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  1. F. John added a comment: Custom Theme   

    May I have an idea what you are looking for in a general sense?
  2. F. John added a file in Themes   

    (FJ4) SimplyPro v1.0.1
    This is a simple and professional feeling theme for Invision Power Suite 4.
    SimplyPro is a well-balanced design that helps your community feel less bulky by wiping away vintage gradients to help bring back that clean crisp feeling you had when you first installed your community with Invision Power.
    Invision Power Board, it's time to suit up!
    Installation Instructions:
    1. Unzip the archive to a location on your computer
    2. Login to your ACP
    3. Go to Customization > Themes
    4. Click the "Add Theme" button
    5. Select the XML file from the unzipped archive and click "Install"
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  3. F. John added a post in a topic: Nexus Account Fields   


    I was looking for some way to add a few more fields to the customers' Account Details, but the Customer Fields ACP area doesn't give me the flexibility I'm looking for. All the fields I can make in this area can be edited by the customer, which I do not want.

    I would like to add more fields that are similar to the "account credit" field without the monetary formatting, but still editable by ACP and viewable in Customer's Client Area.

    I am suggesting a way to add a field to the NEXUS application in the customers' client area and also to the ACP's Nexus Customers.

    I have attached a picture to illustrate what I am suggesting for.

  4. F. John added a post in a topic: Combine subscriptions   

    This matter has also been discussed here: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/327982-subscriptions-through-nexus/
  5. F. John added a post in a topic: Custom Support forms...   

    +2.... What, can't I do that?
  6. F. John added a post in a topic: Subscription payment for another member as gift   

    Or to have the ability to create a gift card item in the ACP that one member pays for, it generates a code like the coupons do and MemberA can then give that code to a memberX that MemberX can then use upon checkout...

    Better yet, MemberX can redeem the code in the client area thus crediting MemberX's account and voiding any further use of the code.
  7. F. John added a comment on a blog entry: IPS Product Line Release Schedule   

    Just one word: yipeekiayiyayyeehoohoray... :)

    Releases i have been waiting for.
  8. F. John added a post in a topic: IP.Chat Service Testing   

    I have a single suggestion, simply because everything else already seems to be so good.

    It may be a little resource intensive but it really helps when a user is waiting for a reply to know if the other user has already started.
    [*]When a chatroom user is typing, show it next to or beneath their name in the sidebar. (Can be turned off by Admin.)

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