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  1. tranceandy » AndyF

    It would be a wopping posts per day stat wouldn't it! LOL
    All explained in :)

  2. AndyF » tranceandy

    Andy wonders how you have over 8K posts with a month old account (assuming it was merged with another one, or you post a LOT) :D

  3. tranceandy » IBSkin

    The pot roast sounds delicious!
    Looking forward to seeing the new premium skin release, I am sure it'll be awesome like the others :D

  4. tranceandy » Midnightmadness

    Midnightmadness Should not have eaten that bean burito at Taco Bell last night.
    Feeling rough? :P

  5. tranceandy » texterted

    Congrats! You won't look back :D

  6. tranceandy » IBSkin

    Thanks for the lovely welcome back Sherri. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Keep up the excellent work with the amazing skins you produce, truly wonderful!

  7. IBSkin » tranceandy

    Just stoppin' in to say hi and WELCOME BACK! I hope you're return is a happy one. -Hugs

  8. tranceandy » Matt

    Get to sleep! :P

  9. tranceandy » Wolf

    Wolf <3s the new stats hook!
    It's pretty awesome, like a mini shoutbox :D

  10. tranceandy » CTerry

    Well you look very dapper!

  11. CTerry » tranceandy

    Sometimes I just like to feel snazzy :(

  12. tranceandy » CTerry

    Some special occasion that you would like to share Chris?

  13. CTerry » tranceandy

    Yes that is it, in a suit. It is very special.

  14. tranceandy » CTerry

    OMG Look at you in a suit! :D

  15. tranceandy » Rikki

    Well done on the website Rikki :D

  16. Millar » tranceandy

    Bet you're glad the account isn't deleted. :p