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  1. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: How to add announcements?   

    Moderator CP > Announcements > Add Announcement.
  2. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: I Need help with a problem on my site.   

    Most staff members won't help with mods.  They're technically only supported by their authors. Generally though, some of us know a bit about the errors, and can help out if you give us the chance.
  3. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: Why is the quote like that ?   

    The problem is in your .citation in your CSS.
    .citation { text-align: center; padding: 1em; color: #000; height: auto; margin: 0 auto; margin-top: 120px; width: 87% !important; min-width: 960px; padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px; padding-bottom: 10px; background: rgba(255,255,255,0.9); -moz-border-radius: 15px 15px 0px 0px; -webkit-border-radius: 15px 0px 15px 0px; border-radius: 15px 15px 0px 0px; Notice that margin-top at 120px? That would be your gap. Delete that line, the gap goes away. As for the Citation top "maintitle" piece, that would be because of another property, width=87%, which was also in your .citation CSS. Notice the !important after it, it means its confining that piece to the 87% of your board width. Erase these 2 lines and it should clear up these issues.
  4. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: Simple questions...   

    1. I'm not sure.
    2. This may be possible using CSS within the article manager itself. You are able to add raw html into the Templates that can then display articles in whatever configuration you so desire. However, I have limited experience with IP.Content, as I just use it as a Wiki of sorts.
    Hope that helps, and yes you can use the same topic for other questions as far as I'm aware.
  5. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: So is 4.0 able to be purchased yet?   

    The Beta isn't available yet, only a preview site. That being said, expect a few months before beta, then a few months more for final release.
  6. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: Question about Features & Setup Options   

    1. Yes, you can set a mode that requires log in.
    2. Yes, but this option may blacklist your server if it sends too many emails in a given time frame.
    3. Yes.
    4. Yes, this is an option when creating forums.
    5. Yes, this option is given upon creating a new topic.
    6. I am uncertain, but this could be setup in cPanel pretty easily.
  7. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: I have a OP Question   

    You will be able to import your IPB 3.4 data into the IPB 4.0 software. However, any mods and skins that you install on your 3.4 board will be overwritten and will not work once your board updates to IPB 4.0. Just as well, you and your partner can host your own server for IPB, just as anyone with a license is able to obtain any server hosting environment, including IPS competitors. This means that you will get IPS support on your own server, should you require their support and provide them with data to log onto your server, they will be able to support any of their products on your server, so there should be no problem with self-hosting an IPS product.
  8. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: Anti duplicate posts?   

    This isn't "spam" in the classic sense, it is a bug with what I believe is the software itself. If you rapidly tap the "Send" key, it'll send more than one copy of the message.
    Edit: I did just test this, but this appears to not be the case. I remember in 3.4.1 it could be done, must've been fixed.
  9. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: Homepage Active Link   

    Hi all,
    Having issues on my home page getting the link in my menu to realize that it is the active link at that point. Tried setting it in ACP>General Config>Homepage Info and as a Menu item in IP.Content. None of these two makes the link active when on the home page, but both work when linking to an item on the forums (Our Rules topic). Any thoughts on how to force this link to show as a:active?
  10. Lord Nowe added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - IPS Connect   

    So, a question then with the way this works. Say I have domain.com, and on domain.com I want to use something.domain.com as the content and somethingelse.domain.com as a different content (essentially, 2 "installations" of content connected through IPS Connect and the Core). Would I need 1 license or 2? IE: I don't want articles on something.domain.com to appear on somethingelse.domain.com and vice-versa, but they're on the same domain/server.
  11. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: Hosting Size   

    You may require a VPN by that point, possibly even your own servers.
  12. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: Removing "Thanks..." Redirects   

    I have no such option.


  13. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: Removing "Thanks..." Redirects   

    Hello all,
    I'm pulling my hair out trying to find this setting for IP.Content/IP.Board. It use to be in ACP>System Settings>Server Environment, but doesn't appear to be there anymore. Any guesses as to where it's been moved, or how to disable these pages?
  14. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: Upgrading from ZetaBoards so im a noob. Sorry   

    1. Very easy. The 3.x series ACP is extremely easy to use, and all of the settings are located in one place, making it very efficient. The setup of the ACP is very nice. Just as well, IPS will install your board to your host if you request them to do it - FOR FREE.
    2. That is correct. You have a "lifetime license" if you purchase a license. Meaning you can use the software forever, even if you don't pay for upgrades. If you let upgrades lapse, you can always renew later by contacting Sales or by clicking "Renew" in the client area later on.
    3. I am not quite sure, and will let a staff member answer this.
    4. Pretty easy. If you've given your CPanel/FTP details to IPS, they can do it, or you can download the new files and overwrite your old files, then use the automatic upgrader (Don't forget to turn your board OFFLINE before doing this).
    5. In about 24 hours, because of their fraud review system. Generally it is much shorter than this, but being near Christmas and all, I'm not sure.
  15. Lord Nowe added a post in a topic: Fading Div   

    This can be closed.

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