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  1. _Mark_ added a comment: View New Content - not displaying new content even when new replies have been posted.   

    Yeh, I've had it check itself twice now (when I know I didn't click on it) and I've had people report it to me on my forum as well.
  2. _Mark_ added a comment: [Bug] Uploaded by <-- not showing member name   

    I did notice that some of the images did upload to my username like this one:


    Even though they were all uploaded at the same time!
    Not had this happen that I have noticed with the thousands of images I have previously uploaded, only difference I can see this time is that others were uploading to the same album at the same time as me.
  3. _Mark_ added a comment: [Bug] Uploaded by <-- not showing member name   

    That said I do sometimes get the following emails come through (not sure if its related), although not in this upload case so maybe something else is generating them like the actual forum.


    Dear admin,

    An error has been generated on your forums. You are being sent this notification based on your error log notification settings in the Admin Control Panel. This error meets the criteria for errors that you have set to be notified about.

    The error code is: 3033
    The error message is: We could not determine which topic you were attempting to moderate.
    The user who saw this error is: Guest
    The IP address of this user is:

    Please login to your Admin Control Panel to use the error log viewer tool for further information.

  4. _Mark_ added a comment: [Bug] Uploaded by <-- not showing member name   

    Same issue for me, I was logged in but still all my images I uploaded are listed as guest.

  5. _Mark_ added a comment: Image/Album subscriptions/favs problem   

    Ok, so just applied 4.0.3 to live as a test and then 4.0.4 and that worked, so anyone with this problem can use that as a work around for now hopefully!
  6. _Mark_ added a comment: Image/Album subscriptions/favs problem   

    Same here, test site (old copy of live database) upgraded fine, tried it on live (same server) and its just looping.

    Is there a way to get past this if I raise a ticket or do I need to wait for a fix?

    The only difference between the live and test sites was that I had already upgraded test to 4.03 and just never got round to migrating that to live so it only had to just one upgrade release where as live is jumping two.

  7. _Mark_ added a comment: Issue with upgrade   

    I have a similar problem with the same error:

    I have it installed on my test board ok but when I run the command line to rebuild the images I get:

    Welcome to the IP.Gallery Rebuild Tool

    [0] Rebuild All Albums Node Data (Node level, left and right indexes)
    [1] Rebuild Album Data (Cover image, comment counts, etc)
    [2] Rebuild Album Permissions (Ensures inherited permissions are OK)
    [3] Rebuild Image File Data (Thumbnail images, etc)
    [4] Rebuild Image SEO Data
    Enter Choice: 3

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method classImageImagemagick::croppedResize() in /home/mlocipb/public_html/dev/forum/admin/applications_addon/ips/gallery/sources/classes/gallery/image.php on line 1837

    but if I do a:

    whereis convert

    Then it is listed as:

    convert: /usr/bin/convert /usr/share/man/man1/convert.1.gz

    Which is the correct path i have entered in the gallery settings.
  8. _Mark_ added a comment: Facebook skin registration problem   

    Ok let me know if you want to log into my test site to reproduce it as I can do so.
  9. _Mark_ added a record in IP.Board   

    Facebook skin registration problem
    As per this thread there seems to be a problem with using custom fields with the Facebook connect registration page. Occurs on standard IPB skins as well.

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