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  1. surferboy added a post in a topic: More Info on IP.Pages ?   

    Oh but I do need to not only suggest but simply state that your statement, as worded, is incorrect.  It is pure and simple, semantics.
    You made a statement that incorrectly reflected the features of Pages.
  2. surferboy added a post in a topic: More Info on IP.Pages ?   

    ​Unfortunately, your statement that my statement was not accurate is inaccurate.
    One could say it is semantics but if you review the exact wording of the original post, the member referenced the phrase "what kind of things can be built."  If the member was led to believe they could embed blocks on external websites when they currently cannot, the correct or more accurate reply would be to say that the embedding feature is not currently available.
  3. surferboy added a post in a topic: More Info on IP.Pages ?   

    ​That is not an accurate statement.  There is one functionality that is currently missing from Pages that was included in IP.Content.  That is the ability to embed IP.Content Blocks on an external web site.  That functionality is a planned feature that will be introduced in the future.  If you read that Feature Plan, it shows what is 'Next Up' and what is 'Coming Soon.'  The planned introduction is number 10 on the list.  That could mean in 3 months or it could mean in 9 months or it could mean 15 months. 
    For those of us who actively use the embedding of IP.Content blocks in external websites, it is a showstopper, plain and simple.
  4. surferboy added a post in a topic: IP4 and Friends Function   

    Hi -
    Thanks for posting a very insightful topic.  I know that all members of the Invision community are supposed to address the points in the original posters reply and simply offer his or her opinion on the merits of the topic.  I cannot.  Our community is different. Perhaps that is my point: every community is different.  It is our feedback that IPS restore the Friends functionality to allow every community to have the greatest leeway to implement their own functionality for following content and friends.
    We use a slightly different approach to following content.  Our initial member registration system as well as our member profile updates determine what content is followed, by default.  Our community is structured in two ways: geographic and demographic.  Depending on the country and the demographic preferences either initially provided or updated, the member has their default auto-follow settings defined and enabled for forums, for IP.Content articles, for social groups, for calendars, and for classifieds.  Additionally, if a member decides to unfollow a forum or another IP application, that setting remains in place and overrides any further default setting for that particular forum or calendar, even if they change countries for two years and then return to that country of residence later.  Of course, our members can manually follow any other forum or other content themselves
    These auto-follow settings are for the calendar only, for the forum only, for the ip.content article categories only, and for classifieds categories only.  When our members log in, they only see notifications on new topics, new calendar events, new classified listings, new articles but they are not automatically following all of the items inside. That we leave up to them.  We just want them to know about new content in their area of the world and in their areas of interest.  We also have a 'my-page' that shows a list of unread application categories, indicated by a (#).  Based on our observation and feedback from members, we have set our default notifications settings to only be online only.  Our community member do not like a lot of email notifications.  So even if the members disable the online notifications, they will still have their 'my-page' summary of unread new application content.
    For us, the Friends feature is all about showing the status of our Friends on our 'My-Page.'  We show which of our members' friends are online, which of our members' friends have a birthday today, which of our members' friends have posted a status update, and which of our members' friends have added an entry in their blogs.  We could extend this functionality to include which of our members' friends have added an image to their personal gallery.  Hopefully this illustrates how we use Friends and why we would very much like it to be restored for 4.0.  One note about the status update block: it really doesn't work.  It is an acknowledged quirk by IPS - the status update block shows everyone's status update, even if they are not Friends.
    - Brian
  5. surferboy added a post in a topic: Member profile files link - removed in 4.0.   

    Hi -
    At first I thought about posting this in the Ask IPS forum but really this is better suited as a suggestion and idea topic.
    Since the launch of 4.0, I have reviewed the new member profile layout several times.  I have concluded that the development team made some logical decisions on why to show this or that, and also why it was important to remove other items. 
    I am curious why you decided to remove the link that said something like "other files by this member" or words to that effect in the new member profile. 
    Issue:  Let's use @Adriano Faria as an example.  We could engage in a long debate about the ease or difficulty in finding a file by a developer in 'Downloads aka Marketplace' in 3.4.7 but I would rather mention that it was always easier for me to view Adriano's profile and just click on that now removed link to find all his files.  So if we (meaning the average or more casual ips community member who wants to find a file by a certain developer and NOT the Jedi IPS Master Developers who know and assume everyone should intrinsically know where and how to find everything) look at Adriano's 4.0 member profile, what do we see? A left sidebar column that mentions the marketplace but no link, and the wide right that shows his activity feed. 
    Now, if I do click on the button in the upper right header bar that says 'See their activity,'  I see the 'All activity' list of Adriano Faria but it doesn't tell me immediately how to find Adriano's submitted files.  If I click on Files under Downloads, then I do see all his submitted files.  But how would I even know, as a casual observer, to click on that 'See their activity' to find the list of content and then click yet again to find his files. 
    Now, if I visit one of @Rikki 's files, like this one,, you see the authorship of the file, 'By Rikki' and below it, a linked phrase that says 'Find their other files.'
    Suggestion:  Add that same link @Rikki 's member profile, in the IPS Marketplace section that says: "
    IPS Marketplace
    Resources Contributor Total file submissions: 3"  and maybe do something as simple as highlighting/linking the existing language, [Total file submissions: 3]
    - Brian
  6. surferboy added a post in a topic: Broken quotes, images, links, avatar? Here's My Fixes   

    When I read a post like this, I get really really worried about the eventual upgrade of my site.  Is your site really unusual? Otherwise, will everyone experience this kind of massive chaos and destruction? @Matt  @Charles @Mark @Andy Millne @Rikki
  7. surferboy added a post in a topic: Mix and Match Traditional & Grid View?   

    Great idea!
  8. surferboy added a comment: Login Issues on IPS Site RC1-RC3   

    Would be interesting to find out if any communities who have gone live with RC1 - RC3 are having login issues with their members?  Seems like the IPS programmers can't identify what is causing this and from their perspective, nothing is wrong.  But if customer's communities are experiencing the issue with their own communities, this could have a huge impact.  These customers could potentially lose some members from indignation/frustration.
  9. surferboy added a comment: Login Issues on IPS Site RC1-RC3   

    ​Okay but that was what I was doing, using my email address and my updated password.  Now I am afraid to logout just to endure this pain again.
  10. surferboy added a comment: Login Issues on IPS Site RC1-RC3   

    yes, the same happened to me last weekend.  seems like the same issue.
  11. surferboy added a comment: [This site] No notification for mention   

    This has been happening to me and also to others, who I have mentioned, and they have not added a comment when my mention would almost certainly have caused them to make a comment.
    So I'm not tying this to RC2 but to my experience in creating mentions with beta 7 - 9 and also these RC's.
  12. surferboy added a post in a topic: Please restore date format editing ability in IPS4   

    Interesting read.  Our community has members from 42 countries.  We're still on 3.3.4, so I have implemented a board wide standard of 23 Feb 2015 for everything.  That way there is no doubt what date we are talking about.
  13. surferboy added a post in a topic: Share This Post - no PM option; why not?   

    Hi -
    I'm just wondering why the developers did not include an option of sharing a post using PM in the Share This Post feature.
    As it is, I have to copy and paste the link in the Share This Post when I send a PM to someone about a post or a reply.
  14. surferboy added a post in a topic: At mentions work and don't work; other feedback?   

    Hi -
    In some of the posts and the replies I have made on here, the @mentions sometime take and sometime do not.  I assume that if my @mention is not highlighted in blue, then the person mentioned is not notified. I made a reply where I mentioned @csm and @Adriano Faria  and just like here, one took and one did not.  Maybe csm has been blacklisted or something? 
    As is typical of human nature, I sometimes make a mistake typing a name.  When I back space and correct, or if I go back and add the '@' symbol, the mention does not take. 
    What are others' experiences?
  15. surferboy added a post in a topic: Make activity stream the homepage?   

    Couldn't you use Marcher's app to load the activity stream into an IP.Content block?  Then you wouldn't have to deal with the limitations of an iframe.
    @Marcher Technologies

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      Hi Andy,
      I was using your profile as the focal point of my support ticket request to IPS about the stock status update block that is provided with ip content.

      Keith C got involved and then Marcher got involved. Brandon got involved. The point that Brandon made (and I knew) was that profile comments went away and yet ... there still seems to be two classes of status updates, one that you make yourself, and that shows on your profile [currently you make some reference to th...

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    Just ordered Snapshot backup service for our vps server. Takes an entire image of the server, all settings, AND all files. Slept better last night.

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      yeah, I ordered this through Media Temple. I talked with customer support for quite a bit about how to do what. They never said it would fail or that it would impact anything. Additionally, you can do incremental backups after the first one. The service costs $20 a month for each back up slot. So large companies can afford to have multiple backups. For me, I just back up about once every two weeks.

      Also, Media Temple offers a free database/files back up (does not include...

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    Media Temple is boosting our Dedicated Virtual service from 2gb to 4gb this week, and for free! Yee Hawwww!!!!

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    guess you need to be a skinner to get a skinning support question answered. got three topics in there and no one has made a reply. alright, time to pay someone I guess

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    okay, here we go, promenu 2.1.1

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    3.3.4 upgrade complete; time check 26 hours

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    waiting for my upgrade to 3.3.4; time check: 23 hours

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    the never ending flood of notifications. is there a solution? It's a love and hate thing

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      You could disable SOME here:

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    First status update from my mobile app

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    I DO think so!! It rocks and works all day long, the status update, that is, ... in 3.3.2!!!

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    IP Chat is down :((((