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  1. MissNinja

    Anyone else having trouble moderating posts and topics after upgrading?

    1. MissNinja

      I submitted a ticket, but I was just wondering if anyone else was having a problem too.

  2. MissNinja

    Had a LOT of fun for Halloween... I'm the Joker! http://bit.ly/cHQX7l

    1. MissNinja

      Makeup for both was done by me.

    2. Matt

      Wow, that's amazing! Can you do mine next year?

    3. media

      WOW!Nice... :)

    4. Amy T

      wow you did a really amazing job.

  3. MissNinja

    IPC has been fantastic for my site! We've been doing so well since adding it! http://thekingdomkey.net

    1. Glumbo

      I really like your design

    2. MissNinja

      Thank you! :)

    3. AlexJ

      Code me one! :D

    4. .Peter

      Whoa SLICK!

  4. MissNinja

    Can't wait for IPC 2.1!

  5. MissNinja

    I hate when school rolls around and activity starts to decrease on my board! It should be summer all the time!

    1. AnthonyKinson

      Then you would have a board filled with not very clever people :P

    2. tormodg

      We have it the other way - summer's quiet, then it picks up as people need help with their school projects.

    3. bfarber

      I have 3 kids. It most definitely should NOT be summer all the time. School hours are peace and quiet time.

    4. skinbydragonfly

      I would have thought Summer would be quiet with kids doing fun outdoor stuff... Oh wait, that was when I was a kid >_<

  6. MissNinja

    is quite disappointed to learn that Coppermine Photo Gallery has no support for IPB3, and doesn't have enough money for IP.Gallery. :(