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In the process of switching my former vBulletin site over to IPB!

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    @BGarcia how many revisions? any portfolio?

  2. Xtr3me » ApertureForums

    Yeh, Ive seen a good amount of demo sites now and checked out what Calypso is up to for points mods and also gone over to IB pro Arcade who are working on an Arcade version which will work with 3.0 - The battle mod system might also be coming along with the casino, which can be merged with Calypsos points mod and make the forum pretty fun to be on, as I run a gaming community. :)

  3. ApertureForums » Xtr3me

    You'll love it once you've bought IPB!

  4. ApertureForums » DarkGizmo

    Good just out making some new friends!

  5. DarkGizmo » ApertureForums


  6. ApertureForums » DarkGizmo

    Hey DarkGizmo how's it going today!

  7. ApertureForums » stoo2000

    Great work on the sitemap works perfect!