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  1. ApertureForums added a comment on a blog entry: CleanCut Skin Beta   

    the blogs logo looks absolutely horrible.
  2. ApertureForums added a record in IP.Content   

    Customized fURL and site root redirect problem
    I'm not sure if this is a bug in IP.CCS or IP.Board but here goes.

    I have a modified admin/applications/forums/extensions/furlTemplates.php file with the relevant section of code for it looks like
    $_SEOTEMPLATES = array(

    'showannouncement' => array( 'app' => 'forums',
    'allowRedirect' => 1,
    'out' => array( '#showannouncement=(.+?)((?:&|&)f=(.+?))?(&|$)#i', 'forum-$3/announcement-$1-#{__title__}/$4' ),
    'in' => array( 'regex' => "#/forum-(\d+?)?/announcement-(\d+?)-#i",
    'matches' => array( array( 'showannouncement', '$2' ), array( 'f', '$1' ) ) ) ),

    'showforum' => array( 'app' => 'forums',
    'allowRedirect' => 1,
    'out' => array( '#showforum=(.+?)(&|$)#i', 'forum/$1-#{__title__}/$2' ),
    'in' => array( 'regex' => "#/forum/(\d+?)-#i",
    'matches' => array( array( 'showforum', '$1' ) ) ) ),

    'showtopic' => array( 'app' => 'forums',
    'allowRedirect' => 1,
    'out' => array( '#showtopic=(.+?)(&|$)#i', '$1-#{__title__}/$2' ),
    'in' => array( 'regex' => "#/(\d+?)-#i",
    'matches' => array( array( 'showtopic', '$1' ) ) ) ),

    'act=idx' => array( 'app' => 'forums',
    'allowRedirect' => 0,
    'out' => array( '#act=idx(&|$)#i', '' ),
    'in' => array( 'regex' => "#/$#i",
    'matches' => array( array( 'act', 'idx' ) ) ) ),

    This simply removes the /index from trailing the uRL (and customizes the threads but thats a non-issue here imo)

    Next I have my forums at http://forums.domain.com and the root of the site is at http://domain.com where CCS should load from however when the above furlTemplate file is in use, and i try to go to http://domain.com it loads the forum index (it doesn't redirect, it simply loads the forum index)

    Everything else appears to work just fine though. I can view CCS pages without a problem, and view forum content without a problem
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  3. ApertureForums added a comment: Code in bbcode page (and likely block) not formatting correctly   


    Just wondering if its an easy fix, or if its effected by multiple files/code edits?
  4. ApertureForums added a comment: Color BB Code   

    Its bad coding to close the tags in a different order than they are opened in and it will render like that in lots of browsers just because the way HTML/CSS works.
  5. ApertureForums added a comment: Color BB Code   

    the problem is with

    Its stopping the color before any content is actually in it.
    I just tried replicating this problem on my live site and test install, and couldn't find anything wrong with the color bbCode tags
  6. ApertureForums added a comment on a blog entry: CCS Pricing   

    How long is this discounted price going to be around?
  7. ApertureForums added a record in IP.Board   

    Bulk Mail Can't find users
    Just did an import from vBulletin into IPB 3, and am trying to email users to let them know the forum has re-opened. However, when I go through the "Bulk Mail" process, it won't send the mail and always comes back with no users found.

    I try to send to all groups, or just one group with the criteria set to 0 posts or more, or 500 posts or less, and neither works.

    No matter what criteria I use, and no matter if I do more than, or less than, nothing will send an email.
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  8. ApertureForums added a record in IP.Board   

    Custom Profile Layout Problem
    Just converted from vBulletin and on a new install and am having a problem with profile layout.

    You can view the profile directly here: (http://www.nintendoforums.net/community/user/1-dave/) and where the custom profile fields are located.
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