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  1. surferboy added a comment: Login Issues on IPS Site RC1-RC3   

    Would be interesting to find out if any communities who have gone live with RC1 - RC3 are having login issues with their members?  Seems like the IPS programmers can't identify what is causing this and from their perspective, nothing is wrong.  But if customer's communities are experiencing the issue with their own communities, this could have a huge impact.  These customers could potentially lose some members from indignation/frustration.
  2. surferboy added a comment: Login Issues on IPS Site RC1-RC3   

    ​Okay but that was what I was doing, using my email address and my updated password.  Now I am afraid to logout just to endure this pain again.
  3. surferboy added a comment: Login Issues on IPS Site RC1-RC3   

    yes, the same happened to me last weekend.  seems like the same issue.
  4. surferboy added a comment: [This site] No notification for mention   

    This has been happening to me and also to others, who I have mentioned, and they have not added a comment when my mention would almost certainly have caused them to make a comment.
    So I'm not tying this to RC2 but to my experience in creating mentions with beta 7 - 9 and also these RC's.
  5. surferboy added a post in a topic: Please restore date format editing ability in IPS4   

    Interesting read.  Our community has members from 42 countries.  We're still on 3.3.4, so I have implemented a board wide standard of 23 Feb 2015 for everything.  That way there is no doubt what date we are talking about.
  6. surferboy added a comment: [This Site] Password Broken   

    After resetting my password so many times on my laptop and also via remote access with team viewer on my desktop, I am not keen to go through yet another password reset.  All I can post that might be helpful is that I have always logged in with my email address and during this password reset issue, that is also true.
  7. surferboy added a comment: Login Broken   

    I only use my email address to login and I had to reset my password 4 times today.  So unbelievably annoying.
  8. surferboy added a comment: [This Site] Password Broken   

    I'm up to four times of password resets.  It is maddening.
  9. surferboy added an answer to a question: CKeditor - new or brought over from 3.x?   

    Hi -
    Can you tell us about CKEditor in 4.0? Is this the same text editor as in 3.x?  If not, why did you switch over?
    I seem to recall there were some impassioned debates about the text editor choices.
  10. surferboy added a post in a topic: Share This Post - no PM option; why not?   

    Hi -
    I'm just wondering why the developers did not include an option of sharing a post using PM in the Share This Post feature.
    As it is, I have to copy and paste the link in the Share This Post when I send a PM to someone about a post or a reply.
  11. surferboy added a post in a topic: At mentions work and don't work; other feedback?   

    Hi -
    In some of the posts and the replies I have made on here, the @mentions sometime take and sometime do not.  I assume that if my @mention is not highlighted in blue, then the person mentioned is not notified. I made a reply where I mentioned @csm and @Adriano Faria   and just like here, one took and one did not.  Maybe csm has been blacklisted or something? 
    As is typical of human nature, I sometimes make a mistake typing a name.  When I back space and correct, or if I go back and add the '@' symbol, the mention does not take. 
    What are others' experiences?
  12. surferboy added a post in a topic: Make activity stream the homepage?   

    Couldn't you use Marcher's app to load the activity stream into an IP.Content block?  Then you wouldn't have to deal with the limitations of an iframe.
    @Marcher Technologies
  13. surferboy added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    message notification link doesn't click through
    I just received a pm notification. I click on the envelope icon and it shows the latest pm's. My mouse hovers over the first message and as it does, it shows that it is a clickable link.  So I click on the first line of the text that is shown - nothing happens.  So I move the cursor down to the next line, and it still shows as clickable - nothing happens. So I move the cursor to the last line and it still shows as clicable - nothing happens.
    As an afterthought, and it is certainly not intuitive or logical, I click on the subject line, and that takes me to the message.
    Is it a bug? I think so.  Most casual users will immediately attempt to click on the body of the message which shows it to be an active, clickable link.  You may disagree but you shouldn't have the entire section of the notification in the inbox as appearing to be clickable with your cursor but only have the subject line as actually actively working.
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  14. surferboy added a post in a topic: Forum Layout Suggestion - Grid View   

    I realize you may have already locked down new features for 4.0 but I wanted to suggest this idea for the grid view.
    I am one of the fans of the grid view.  I like the layout and the topic showing at the bottom of the tile, as well as the forum description.  I like how you readded the title 'subforums' above the listed subforums.  I like how you made all the tiles the same height for a given category. 
    My criticism of the grid view is the listing and sprawl of the subforums.  Some show vertically and others are side by side.  As I looked at this, it occurred to me that not everyone is interested in every subforum.
    So here are several suggestions:
    #1 - keeping the current grid view, only show the subforums that people follow
    #2 - redesign the current grid view to show, in tile fashion, only those forums that people follow, and similarly, only those subforums they follow
    #3 - offer a personalized grid view: this would show tiles of all followed forums, in one large layout without the category "header" as I call it.  So this would mean main forums would be equal in stature to a subforum.  So @csm might follow the main forum, Suggestions and Ideas, and also the subforum Company Suite Feedback.  If those were the only two forums he followed, those would be the only tiles shown, side by side.  Or, if @Adriano Faria followed a total of 16 forums and subforums from various areas, he would see a grid view of 16 tiles.
    - Brian
  15. surferboy added a post in a topic: WhatsApp - Site Promotion - Sharing   

    Is @Mikey  still around? Let's get him to do it!  He made a hook for Tumblr!

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  1. surferboy » AndyF

    AndyF likes cats.

    1. AndyF


    2. surferboy

      Hi Andy,
      I was using your profile as the focal point of my support ticket request to IPS about the stock status update block that is provided with ip content.

      Keith C got involved and then Marcher got involved. Brandon got involved. The point that Brandon made (and I knew) was that profile comments went away and yet ... there still seems to be two classes of status updates, one that you make yourself, and that shows on your profile [currently you make some reference to th...

    3. AndyF

      I was wondering where the staff visits came from :)

    4. AndyF

      I see you posted a topic about it now. :)

  2. surferboy

    Finally, got a wirelss mouse that works ... first one I ortdered was the Logitech M510 which was almost as bad tracking as the current Logitech LX8. Now I have the super expensive one: Logitech Performance Mouse MX

  3. surferboy

    Just ordered Snapshot backup service for our vps server. Takes an entire image of the server, all settings, AND all files. Slept better last night.

    1. bridges101

      Did you order this through your host and have you had any problems? I have image backups set up for my server as well with my host but they fail a lot because the database is being used at the same time, according to my host.

    2. surferboy

      yeah, I ordered this through Media Temple. I talked with customer support for quite a bit about how to do what. They never said it would fail or that it would impact anything. Additionally, you can do incremental backups after the first one. The service costs $20 a month for each back up slot. So large companies can afford to have multiple backups. For me, I just back up about once every two weeks.

      Also, Media Temple offers a free database/files back up (does not include...

  4. surferboy

    testing social groups 2.0 final ... seems to be good so far

  5. surferboy

    Media Temple is boosting our Dedicated Virtual service from 2gb to 4gb this week, and for free! Yee Hawwww!!!!

  6. surferboy » Marcher Technologies

    Are you at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this weekend?

    1. Marcher Technologies

      0.o umm.... no? Think about 3,000 miles north.

    2. surferboy

      Wait, you're in Alaska? Brrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. surferboy

    specifying this and that

  8. surferboy

    working with marcher

  9. surferboy

    okay, alan is upgrading our blog to v2.6 ... hope it goes well

  10. surferboy

    guess you need to be a skinner to get a skinning support question answered. got three topics in there and no one has made a reply. alright, time to pay someone I guess

  11. surferboy

    okay, here we go, promenu 2.1.1

  12. surferboy

    3.3.4 upgrade complete; time check 26 hours

  13. surferboy

    waiting for my upgrade to 3.3.4; time check: 23 hours

  14. surferboy

    the never ending flood of notifications. is there a solution? It's a love and hate thing

    1. Mikey B

      You could disable SOME here:

  15. surferboy

    First status update from my mobile app

    1. surferboy

      sweet, it works!

  16. surferboy » NSanityHD

    I DO think so!! It rocks and works all day long, the status update, that is, ... in 3.3.2!!!

  17. surferboy » JasonO

    here is a status update for you!

  18. surferboy » teraßyte

    so what's your preferred browser? I'm definitely staying clear of you in a dark alley!!!

  19. surferboy

    looking at 3.2 beta and wondering what Charles looks like in real life

  20. surferboy

    IP Chat is down :((((