like to thank you all for all of the feedback which you have given me during the development of this addon and I hope you enjoy it.

    Just some warnings for you - this is a rough release so there may be some remaining bugs which is to be expected. When you run into a bug in the app, I would like to request that you submit the issue to the bug tracker . I also do not suggest running this build on a live community unless you are comfortable with debugging and supporting issues on your own.

    In case you haven’t been keeping up with the new features in this release, you can read about them in-depth in the 3-part blog series: Addons and Pages , Forums and Ranks , and Navigation and Themes .

    Also, I wanted to announce the creation of two forums on the demo board for social group fans. The category is called Social Groups Chat and the two forums are: Feature Suggestions - want to see an addon created for the Social Groups application? Start a topic here for 3rd party developers to read and review How do you use it? - With the release of Social Groups 2.0, group owners will be configuring their page layouts and using themes with an almost unlimited approach. Share how you approach your layouts or the themes you like to add.

    Download Social Groups Now!
  7. rsyvarth added a comment on a blog entry: Social Groups 2.0 Dev Update III: Navigation and Themes   

    [quote name='jasperjames' timestamp='1334920047']
    This is looking fantastic, can't wait to try it.

    Will social groups be accessible via the mobile skin at all?

    The only section of the app that can be accessed via the mobile skin currently are the forums. I am not sure how to make a mobile version of the rest without just throwing out content.
    Also, is possible to close invites to groups? For example, for groups that require paid membership via Nexus?
    You can restrict the app to only allow certain user group to join groups, so you could have your 'premium' user group be the only one that is capable of creating / joining groups. There is not any sort of direct nexus integration currently though. If you have more specifics about what you are trying to setup feel free to send me a PM. I will try my best to let you know whether it will be possible or not.
  8. rsyvarth added a comment on a blog entry: Social Groups 2.0 Dev Update II: Forums and Ranks   

    [quote name='Timberwolf1771' timestamp='1334806564']
    Will the sub-forums be by group? Or is it set to once you set up your group, you have have sub-forums?


    This member group can have sub-forum in their group and this member group can't have sub-forums in their group.

    This is not currently a feature but it could potentially be added in future versions.
  9. rsyvarth added a comment on a blog entry: Social Groups 2.0 Dev Update III: Navigation and Themes   

    [quote name='Chosen1' timestamp='1334769223']
    Is there any sort of control over the new sub-forum option? Can someone create an infinite number of sub-forums or is there a way of limiting the number?

    Not currently, but I will probably add some control settings before the beta is released.
  10. rsyvarth added a comment on a blog entry: Social Groups 2.0 Dev Update III: Navigation and Themes   

    [quote name='Chosen1' timestamp='1334767357']
    I have the current version and most of my members don't want to have to go to another part of the site regularly. They have just been conditioned to go read things on the forum. The problem with that in the current version is that all group forums are placed into the same category/parent forum. It would be very helpful for me to have each group category have the option to use a unique category/parent forum so that things can be better organized on the forum page for people that are members of multiple groups.

    This is already a feature in 1.2.5. You can define a forum parent for each category.
  11. rsyvarth added a comment on a blog entry: Social Groups 2.0 Dev Update III: Navigation and Themes   

    [quote name='syndicatemeow' timestamp='1334757023']
    Thanks for the replies, rsyvath.

    If I get this to renew, would the current version work on 3.3.X? Also, if it does, and then I update with this new version, would it effect the current version or would the upgrade be smooth and not mess everything up as far as the groups info, structure, etc.?

    There is a patch for the current version in the support topic and 2.0 already had this patch included so it should work both with 3.2 and 3.3. The upgrades between version should be smooth with all groups being upgraded just fine.
  12. rsyvarth added a comment on a blog entry: Social Groups 2.0 Dev Update III: Navigation and Themes   

    [quote name='svit' timestamp='1334730771']
    Hello I would welcome some attractive hooks which would represent the Groups application on the board index such as:

    - latest Groups list with a thumb image of the group - for the sidebar
    - latest groups hook under or above the forums similar to the one for Downloads - with possibly number of members
    - hook of featured groups for the side bar etc..

    The first request has already been added in 2.0. It looks like this:

    I will submit your other two suggestions to the tracker. They shouldn't be too terribly difficult to create.
  13. rsyvarth added a comment on a blog entry: Social Groups 2.0 Dev Update III: Navigation and Themes   

    [quote name='sadel' timestamp='1334719846']
    Great project, i like it, and will buy it once it is released!!!

    One feature i would like to see on future versions is a way to upload audio/video files to group section. This is a must for my site where i have DJs streaming Radio music and live events that i record and later upload to the site for people to hear/view later.

    Some sort of method for attaching files to a group has been requested before and is definitely on my "todo" list, along with lots of other things.

    [quote name='syndicatemeow' timestamp='1334724883']
    Looking forward to this!

    I have already purchased your current version but right now the button says "renew"... I am trying to renew but keep getting redirect all over the place.

    Anyway, how much will the price be for this or is this free for previous customers?

    This will be a free update for existing customers assuming you have renewed. As for not being able to renew, I would contact IPS about that. It seems to be a rather common issue unfortunately.
  14. rsyvarth added a comment on a file: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    [quote name='Sonya*' timestamp='1334580638']
    It's auwful. It uses non SEO friendly http redirect and cookies to get into group forums, so that search engines have difficulties to index the topics.

    This is resolved in 2.0. It now checks permissions on the back end and bypasses IPB's cookie requirements for forum passwords.
  15. rsyvarth added a comment on a blog entry: Social Groups 2.0 Dev Update III: Navigation and Themes   

    [quote name='Freeborne' timestamp='1334703864']
    Looking very polished, with many great new features I'm looking forward to.

    With the Mass PM, will there be any templates to choose from?

    This could offer group admins a very easy way to send nice newsletters to their group if they could have some nice HTML templates to choose from (or edit).

    I do not think this is possible unfortunately since it would require you to enable HTML in your private message system which I doubt you want to allow. The closest alternative would be having BBCode templates, but I doubt you really could do much that is very interesting with that.

    Will there be support for group calendars? I read it was on your to-do list months ago but never read anything more about it since. Not much use to me, just curious.
    It is still on the todo list. Hopefully with the addons system it will be easy for me or some other developer to create a group calendar addon.

    Also, with all the big buttons for editing the group, perhaps they don't need to be visible all the time. A "manage group" toggle button might be more appropriate, because you don't need to modify a group EVERY time you view the page, and these buttons just get in in the way of a nice clean look.
    Well most members will not see all of those buttons. For a normal member in a group without permission to moderate the group will look more like this:

Status Feed

  1. Saurabh Jain » rsyvarth

    Will Groups work in IPS 4 ?

  2. Dorian Gray » rsyvarth

    With your Social groups add-on do post made in the groups count towards the Members post count and overall forum post count?

  3. Eric Allione » rsyvarth

    That upgrade fixed all those errors I was having with the sound alerts... consider me a slave for life if you ever need anything. You can hold me to that.

  4. Oyabun2012 » rsyvarth

    Mh .. ur advaced profile customization aint workin on my 3.2 forums... want my money back :D

    1. rsyvarth

      Send me a PM and we can discuss a refund since it wasn't clearly stated on the application description that it only is compatible with 3.1.4.

    2. Oyabun2012

      OR you could update it and give me a backup^^ Or ain't that so easy to update?

    3. rsyvarth

      I would have to completely rewrite it in order to make it work in 3.2. I only released the application because I already coded it for someone else, I don't really have any plans on upgrading it, sorry.

    4. Oyabun2012

      :/ well my paypal adress is

    5. rsyvarth

      Please send me a PM. I would prefer to work this out there.

  5. rsyvarth

    Social Groups are slowly making their way to 3.2!!

  6. rsyvarth » AlexJ

    You can still leave messages... see?

    1. AlexJ

      Oh thanks!!

  7. rsyvarth

    Writing a converter for moving vB Social Groups to IPB Social Groups. It is surprisingly going pretty well!!

    1. DawPi

      Some time ago I've made converter for the LDU script board. It was big challenge.. Passed! :P

  8. Buschiq » rsyvarth

    We're really having a great day thanks to your Social Groups, even though it's only a beta version. Keep up the good work!

  9. rsyvarth

    Just added my Social Groups application to the Marketplace. It will be available soon depending on how long it takes to approve!

    1. .Ian

      Thankyou :)

    2. rsyvarth

      :) Why is Michael never on when I need him to be?!?

    3. Saurabh Jain

      We are waiting

    4. AndyF

      Done :)

    5. rsyvarth


    6. AndyF

      Was about 2AM for me when you submitted it, and I guess about 9PM for Michael.

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    kindly reply

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    kindly reply here

  12. rsyvarth

    Just got an iPad 2, unfortunately iTunes' servers are down, so I can't activate it, so I am stuck with a "Connect to iTunes" screen. *FRUSTRATED*

    1. Brian Guerra

      ahh no good :/ whats new in Ipad 2?

    2. rsyvarth

      Not much, basically a camera for face time.

    3. dogpatch

      ive got a galaxy tab. love it. ipad2 is cool, just a bit too big to be portable in my opinion. might get one for couch use though..

  13. rsyvarth

    Did another redesign on the Social Groups index. Chose which one you prefer It helps me make a better product!

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    2. AlexJ


    3. GSN