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  1. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Bought Landing Page?   

    I'm not saying to take it away I'm saying add a button on the Markplace to get there quickly with out going through menus to get there.
  2. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Bought Landing Page?   

    Ya you getting the idea I'm trying to get across.
  3. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Bought Landing Page?   

    Maybe a quick button from the landing page would help, than double clicking. 
  4. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Bought Landing Page?   

    I think the page needs to be easy accessible from the front landing landing page of the files as well as a quick way download the files. I have to click on the page and than on my back button to get back to the page you given me @AndyF  maybe download button on that page would be great as well.
  5. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Bought Landing Page?   

    Something like that ya, how did you access that page?
  6. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Bought Landing Page?   

    If I go to Marketplace there is no quick access to information of what I bought, how many days I have left, am I'm for renew. Were can I download it quickly at and all. I have to search for the product again and than download after I go in to it. Would't it be better to have a quick front end link to all the information about what a user just bought for themselves and make it much easy for people to access there files and such? If there is a way it may be a good to bring it to the front end so I user can just click on it and go to where they need to go. A easy interface page with the information the buyer wants to know and not have to search.

  7. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Image setting options are TOO minimal.   

    We will have to wait till 4.1 as it is "feature lock" and the won't be doing much till the next release.
  8. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: IP.Nexus 4.0 | IP.Board 4.0 - Contact Us Form   

    I recall seeing that new contact forms could be made with in 4.0, can I just make another forms and tell it to post to xyz forum/email or other place so that Nexus won't interfere with it? Are by default any form that is made Nexus will take over it. If that is so, what options can I have to do the same thing with forms but not allow Nexus to take control over it? Would a hook work or would it have to be a mod?
  9. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: More Info on IP.Pages ?   

    ​That a new one for me and the first I heard of this. What are "hot zones" is that what IPB is calling a function or feature?
  10. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: RC6 details?   

    ​Not sure, I didn't edit you out or anything.
  11. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: RC6 details?   

    ​Sounds cool.
  12. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!   

    Can't one just say in a simple script this site uses cookies and if you continue or say yes button you give the okay.
  13. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: IPS4 Documentation - Ready When Release?   

    Thanks for replying quickly @Charlie , the biggest things I always have problems was with IP.Content 4|Pages as I would like to start building on things and like to read about items and such before it comes out. IP.Nexus 4.0|Commerce as these will be main products I be using the most and many others. After that I would say Gallery as my community uses that system a lot and would like to see what major changes were made to it.  Overal
  14. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Gallery Index   

    ​What happens if I want to see everything by user X and from the Gallery side I would than try to find them in a ABC style way than to go to there profile page.
  15. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Support Team   

    ​I did a follow up here @Charlie .


Status Feed

  1. ZakRhyno

    Testing IPB 4.0

  2. ZakRhyno

    Loving IPS 4.0

  3. ZakRhyno

    Fri..which it was ending and not starting...

  4. ZakRhyno

    IPC is still giving me a head ach. Simple to use? Only if you really understand on how to use it. Even the documents need works explain it to more simple terms.

    1. Saurabh Jain

      Its almost an year when I took it .. still unable to make out of it.. it needs real understanding and time..

    2. ZakRhyno

      Hope the next upgrade will be more user friendly.

    3. .Peter

      Well and Charles mentioned they were re-writing a lot of the help docs

  5. ZakRhyno

    It's raining like cats and dogs here.

    1. Olivier Turbis

      so it's not raining?

  6. ZakRhyno

    What the last release for the year? :D

    1. AndyF

      I hope its IP.Sleep™ :)

    2. CheersnGears

      I really want IP.Gallery

  7. ZakRhyno

    Merry Christmas!

  8. ZakRhyno

    What is todays release? :D

    1. joelle

      first, bugs need to be fixed. ;)

    2. ZakRhyno

      Nope looks like IP.Chat 2.0 :D

  9. ZakRhyno

    More snow....

  10. ZakRhyno

    What could today's release be? :D

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    2. Sledgemoto


    3. Breadfan


    4. Wolfie

      What did you think it was gonna be? Nexus 1.1?

  11. ZakRhyno

    Where can you find IP. Links help thread at now?

    1. Alex

      It's no longer IP.Links, but it's here.

  12. ZakRhyno

    Where did IP. Links gone to?

    1. Herofiles ★

      Under: IPB Marketplace:

    2. Martin A.

      Think he's wondering where the download for it is.

  13. ZakRhyno

    Not really, it was gallery for me :P

  14. ZakRhyno

    Gallery, please :D

    1. stoo2000


  15. ZakRhyno

    Gallery? :D

  16. ZakRhyno » Wrangler

    Remember me?

  17. ZakRhyno

    is SO waiting for 3.1 to come out.