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  1. HrdcoR-H added a comment on a file: IBSkin Revolution Red   

    Looks pretty cool skin I don't think we'd pay $28 for it though, but looks cool.
  2. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: [DR] Live Streams   

    ​cheers pal. I also can't seem to get the IP Content bits working. I've followed instructions, uploaded the hook, and then the block templates. Do I have to make a block? Thought this may already create one.
    And when creating one, is there any tips on what to select so I can get it sorted first time?
  3. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: [DR] Live Streams   

    EDIT: This second issue isn't an issue no longer. I managed to resolve it. This post can be deleted if mods want.
  4. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: [DR] Live Streams   

    Trying to update mine from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 and it isn't accepting it.
    Just says 1.0.0 and i've removed the application and the files and then uploaded the latest 1.0.1 off here and still doesn't seem to pick up 1.0.1?
  5. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: Tracker in 4.0   

    ​That would be awesome
  6. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: IP.Content sites   

    Here is an example of our website using IP.Content (99% of it bog standard) -
    Here is our Store so you can see how IP.Nexus is displayed -
    IPS products are excellent products to use for personal or business and the customer support whether it's via Support Ticketing or on the forums is superb.
  7. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery 4.0   

    cheers guys! sorted!
  8. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery 4.0   

    That was all done as well, but still couldn't. I tested my own admin account as permission for all of it but when I went into the category, I could upload an issue but not to an album. When I went into the album, I couldn't upload any photo or anything.
    Seemed it only worked when I created an album via myself, I could then add photos.
  9. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery 4.0   


    We just purchased IP.Gallery and I've created some albums already, however it seems the only user which can upload photos into that album is the owner. Is it possible to add user/group editors?

    By editors, I don't mean Moderators, I mean other users/groups which can upload photos also in that album.

    Basically I've made albums for the games we play in VORTEX, however I want all members in the "Clan Members" group to be able to upload their screenshots into this folder.

    Can this be done? Can it be a feature of IPS 4.0?

    Many thanks
  10. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: Coupon for license?   

    I don't think they would inform us of this, and have to wait and see pal
  11. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: (DP34) Referrals System   

    Hi Dawpi,

    Just wondering if you are looking to implement a feature where the new registrant have to sign up entering a referral name.

    Example, private forums - Referral only. - But no link required, when at registration, a box which the user can type the username of the member who referred them and then it will allow them to register.

    I'm looking to make my forums private in january, but only want members to register which have been referred.

    Thanks pal :)

    Also regarding someones issue above with it stating pending, so has to be manually accepted, all of the ones on my forums have to be aswell. Never has a single one of the 500 odd referrals been referred successfully automatically. I was going to query this also as bit of a pain having to keep checking the ACP daily for new referrals. Not only this when you sort the order as well to show status of referrals, you can't arrange by "pending" so makes it even harder to find those members still pending from invites awhile ago.
  12. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: Nexus 4.0 Additional Payment Gateways   


    I think it would be a great addition to have more default payment gateways added to the 4.0 of Nexus which will include Amazon Payments and Google Checkout.

    I'm aware you can go on the marketplace to get these, but I don't personally think it's worth purchasing these for $16 for the developer of Amazon Payments Mod (Google checkout I believe it free, can't remember), but these are really popular payment methods and considering it has Paypal, it's a good thing to include the next 2 big payment providers.

    Just a suggestion for IPS.
  13. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: Wowcraft   

    I'll look at purchasing this once 4.0 version is available! :)
  14. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: (NB34) Clan Wars   

    Tis a good idea. Allows Clan Matches to be more organised. Should be an option to choose 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5.

    Maybe even game options? (not used the plugin so just spectating)

    CS: S
    CS: GO

    Each game can then have the option to input server settings. Such as IP of the match, password for the match (only viewable to those participating in the match), map?

    We will purchase this mod once 4.0 comes out and it's ready for use :) looks awesome. Keep it up
  15. HrdcoR-H added a post in a topic: Black ACP Panel   

    Hi mate, I just downloaded this and the other mod you informed to do. But my main login page is still the default look, and once i'm logged in, then the top part of the ACP is black. Tried ctrl+F5. Any idea?


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