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  1. surferboy added a post in a topic: The new forumindex....   

    The more I look at the grid view, the more I like it.  On our board, we have three main categories.  In the first category, we have 9 forums.  In the second category, we have 42 forums.  In the third category, we have 4 forums. 
    We have implemented a modification so that our members only see their 'selected' forums for the first two categories, as a default display.  They can always click on the 'full display button' at the top of the page to see all of the forums.  But the display still shows the list view.  With this new option, I think of modifying our 'select' forums to appear as just a nice grid display without the 'header' of each category.  Rather, it would just show say the 4 that I have selected from the first category and the 2 I have selected from the second category, and the 4 from the third category.
    Thinking even more outside the box, wouldn't it be cool to have a drag and drop for a personalized display?
    My only concern with the grid view is that it has a very strong appearance.  It makes me think there isn't any more below the page break or scroll down.  It is hard to describe but somehow the visual effect makes me not think to scroll down and down.  I get less of that effect in the list view.
    - Brian
  2. surferboy added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    this quote thing is too confusing for me.  didn't know what FUD meant.  Now I know.  Not sure what the reference has to do with search features. 
  3. surferboy added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

  4. surferboy added a post in a topic: The new forumindex....   

    The Company changed it back to list view from grid view.
  5. surferboy added a post in a topic: The new forumindex....   

    ​hey now, that is a brilliant idea! 
    - Brian
  6. surferboy added a post in a topic: The new forumindex....   

    Given the displays in a lot of Pinterest and Tumblr, I think the layfolk public will be very accustomed to the display.  I would recommend you consider this as the default display in your settings.
    - Brian
  7. surferboy added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    ​whoah ... I never actually performed a search before in 4images ... since I am kind of like the master librarian ... I just did a search for the word 'nice' in the description field.  The results page is amazing ... every image with the word 'nice' in the description appears, in a grid format, and yes, in thumbnail, and patting on back, as you hover over the image, the tool tip makes the image jump to full size ... (one of my little add ons)
  8. surferboy added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    ​Not sure what bridging means.  We use a member access software that allows sso to 4images and ips.  So our members just log in and don't know other than the fact that the ipboard landscape does not look a whole lot like the 4images gallery.  I have polished up the color scheme but the display is markedly different. 
  9. surferboy added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    I have never used the IPS Gallery.  I use 4images.  Your disappointment in search for images has me wondering what or how were you able to search images in a gallery before?  In 4images, we can search by keywords, by username, in all fields, in the description field ... but that's I know.
    How did IPS Gallery approach search before? How do they do it now?
  10. surferboy added a post in a topic: Google Custom Search Engine   

  11. surferboy added a post in a topic: Google Custom Search Engine   

  12. surferboy added a post in a topic: Google Custom Search Engine   

    BFarber has addressed the search issue in IPS multiple times as he has been regularly captured and strung up by bands of irate searchraged folk.  He has explained I think 2 or 3 times that they cannot use a third party system and the futility of searching by three letter words.  He has said that Search will be vastly improved in 4.0.  Seriously, maybe BFarber can chime in since I think all Search fixes and Search enhancements are handled in his cubicle.
    Oh hey, you can just use the search feature to find it in several topics .........  laughing hysterically ... sign of a twisted and sick surfer ... laughs at his own jokes
    you could ask @Marcher Technologies   he can give you a very thorough, technical explanation

  13. surferboy added a post in a topic: Google Custom Search Engine   

    Agreed although "The Company" has said search will be vastly improved in 4.0
    I use Google to find topics on the Invision Community Board.  It is just too frustrating to attempt to find anything with the built-in search in the Invision Community Board.
    Thanks for adding your voice to the IPS Spring but I doubt it will be given much heed.
    - Brian
  14. surferboy added a post in a topic: The Wide Blue Line   

    Thank you!
  15. surferboy added a post in a topic: Sell official IP.Template packs   

    I have the same issue and all the blocks we have drives a certain developer slightly bonkers.
    If no other solution is offered, then I would offer this as a bandaid, which I implemented.  It is time consuming and tedious but it helps.  In the description field for the block, add your notes of what/where this block is used, and any other notes.
    I do like your idea.  As it is, we have about 20 categories.
    I also suggested a while back to have a left side bar with all the categories so that you could click on a given category and have all the blocks appear.  As it is right now, after you updated a block, the long list of categories and blocks rescrolls back to the top of the page and I have to zip wheel back down again, over and over and over.
    - Brian
    @adonismale really sorry about adding the reply here ... I don't think it has anything to do with your original topic

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    2. surferboy

      Hi Andy,
      I was using your profile as the focal point of my support ticket request to IPS about the stock status update block that is provided with ip content.

      Keith C got involved and then Marcher got involved. Brandon got involved. The point that Brandon made (and I knew) was that profile comments went away and yet ... there still seems to be two classes of status updates, one that you make yourself, and that shows on your profile [currently you make some reference to th...

    3. AndyF

      I was wondering where the staff visits came from :)

    4. AndyF

      I see you posted a topic about it now. :)

  2. surferboy

    Finally, got a wirelss mouse that works ... first one I ortdered was the Logitech M510 which was almost as bad tracking as the current Logitech LX8. Now I have the super expensive one: Logitech Performance Mouse MX

  3. surferboy

    Just ordered Snapshot backup service for our vps server. Takes an entire image of the server, all settings, AND all files. Slept better last night.

    1. bridges101

      Did you order this through your host and have you had any problems? I have image backups set up for my server as well with my host but they fail a lot because the database is being used at the same time, according to my host.

    2. surferboy

      yeah, I ordered this through Media Temple. I talked with customer support for quite a bit about how to do what. They never said it would fail or that it would impact anything. Additionally, you can do incremental backups after the first one. The service costs $20 a month for each back up slot. So large companies can afford to have multiple backups. For me, I just back up about once every two weeks.

      Also, Media Temple offers a free database/files back up (does not include...

  4. surferboy

    testing social groups 2.0 final ... seems to be good so far

  5. surferboy

    Media Temple is boosting our Dedicated Virtual service from 2gb to 4gb this week, and for free! Yee Hawwww!!!!

  6. surferboy » Marcher Technologies

    Are you at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this weekend?

    1. Marcher Technologies

      0.o umm.... no? Think about 3,000 miles north.

    2. surferboy

      Wait, you're in Alaska? Brrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. surferboy

    specifying this and that

  8. surferboy

    working with marcher

  9. surferboy

    okay, alan is upgrading our blog to v2.6 ... hope it goes well

  10. surferboy

    guess you need to be a skinner to get a skinning support question answered. got three topics in there and no one has made a reply. alright, time to pay someone I guess

  11. surferboy

    okay, here we go, promenu 2.1.1

  12. surferboy

    3.3.4 upgrade complete; time check 26 hours

  13. surferboy

    waiting for my upgrade to 3.3.4; time check: 23 hours

  14. surferboy

    the never ending flood of notifications. is there a solution? It's a love and hate thing

    1. Mikey B

      You could disable SOME here:

  15. surferboy

    First status update from my mobile app

    1. surferboy

      sweet, it works!

  16. surferboy » NSanityHD

    I DO think so!! It rocks and works all day long, the status update, that is, ... in 3.3.2!!!

  17. surferboy » JasonO

    here is a status update for you!

  18. surferboy » teraßyte

    so what's your preferred browser? I'm definitely staying clear of you in a dark alley!!!

  19. surferboy

    looking at 3.2 beta and wondering what Charles looks like in real life

  20. surferboy

    IP Chat is down :((((