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  1. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: im a customer, but not shown on forums..   

    damn im still not fixed lol
  2. I am Freddy G added a comment on a blog entry: Content Spy - 20% Discount   

    This is truly a great mod. I use it on a shared hosting account and everything runs perfect. Never had any problems with bandwidth, database freezing up, etc.
  3. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Features removed from 3.1.4   


    ACP -> Look & Feel -> Global Template -> globalTemplate


    <ul class='ipsList_inline' id='community_app_menu'> Add Below:

    <li id='nav_rules' class='right'> <if test="siteruleslink:|:$this->settings['gl_show'] and $this->settings['gl_title']"> <li class='right ipsType_smaller'> <a href='<if test="ruleslink:|:$this->settings['gl_link']">{$this->settings['gl_link']}<else />{parse url="app=forums&amp;module=extras&amp;section=boardrules" base="public"}</if>'><if test="siterulestitle:|:$this->settings['gl_title']">{$this->settings['gl_title']}<else />{$this->lang->words['board_rules']}</if></a> </li> </if> </li>

    Done You now have rules link on top of page :)
  4. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Features removed from 3.1.4   

    Or you can just edit your skin and place a link there. It really only takes less than 5 minutes.
  5. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Use a comma to separate the tags   

    I love this thread
  6. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: IP.Connect?   

    A One Click Solution Would Be Awesome

    You could put the setting in the API Settings Page.

    Allow Login Connect?

    I Think bfarber could do that for us lol
  7. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Cleaner HTML Output   

    I agree with loading only certain aspects of css. Although that would be extremely hard I believe though.

    I like the tabbing only problem is I am used to using 2 spaces for a tab
  8. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Resources Keep It Simple   

    Also to add a higher category for 3.1.X and 3.0.X

    What you think?

    I think application modules don't really fit as a category. When I hear modules I think addons to applications. Like Bouncy Mail Unread count. Can't you just link to the extra addons on the page?

  9. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Emoticons - its time for much needed overhaul!   

    My topic got cross linked yes!

    I still think the smiley system is confusing lol. You have to run a MySQL Query just to restore it back to normal

    But I do understand the multiple skin problem...
  10. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Change Arrow to Update   

    Yes Publish will be a much better word! :D
  11. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Change Arrow to Update   

    I know how to change it, I was just suggesting IPS Changes it. In the profile view it is a update button not arrows.
  12. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Change Arrow to Update   



    What you think? I think it makes more sense from a UI perspective
  13. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Status Update > User Comment Approval Permission   

    Yup They are the first thing to appear in your profile to.
  14. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Status Update > User Comment Approval Permission   

    I have recently got commented on my status from some random person linking me to a warez website. This same person also commented many other people status with smiley faces.

    So with that I was thinking of approval for the end user. Much like friend adding, and profile comments.

    Status update comments: (maybe the options)
    Approval for all comments
    Approval for all comments except from Friends
    No Approval

    Anyone else think this will be a useful?

  15. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: OneBip and TrialPay Gateways   

    I never use those. Always seem like a scam. Just my two cents

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  1. I am Freddy G

    the tracker has a cool new poll. Now I wish I could delete my vote haha

  2. I am Freddy G

    If anyone has experience with CometChat please message me

  3. I am Freddy G

    Tried to make a hook and failed. while yeah thats it for me ha

  4. I am Freddy G

    Comma's make me laugh

    1. Rikki

      I think it's time for an upgrade. Semi-colons are the new commas.

    2. Fishfish0001

      Hellz Yeah

  5. I am Freddy G

    I barely found out there is a public beta lol

  6. Michael » I am Freddy G

    Can you please check your personal messenger? i've tried contacting you about an issue with your latest Marketplace submission but you've not yet responded.

    1. I am Freddy G

      I responded thanks :) I will add it and reupload it after work today. 14 hour shifts are fun in the military lol

  7. I am Freddy G

    Confused. Why is /register in the furl but never used?

    1. Hennet

      you should post a bug report i guess.

  8. I am Freddy G

    I wish the search worked. I never knew how important it was until now lol

  9. I am Freddy G

    After all of that hard work. I realized the goal I was trying to accomplish was an ACP Setting you can turn on and off this whole time. I feel stupid haha

    1. Jamie.

      wow fail Freddy lol btw im XBN Jamie

  10. I am Freddy G

    Back to IPB :)

    1. Fishfish0001

      Hey! Welcome back!

    2. xCurlyx

      welcome back :)

    3. Planetby

      WB Freddy

    4. Jamie.

      Welcome Back :P

    5. Olivier Turbis

      welcome bakKkk

    6. I am Freddy G

      Thanks everyone it feels good being back!

  11. I am Freddy G

    While It was Fun. Bye IPS and all of its members and contributors!

    1. Gaffney

      what is it ? why are you leaving ?

    2. aeharding

      He's going to the US Air Force! :D

    3. Fishfish0001

      Good luck man :D

    4. DarkGizmo

      Good luck Freddy!

    5. m4ss4

      bb Freddy!

    6. XBN Jamie

      cya Freddy

  12. I am Freddy G

    Current Server Load: 104.56 is this bad?

    1. Collin S.

      I'm not seeing that here, unless you mean on your board?

    2. I am Freddy G

      my board

    3. I am Freddy G

      in the acp support tab

    4. Collin S.

      Is your server able to handle it?

    5. I am Freddy G

      I don't know lol

    6. I am Freddy G

      my site is still up. I have a whopping 4 members online

    7. Alex

      Are you on shared hosting? Could be another site on the server taking up the load.

    8. I am Freddy G

      Grid Hosting

    9. Alex

      I'd speak with your hosting provider if it's worrying you - it's not something we can help with ourselves

    10. I am Freddy G

      Yeah is that extreme? Not worrying me as my site still works

    11. Charles

      That's pretty extreme, yes.

    12. I am Freddy G

      Ok thanks

  13. I am Freddy G

    I love IP.Board Right Now! I can use its nice gui to control my non ipb scripts!

  14. I am Freddy G

    someone please reply to this status

    1. Fishfish0001


    2. DarkGizmo


    3. Fishfish0001


    4. skindev


    5. Francismori7_2


    6. Fishfish0001


    7. I am Freddy G

      lol thanks guys got what i needed (screenshot of popup)

    8. skindev


    9. Massive Dynamics

      No. Oshi-

    10. ᴡᴅツ

      You know....it would be cool to have this status have 1000+ replies. I wonder if it would require pagination implementation.

    11. alex.1096@yahoo.com


    12. Graeme Leighfield

      OH HAI!

  15. I am Freddy G

    Chuck Norris can drop all of his mysql database tables and still don't get a driver error

    1. Fishfish0001

      doesn't* ;)

  16. I am Freddy G

    OUCH Everyone switch language to RTL its weird lol

  17. I am Freddy G

    Upgrading from 3.0.5 - 3.1.2 Today!!

    1. AndyF

      :) , It's very easy I would not expect you to have any issues. Remember you will need to update your skins if you have custom ones, or simply ask the authors for 3.1.x versions :)

  18. I am Freddy G

    Yes I did It! Built my own last.fm plugin http://iamfreddyg.com/lastfm.php

  19. I am Freddy G

    Really? The user_navigation is such a mess. I don't remember the last time i used absoulte positioning.

    1. Lewis P

      Well I use it all the time. It just has to be used properly.

    2. Tom Christian

      What is wrong with absolute positioning :/ ?

    3. I am Freddy G

      I am so used to everything relative.I use floated layouts, and 960 Grid System

    4. Lewis P

      You can use absolute on a floated layout. Just make the parent container relative.

  20. I am Freddy G

    Read a good article about colors in web design. I am going to change my site's color. Having blue is nice but too much blue is depressing.

  21. I am Freddy G

    Stupid CSS Floats, getting me mad almost want to abandon the skin project

    1. .Brian

      What are you having a problem with?

    2. I am Freddy G


  22. I am Freddy G

    So I am going to resurrect that old skin I was working on. Going to name it The Super Mega Awesome Art + Music Center

  23. I am Freddy G

    umm feel dumb. Posted a ticket lol