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  1. Darkpony added a post in a topic: Feature Request   

    This is a pretty good idea.
  2. Darkpony added a comment: Show source in RTE shows HTML   


    Please tell me you're talking about v2.3 all this time!
  3. Darkpony added a comment: Sessions table not pruning   

    Seems pruning does not take into consideration the Session Expiration time specified in ACP

    Tools & Settings -> System Settings -> System -> Security and Privacy -> Session Expiration (in seconds)

    [b][i]Removes inactive sessions over the limit you specify. The lower the number the less chance of a session being hijacked.[/i][/b]

    In the DB --> sessions table, we have many old entries. Taking into consideration that the "Running Time" field shows us seconds, we can cleary see sessions that are far beyond this number.

    The pruning is supposed to do something like that

    if current_time - session_time > 3600 (or whatever the value you specify)
    remove session from the sessions table

    But it doesn't...
  4. Darkpony added a comment: RTE Editor: Possible Bug?   

    Of course it is a bug. I am just giving you a temp solution.

    Ideally when you disable RTE in ACP for all users, the system should update the members database table and change all rte occurrences to std. It doesn't. And leave a flag, for those who prefer RTE, so if the option made available by the admins, the users that preferred RTE in the first place, will be automatically have this option selected.
  5. Darkpony added a comment: Forum Led by on Main Index   

    Showing the mods per forum on the main page would be a nice "optional" feature..
  6. Darkpony added a comment: Some greek characters post in status like this : �   

    It seems it is a general problem, not just with some Greek characters (mainly Π and έ). Other forums have problems with single and double quotes..

    All things point it is a problem with IPB. We hope it is fixed on v3.0.1
  7. Darkpony added a comment: RTE Editor: Possible Bug?   

    Do you have the RTE option enabled in ACP?

    What happens I think is that the RTE option was "On", some members did select the RTE in their profile settings... but then you reverted to STD. This happens to ALL members that had selected the RTE option but now your ACP settings do not allow it...

    We had similar problems and what I did was disallow the RTE in ACP and then changed the member_editor field in the member database for all member that had RTE from "rte" to "std". This way I reverted ALL members to STD, which seems it works fine and does not produce such problems.

    Hope it helps
  8. Darkpony added a comment: Sessions table not pruning   

    Any quicker updates on that? Fixed on 3.0.1 is nice.. but 3.0.1 is not available, and we don't know when it will be.

  9. Darkpony added a comment: Memory leak   

    I think it might worth looking into your cookie settings... and the sessions table in your database...

    If there are problems there e.g. sessions not pruning you might get all sorts of problems and php memory exhaustion is one of them.
  10. Darkpony added a comment: Cookie Problems   

    Did you set the cookies in the ACP section?

    If you have all the field empty there or if you set it up in a wrong way, you'll have all sorts of problems.

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