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  1. ChrisJB

    Notifications working ?????

  2. ChrisJB

    Loving the latest upgrade guys!

    1. ChrisJB

      Comment reply

  3. ChrisJB

    Please comment on my status, want to see If the notification pop up has changed ??

    1. IP.iBaLLiN


    2. ChrisJB

      Didn't even get one, cool! ha

    3. SkimPappa

      I really don't want to comment on your status, please don't make me

  4. ChrisJB

    Why you buy a licence it is for 1 year isnt it???

    1. AnthonyKinson

      you get 6 months software upgrades/support then its $25 for an additional 6 months after that

    2. .Ian

      However the licence is for life. :)

    3. ChrisJB

      Strange it says on my licence. IP.Board: Standard License Purchased: 1 Jul 2009; Renewal: 2 Jul 2010

      Although I dont have access to parts of the site I should have???

    4. AnthonyKinson

      you have to login to the forums with your client area details dude (i think) i think when i linked mine there was an actual option to link the account or something.

    5. ChrisJB

      I have done it worked a while back, ive submitted a ticket will wait till they reply. Bonus if my Licence is still valid which it should be.

  5. ChrisJB

    Reply to my status!

    1. IBSkin

      Reply! =0)

    2. ChrisJB

      Thanks Evaenscense, not sure on that big massive notification box popping up

    3. Brett B


  6. ChrisJB

    New FREE skin in the Skin Support section.