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  1. aeharding

    Arg! Highlighting (to copy) links in the status widget with IPB 3.2 in Chrome is killing me!

    1. Olivier Turbis

      so fat dat...

  2. aeharding

    New custom skin. :) Check it out!

    1. Camoo

      Great looking board skin, but now i'm blind because i looked at your mainsite :-)

    2. aeharding

      Lol that was my other admin that coded it b4 I was there and I don't want to touch it.

  3. aeharding

    Just got back from the International Science and Engineering Fair! WAS AWESOME! Go team Oregon!!

  4. aeharding

    Yawn. Middle of the week already...

  5. aeharding

    wonders why CleanCut keeps disappearing. :/

    1. abney317

      skin needs some updates for 3.1

  6. aeharding

    Cleancut plzplz. <3

  7. aeharding

    3.1: There's a feature for that.

  8. aeharding

    Is a likin 3.1!

  9. aeharding

    3.1 is not coming. Cancelled. I confirm Ditchmonkey.

  10. aeharding

    Thank you. :D

  11. Irmuska » aeharding

    You are helpful.Thanks! Cheers,Irmuska