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  1. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: [Page] Menu tab don't show existing tab   

    ​A lot of core features have been remove with IPB 4.0, they did say that they be adding feature back in the next release as IPB 4.0 is going to be release soon. Keep posting what you want to see so they can add it back to the features list.
  2. ZakRhyno added an answer to a question: Communications Tools   

    ​Why not use IP.Chat with in the system?
  3. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Where is the members list ?   

    I would agree here having more and expand on how to make it better is something I would like to see. Totally just getting rid of it and not really thinking it through may be a problem. May user whom have voice there thoughts here so far have more in favor of getting rid of it. But, why? Just to be clicking on people to view content are randomly trying to find someone? No, I think a better way to look at it, is to see how one can improve it in way so that it not just the old way just viewing user and expand it to help others find someone. Another way one can think of is I'm looking for some user and I have an idea on how to spell there name. A search will only get me close to find the user than listing it. In a list I know what I'm looking for when I see it not just how it spell so that another thought.​
  4. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: IPB Gallery 5   

    ​In Gallery 3 it was great than they over strip it all back in Gallery 4, than in Gallery 5 it looks still to plan. That why I was asking as I don't want to go back in time with feature that work before to something to basic. That why I asking for any details to changes they done as I don't know what has change.
  5. ZakRhyno added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Email From Follwers - Post In A Thread?
    I keep getting emails from the IPB 4.0 system that I follow someone and than they post something and I get an email. I have not follower any user. When I go look on the forums it says that I do follower user xyz than I have to unfollow them to stop getting emails.
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  6. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: IPB Gallery 5   

    I have been looking over the changes from IPB 3.0 to IPB 4.0, but I haven't seen much feature changes to gallery. I wanted to write up here if there are any major changes that can be highlighted as it a major feature of what I use IPB for.
  7. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: 4.0 has less options than 3.4.x?   

    ​Why not just make it for Mods and Admins only access and not basic users?
  8. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Tracker in 4.0   

  9. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: IP.Tracker question   

    ​IP.Content IS IP.Pages they change the name for 4.0, to why they did that it makes no sense as it very confusing and could have name it better.
  10. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: How To Emulate The Bug Tracker?   

    PB can could just export the database and code and add it as a free download to the Marketplace.
  11. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    ​Would it not be better to show more images and not the text with images when looking only for pictures?
  12. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: IPS4 Documentation - Ready When Release?   

    ​I would have to agree with you in some of these matters. The experiences I have had as well reflect the same of the things you stated and I hope they change for the better as well as it be sooner than later. May aspects is more gear for people whom know the code base and a know what they are doing. If it was more focus on the part of the community to get them in to the door per say in the make of developing skins are even hooks to start at on. They can offer that via the Marketplace and get more files out and there cut of it as well.
    With a rewrite of the code base they did need to bring the system more current and how they explain how the back end work more it seems that things can be more flexible. With that in mind the first version we all know is going to need some more features and wants as the community are going to have this option in and all. But with everything we just wait in see. I would hope a staff member would comment on this. I know they can't comment on every post they may read but a quick reply won't hurt either. I would think this somewhat of an important subject as it to be concern and linked to Community Suite 4.0
  13. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: IPS4 Documentation - Ready When Release?   

    The reason I ask other than what I stated above is, if I have a issue I can try to correct it myself and not to have an open ticket and wait. Yes, I have an open ticket and it be all fine and all. But if its something simple an weird error code will not tell me, but how it's define will if it over my head are not. That part helps a bunch.
    ​Hey give positive comments, telling them xyz sucks and such don't help the issue. They have said in the pass around IPB 4.0 started that they would do a better job of putting out better and quicker documentations. I think they are current working on bugs and such and working on other things as well that they haven't had a chance to shine. I say after it been release and nothing bares fruit than you can start calling and ringing bells. Give them a chance make good on there word before blowing them down. Also telling them why you want it will helps to show that this is important to their customers.
    ​We just have to wait and see if an IPB staff replays at this point.
  14. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: IPS4 Documentation - Ready When Release?   

    Will the IPS4 Documentation be fully updated and release with the release of IPB 4.0? I ask this because in the pass versions of the documentation was always lacking behind the main release if not a few weeks but a few months. I just like to be transparent on everything as I recall it being said in a post a while back that the information would be up to date.
  15. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Where Gallery SHARE links???   

    It right below the names Facebook, Twitter, etc. BBCode was replaced in this 4.0 Version I believe. The reason was that the code was old. The system is pretty smart now and you just have to put say @TVplaneta and it will see you.

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