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  1. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: im a customer, but not shown on forums..   

    damn im still not fixed lol
  2. I am Freddy G added a comment on a blog entry: Content Spy - 20% Discount   

    This is truly a great mod. I use it on a shared hosting account and everything runs perfect. Never had any problems with bandwidth, database freezing up, etc.
  3. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Download: (SOS31) URL Shortener Popup   


    I was wondering if there are plans to use bit.ly custom domain's. Bit.ly now allows you to host your own custom domain name free of charge. It would be nice to just input your api key via the admin cp but I don't think its coded for this. API Documentation via JSON

    Also if I wanted to add it would I just add it in the api's folder with a api.php and conf.php file?

    The guy who likes to do hard stuff

    EDIT: I did it!

    What do you think of this api lol

  4. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Download: WordPress SSO Integration   

    Question: Does it work the other way around? My community has recently installed wordpress and It would be great if the login's can just be maintained via IP.Board because of our existing users.

  5. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Download: Blue Button BBCode   

    Sorry about that.Ignore those folders. All you do is upload the bbcode.xml file like the readme states.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask :)
  6. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Download: Like Statuses   

    I can't get this to uninstall. I removed the hook and deleted the uploaded files. I still have the empty space like everyone else. except this time i get an error when i click on the link.
  7. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Features removed from 3.1.4   


    ACP -> Look & Feel -> Global Template -> globalTemplate


    <ul class='ipsList_inline' id='community_app_menu'> Add Below:

    <li id='nav_rules' class='right'> <if test="siteruleslink:|:$this->settings['gl_show'] and $this->settings['gl_title']"> <li class='right ipsType_smaller'> <a href='<if test="ruleslink:|:$this->settings['gl_link']">{$this->settings['gl_link']}<else />{parse url="app=forums&amp;module=extras&amp;section=boardrules" base="public"}</if>'><if test="siterulestitle:|:$this->settings['gl_title']">{$this->settings['gl_title']}<else />{$this->lang->words['board_rules']}</if></a> </li> </if> </li>

    Done You now have rules link on top of page :)
  8. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Features removed from 3.1.4   

    Or you can just edit your skin and place a link there. It really only takes less than 5 minutes.
  9. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Download: Blue Button BBCode   

    Not at this time sadly. I wanted to have it easy to change colors but I have no idea how php BBCodes work. (I think its possible that way)

    If you wanted a red button you would have to change multiple colors to make it look nice. The blue button has four shades of blue in gradient form.

    I will look into a php bbcode button so you can pick the color maybe have the tag like this? [button=red http://google.com]Google![/button] I usually have bad luck with php and ipb though just to let you know it might not work

    Or I could also just submit multiple files with different colors, I will be like micheal with his mediatags except with buttons lol
  10. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Download: Blue Button BBCode   

    File Name : Blue Button BBCode
    File Submitter : I am Freddy G
    File Submitted : 06 Jun 2011
    File Category : Miscellaneous XML Files

    I saw my first button bbcode used on many sites. I was surprised.

    So I made another one. :smile:

    Click here to download this file
  11. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Use a comma to separate the tags   

    I love this thread
  12. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Download: Aqua-Soft Mobile 2   

    Is this compatible with the shoutbox? I am looking for a mobile skin specifically for this reason.

  13. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: IP.Connect?   

    A One Click Solution Would Be Awesome

    You could put the setting in the API Settings Page.

    Allow Login Connect?

    I Think bfarber could do that for us lol
  14. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Cleaner HTML Output   

    I agree with loading only certain aspects of css. Although that would be extremely hard I believe though.

    I like the tabbing only problem is I am used to using 2 spaces for a tab
  15. I am Freddy G added a post in a topic: Resources Keep It Simple   

    Also to add a higher category for 3.1.X and 3.0.X

    What you think?

    I think application modules don't really fit as a category. When I hear modules I think addons to applications. Like Bouncy Mail Unread count. Can't you just link to the extra addons on the page?

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  1. I am Freddy G

    the tracker has a cool new poll. Now I wish I could delete my vote haha

  2. I am Freddy G

    If anyone has experience with CometChat please message me

  3. I am Freddy G

    Tried to make a hook and failed. while yeah thats it for me ha

  4. I am Freddy G

    Comma's make me laugh

    1. Rikki

      I think it's time for an upgrade. Semi-colons are the new commas.

    2. Fishfish0001

      Hellz Yeah

  5. I am Freddy G

    I barely found out there is a public beta lol

  6. Michael » I am Freddy G

    Can you please check your personal messenger? i've tried contacting you about an issue with your latest Marketplace submission but you've not yet responded.

    1. I am Freddy G

      I responded thanks :) I will add it and reupload it after work today. 14 hour shifts are fun in the military lol

  7. I am Freddy G

    Confused. Why is /register in the furl but never used?

    1. Hennet

      you should post a bug report i guess.

  8. I am Freddy G

    I wish the search worked. I never knew how important it was until now lol

  9. I am Freddy G

    After all of that hard work. I realized the goal I was trying to accomplish was an ACP Setting you can turn on and off this whole time. I feel stupid haha

    1. Jamie.

      wow fail Freddy lol btw im XBN Jamie

  10. I am Freddy G

    Back to IPB :)

    1. Fishfish0001

      Hey! Welcome back!

    2. xCurlyx

      welcome back :)

    3. Planetby

      WB Freddy

    4. Jamie.

      Welcome Back :P

    5. Olivier Turbis

      welcome bakKkk

    6. I am Freddy G

      Thanks everyone it feels good being back!

  11. I am Freddy G

    While It was Fun. Bye IPS and all of its members and contributors!

    1. Gaffney

      what is it ? why are you leaving ?

    2. aeharding

      He's going to the US Air Force! :D

    3. Fishfish0001

      Good luck man :D

    4. DarkGizmo

      Good luck Freddy!

    5. m4ss4

      bb Freddy!

    6. XBN Jamie

      cya Freddy

  12. I am Freddy G

    Current Server Load: 104.56 is this bad?

    1. Collin S.

      I'm not seeing that here, unless you mean on your board?

    2. I am Freddy G

      my board

    3. I am Freddy G

      in the acp support tab

    4. Collin S.

      Is your server able to handle it?

    5. I am Freddy G

      I don't know lol

    6. I am Freddy G

      my site is still up. I have a whopping 4 members online

    7. Alex

      Are you on shared hosting? Could be another site on the server taking up the load.

    8. I am Freddy G

      Grid Hosting

    9. Alex

      I'd speak with your hosting provider if it's worrying you - it's not something we can help with ourselves

    10. I am Freddy G

      Yeah is that extreme? Not worrying me as my site still works

    11. Charles

      That's pretty extreme, yes.

    12. I am Freddy G

      Ok thanks

  13. I am Freddy G

    I love IP.Board Right Now! I can use its nice gui to control my non ipb scripts!

  14. I am Freddy G

    someone please reply to this status

    1. Fishfish0001


    2. DarkGizmo


    3. Fishfish0001


    4. skindev


    5. Francismori7_2


    6. Fishfish0001


    7. I am Freddy G

      lol thanks guys got what i needed (screenshot of popup)

    8. skindev


    9. Massive Dynamics

      No. Oshi-

    10. ᴡᴅツ

      You know....it would be cool to have this status have 1000+ replies. I wonder if it would require pagination implementation.

    11. alex.1096@yahoo.com


    12. Graeme Leighfield

      OH HAI!

  15. I am Freddy G

    Chuck Norris can drop all of his mysql database tables and still don't get a driver error

    1. Fishfish0001

      doesn't* ;)

  16. I am Freddy G

    OUCH Everyone switch language to RTL its weird lol

  17. I am Freddy G

    Upgrading from 3.0.5 - 3.1.2 Today!!

    1. AndyF

      :) , It's very easy I would not expect you to have any issues. Remember you will need to update your skins if you have custom ones, or simply ask the authors for 3.1.x versions :)

  18. I am Freddy G

    Yes I did It! Built my own last.fm plugin http://iamfreddyg.com/lastfm.php

  19. I am Freddy G

    Really? The user_navigation is such a mess. I don't remember the last time i used absoulte positioning.

    1. Lewis P

      Well I use it all the time. It just has to be used properly.

    2. Tom Christian

      What is wrong with absolute positioning :/ ?

    3. I am Freddy G

      I am so used to everything relative.I use floated layouts, and 960 Grid System

    4. Lewis P

      You can use absolute on a floated layout. Just make the parent container relative.

  20. I am Freddy G

    Read a good article about colors in web design. I am going to change my site's color. Having blue is nice but too much blue is depressing.

  21. I am Freddy G

    Stupid CSS Floats, getting me mad almost want to abandon the skin project

    1. .Brian

      What are you having a problem with?

    2. I am Freddy G


  22. I am Freddy G

    So I am going to resurrect that old skin I was working on. Going to name it The Super Mega Awesome Art + Music Center

  23. I am Freddy G

    umm feel dumb. Posted a ticket lol