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  1. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Save IP.Gallery in IPS 4.0!   

    This is a pretty good idea.
  2. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Social login   

    For me if you buy the package and host it yourself you can use your own SSL. Are you speaking when you say 100 package?
  3. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: IPS 4 Question   

    Intill they say the End of Life support on IPB 3.X.X it still supported. They usually say that in the announcements area so they most likely will address that when IPB 4.X.X comes out. I say sit back and wait till they do the hard core release of software and if you don't see it than ask. Mostly likely they will say something about it when it comes to life as they did in the past blog posting.
  4. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: 4.0.1!!!   

    ​Sometimes one wants to them all and not a focus one type of bug, no?
  5. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Are web forums in general on the way out?   

    ​But when you look at it they basically are the same just like friends and followers but they have there own niche. They also work the same as well.
  6. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: 4.0.1!!!   

    ​I don't think there been a "official" release yet.
  7. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: When will it be possible to buy IPS 4 (without Forum)?   

    You can buy different parts but you will need IP_Board and the Core.
  8. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: How To Emulate The Bug Tracker?   

    ​The way the world is now, it harder to fish. If we look at what is up for docs, one can see that there close to nothing for IP.Content right now. So other than just trying and doing that cause problems and turns people away. But having source materials to learn from and with helps. So this would run the lines of you telling me to fish but it take longer for me to fish without people telling how to do it and I die because I couldn't do it and I didn't learn fast to get it done. Yes one can ask the boards but many a times code assistant/learning goes unheard in the forums.
  9. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: What kind of Internet connection you have?   

    $15.00 dollars a month.

  10. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: [BUG] If you set a filter which returns no posts, the filter button disappears   

    This needs to be put in the bug area and not basic feedback as this bug area is for. You can access the Bug Tracker at the top and go to IPS4 Resources --> Bug Tracker.
  11. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Auto Fill Copyright , Added Please?   

    It just makes sense.
  12. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery: Sub-Albums   

    ​But IPB could support nested albums and let the Admin choose what that want no? Current your focusing it for us, why not allow us to choose what we want and just support the need for it? Where not looking at Facebook or Google Images for our websites. @bfarber
  13. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Auto Fill Copyright , Added Please?   

    The problem with the gallery is that if I upload all my images say like 200 or whatever amount the a auto fill button that will put the users name in the first Copyright box and than send it down to all of them would be a quick thing to add. Other than just typing out the name of the Copyright for over 200 image at once is a little crazy. Could you please add a auto fill option?
  14. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Development Section   

    ​Where can one fine the Dev Code as?
  15. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Bring back the Upload permission per forum!   

    It makes sense, unless they found a way to do it this way.

Status Feed

  1. ZakRhyno

    Testing IPB 4.0

  2. ZakRhyno

    Loving IPS 4.0

  3. ZakRhyno

    Fri..which it was ending and not starting...

  4. ZakRhyno

    IPC is still giving me a head ach. Simple to use? Only if you really understand on how to use it. Even the documents need works explain it to more simple terms.

    1. Saurabh Jain

      Its almost an year when I took it .. still unable to make out of it.. it needs real understanding and time..

    2. ZakRhyno

      Hope the next upgrade will be more user friendly.

    3. .Peter

      Well and Charles mentioned they were re-writing a lot of the help docs

  5. ZakRhyno

    It's raining like cats and dogs here.

    1. Olivier Turbis

      so it's not raining?

  6. ZakRhyno

    What the last release for the year? :D

    1. AndyF

      I hope its IP.Sleep™ :)

    2. CheersnGears

      I really want IP.Gallery

  7. ZakRhyno

    Merry Christmas!

  8. ZakRhyno

    What is todays release? :D

    1. joelle

      first, bugs need to be fixed. ;)

    2. ZakRhyno

      Nope looks like IP.Chat 2.0 :D

  9. ZakRhyno

    More snow....

  10. ZakRhyno

    What could today's release be? :D

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    2. ørret

      I bet bugfix. zZz :P

    3. .Ian

      I reckon IP.Content 2.1.2 :)

    4. Sledgemoto


  11. ZakRhyno

    Where can you find IP. Links help thread at now?

    1. Alex

      It's no longer IP.Links, but it's here.

  12. ZakRhyno

    Where did IP. Links gone to?

    1. Herofiles ★

      Under: IPB Marketplace:

    2. Martin A.

      Think he's wondering where the download for it is.

  13. ZakRhyno

    Not really, it was gallery for me :P

  14. ZakRhyno

    Gallery, please :D

    1. stoo2000


  15. ZakRhyno

    Gallery? :D

  16. ZakRhyno » Wrangler

    Remember me?

  17. ZakRhyno

    is SO waiting for 3.1 to come out.