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  1. aeharding added a comment: Skin prob: "Followed by" tab   

    I know; it's just it seems like it's not consistent with the rest of the board and popups is all. Otherwise I never would've noticed it.
  2. aeharding added a record in IP.Board   

    Skin prob: "Followed by" tab
    There should be a exit button on 'followed by' tab, just like the 'who liked this post' tab, right?
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  3. aeharding added a record in IP.Board   

    IPB Printing is horrible!
    So I go to print a topic using the print icon in order to conserve paper and make everything look neat.
    On this page in specific:

    In Google Chrome (latest), Windows 7, and 1024x1280 (that's right, it's portrait, I have a dual monitor setup). Anyways, I go to print. My printer prints random stuff that's not on the original page that's supposed to be printed like my profile.

    I go to export (print as) a PDF using Adobe's official Print-to-PDF utility, because I think something's wrong with my printer.

    Same results.

    Attached is what 'printed' literally (but the pdf version).

    Help? I would really like this topic for filing.

    [url=" Invision Power Services.pdf"]IPB Printing[/url]
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  4. aeharding added a comment: View all invoices by changing invoice #.   


    I like this bug.
  5. aeharding added a comment: information.xml on XML app directory   

    charsets are a pretty big pain in the backside, aren't they?
  6. aeharding added a record in IP.Board   

    Lock reputation in topics?
    Sorry if this is a duplicate or not a bug...

    But, when you lock a topic, shouldn't you lock the reputation in each of the posts? I was trying this on my own board because it was becoming to overboard with rep, but the rep kept decreasing/increasing because it's not locked.
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  7. aeharding added a comment: Profile tabs stick   

    I have a problem like this, where actually the tab creates above another. So, I can confirm. Chrome.
  8. aeharding added a comment: "View New Content" NOT WORKING   

    Yet again same here... Would really like a fix on this bug. Thanks.
  9. aeharding added a comment: Text in ACP goes under buttons   

    Netbooks are made with a 1026x600, so DO NOT throw support out at all and thoroughly test that resolution.
  10. aeharding added a comment: Topic rating universal skin problem   

    Well, following up, I just did rating 5 stars lots of times, and it showed :
    "Rate Topic: *****"

    Then, finally, I rated 5 stars on the topic below and the "Rate Topic: ***** [b]Votes[/b]" came up! (the votes part is the inconsistently changing part)
  11. aeharding added a comment: Topic rating universal skin problem   

    I just had the [img][/img] happen again on
  12. aeharding added a comment: Topic rating universal skin problem   

    Yes I have...

    Basically, I would like to see it like the blog topic rating: ***** 222 Votes (You voted 5)
  13. aeharding added a comment: Topic rating universal skin problem   

    Here's a video example:

    Weird though, looks like someone took out the 'votes' part in 3.0 release...

    I still think it should say 'x votes' instead of 'rate this topic: *star rating here*'
  14. aeharding added a comment: Topic rating universal skin problem   

    This is on this board. Chrome latest stable.
  15. aeharding added a record in IP.Board   

    Topic rating universal skin problem
    Here's a weird skin problem: And it works across all forum skins.

    Once you rate a topic, it say 'thanks for rating!' or something, and a moment later it says:

    It should say 'x votes' instead of just 'votes', right?
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  1. aeharding

    Arg! Highlighting (to copy) links in the status widget with IPB 3.2 in Chrome is killing me!

    1. Olivier Turbis

      so fat dat...

  2. aeharding

    New custom skin. :) Check it out!

    1. Camoo

      Great looking board skin, but now i'm blind because i looked at your mainsite :-)

    2. aeharding

      Lol that was my other admin that coded it b4 I was there and I don't want to touch it.

  3. aeharding

    Just got back from the International Science and Engineering Fair! WAS AWESOME! Go team Oregon!!

  4. aeharding

    Yawn. Middle of the week already...

  5. aeharding

    wonders why CleanCut keeps disappearing. :/

    1. abney317

      skin needs some updates for 3.1

  6. aeharding

    Cleancut plzplz. <3

  7. aeharding

    3.1: There's a feature for that.

  8. aeharding

    Is a likin 3.1!

  9. aeharding

    3.1 is not coming. Cancelled. I confirm Ditchmonkey.

  10. aeharding

    Thank you. :D

  11. Irmuska » aeharding

    You are helpful.Thanks! Cheers,Irmuska