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  1. Ditchmonkey added a post in a topic: Framework – a slick theme for content professionals   

    I tried to submit a ticket to get a preview and no luck. Too bad - so much potential here.
  2. Ditchmonkey added a post in a topic: Framework – a slick theme for content professionals   

    I'd love to see some sites that are using this.
  3. Ditchmonkey added a post in a topic: Is There an IPB Theme that Lets You Make Threads Look More Like Articles?   

    4.0 does this? Can you point out where that was announced?
  4. Ditchmonkey added a post in a topic: Which forum software?   

    Where IPB mercilessly manhandles its competitors is in the suite. Integrated blog, gallery, etc are way better than a forum with third part apps. Finally, IP.content is a fantastic application that nobody else offers. If you want a site that engages community around content then IPB is a no-brainer. If you just want a forum then I don't think it's going to matter much which one you choose between IPB and Xenforo.
  5. Ditchmonkey added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    I put a lot of work into creating plugins for Vanilla 2.1 because I thought a final 2.1 release was imminent. That was in the Fall of 2012. Vanilla 2.1 is still not final and there is no indication that it ever will be at this point. Myself and many of the serious devs that were working with Vanilla at the time have given up on the product. Point is that for customers and devs, communication about the progress of an upcoming product release is essential to keep people integrated into the community and process. Let's hope there is news soon.
  6. Ditchmonkey added a post in a topic: Cloud product inquiry   

    Does the cloud hosting support email accounts?
  7. Ditchmonkey added a post in a topic: Cloud product inquiry   

    #3 was mostly related to #1 but since the answer to 1 was false it's not so relevant. Thanks for the answers.
  8. Ditchmonkey added a post in a topic: Cloud product inquiry   

    I have a client on Vbulletin that I would like to move to IPB. I think the cloud product might be a good fit but wanted to clarify a few points:
    1. I am under the assumption that the cloud product gets it's version updated automatically. Is this true?
    2. If #1 is true, what happens to plugins and addons that don't work anymore once the core software is updated? It seems that automatic updates create a very difficult environment for supporting third party add-ons. How is this managed?
    3, What would be the best approach to get my client on the cloud product with compatibility in mind for the update cycle? He needs the following functionality:
    Core products
    a. forum
    b. gallery
    c. blog
    Third party addons (or maybe best in IPcontent?)
    a. Link directory
    b. portal page
    c. banner ad management.
    To summarize, the essence of my question is what is the best way get this site up and running with the cloud service so that it is compatible with the upgrade cycle?
    4. What backups are available with the cloud product and how are they accessed?

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Goldman Sachs is on track to make the biggest bonus payouts in the company's 140-year history — according to a report in the British newspaper 'The Guardian'. Goldman staff in London were reportedly told that they could expect record bonuses if the company — as predicted — has its most profitable year ever.

The investment bank's earnings are up for several reasons — including a lack of competition, along with increased revenue from trading foreign currency, bonds and fixed income products.

Just last week Goldman Sachs repaid the government the $10 billion in TARP money it had received — which would leave it free to do whatever it wants. Yet the company is denying these reports about record bonuses, calling them "pure speculation." They say they won't know what bonuses will be until the end of December.

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    3.1: codename Facetwit

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    Your mom called. She wants her 3.1 back.

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    I don't podcast, but I still like the concept you have presented.

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