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  1. InsanelyMacP added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    Twitter Timeline v1.2.0
    Show the latest tweets from any accessible Twitter account in the board index sidebar or (optionally) any IP.Content
    page using the blocks system.
    Display recent tweets on the board index Have multiple IP.Content blocks with different Twitter handles (IP.Content is optional) Configure how many tweets to pull on a per block basis Full caching to avoid API rate limits Allows customization of the look & feel unlike the embedded timeline (see demo  as an example) Tweet to and follow links Custom date formats supported Conforms with the Developer Display Requirements Uses Twitter API v1.1

  2. InsanelyMacP added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    Downloads: Additional Authors v1.1.0
    Show multiple authors for files in IP.Downloads and specify their role in development (configurable in the ACP). Optionally allow additional authors to edit the file and upload new versions
    -Show multiple authors on all downloads
    -Specify roles for additional authors (configurable in the ACP). Roles are used to group similar contributors together and give more detailed credit
    -Optionally allow additional authors to edit the file and upload new versions on a member-by-member basis (only moderators and the submitter can delete files)
    -Submitter and moderators can edit authors
    -Show additional authors on support topics with their respective roles
  3. InsanelyMacP added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    The Moderating Team v1.2.1
    Reorganize "The Moderating Team" page by adding and arranging group blocks and optionally condense the moderated forums list by ignoring subforums.
    -Configure groups shown on "The Moderating Team" page
    -Hide members who shouldn't be shown
    -Hide forums that don't need to be listed to members
    -Condense the moderated forums list by only including parent forums
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  4. InsanelyMacP added a file in Content Management   

    International Rules v1.3.2
    Write multilingual rules for your forum. Includes fURL structure and BBCodes rules_bar (h3 class='bar') and rules_pad (div class='ipsPad') that can be used to format and divide rules into sections
    -Add rules for different languages
    -fURL structure (/rules/id-languagename)
    -Redirects members from ?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules
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  5. InsanelyMacP added a record in IP.Downloads   

    Downloaders Order
    Both the ajax and separate lists of recent downloaders are not entirely sorted by date. When the list of recent downloaders is retrieved it is ordered by dtime. However, when looping the member data fetched by IPSMember::load, this sort is lost and instead the downloaders are ordered by member_id.
    This has the consequence that page-by-page the downloaders are in order by date, but within the page they are out of order. The same goes for the ajax box.
    One other observation for the ajax box: the sort is by MAX(dtime), however, the date shown in the list is not the latest date.
    Full changes:
    -Line 121: $members to $member_dls and $member to $member_dl
    -Line 123: 2nd occurence of $member to $members[ $mid ]
    -Line 124: $member_dls[ $mid ] to $member_dl
    -Line 106: $members to $member_dls and $member to $member_dl
    -Line 108: 2nd occurence of $member to $members[ $mid ]
    -Line 109: $member_dls[ $mid ] to $member_dl
    -Line 92: changed dtime select from 'dtime' to 'MAX(dtime) as dtime'
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  6. InsanelyMacP added a record in IP.Downloads   

    Sphinx Search
    When searching for content in IP.Downloads with sphinx enabled, no results are displayed even though it indicates they were found.
    /admin/applications_addon/downloads/extensions/search/engines/sphinx.php:264 I believe was recently changed from[code=auto:0]$search_ids[] = intval($res['attrs']['search_id']);[/code]
    to[code=auto:0]$search_ids[] = intval($res['attrs']['file_id']);[/code]
    Reverting back to 'search_id' does fix the problem, however there could be a very good reason for that change that I'm not seeing
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  7. InsanelyMacP added a comment: Download counter not working   

    Thanks guys!
  8. InsanelyMacP added a record in IP.Board   

    ACP Restrictions - Archive Overview
    Two small issues:
    -If a user has ACP restrictions with both "Grant access to Archiving module?" and "Can manage archiving rules?" set to yes, the "Archive" menu item under "Forums" does not display, however the "Archive Rules" section is visible in the sidebar once "Forums" is selected
    -There is no option to show "Archive Overview" section
    Fixed the second by adding the following to /forum/admin/applications/forums/modules_admin/archive/xml/permissions.xml[code=auto:0]<item> <key>archive_overview</key> <string>Can manage archiving?</string> </item>[/code]
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  9. InsanelyMacP added a record in IP.Board   

    ACP Restrictions
    1 small issue with ACP restrictions: neither "Can toggle performance mode?" or "Can manage license key?" have any effect on the menus.
    Both of these sections are located in the "tools" module, but their permissions are in the "settings" module.
    When the menus are built in /admin/sources/classes/output/adminOutput.php (line 1207 for sidebar), only the "tools" module (ie module for the menu) is checked for permission so they are not shown in the menu.
    Moving the permissions xml for these two sections to the "tools" module fixes the issue :)
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  10. InsanelyMacP added a record in IP.Board   

    ACP Restrictions
    Having an issue with ACP restrictions relating to viewing API logs and task (scheduler) logs. On an account with no restrictions, the logs pages both load fine. However, when the account is restricted but with access to these log pages, they present a no permissions error.
    The tasklogs_view permissions key is defined in the /admin/applications/core/modules_admin/system/xml/permissions.xml file of the system module, whilst the module which checks this key is the logs module.
    On line 506 of /admin/sources/classes/class_permissions.php, it checks whether or not the restrictions row has this key - but only in 1 module. Either the one that is passed, or the current one.[code=auto:0] if( in_array( $key, $this->restrictions_row['items'][ $mod_id ] ) )[/code][code=auto:0] In /admin/applications/core/modules_admin/logs/tasklogs.php on lines 74,79,84, no module name is passed to checkPermissionsAutoMsg, so it assumes that the permission key is in the logs module. However the key is really in the system module, so it returns no access.[/code]
    If line 74 is changed to
     [code=auto:0] $this->registry->getClass('class_permissions')->checkPermissionAutoMsg( 'tasklogs_view', '', 'system' );[/code]
    and the same modifications are done to lines 79 and 84 it works as planned. The same issue is present in /admin/applications/core/modules_admin/logs/xmlrpclogs.php where the permissions checks should read
     [code=auto:0] $this->registry->getClass('class_permissions')->checkPermissionAutoMsg( 'api_logs', '', 'tools' );[/code]
    Have checked this on our forum and it works great :)
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  11. InsanelyMacP added a record in IP.Board   

    Topic Preview Open
    When you open the topic preview for the first time it slides open, and it also slides closed when clicking on the "x". If you reopen a closed topic preview, it "jumps" open, but slides closed.


    Tested Chrome 13 and Safari 5.
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