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  1. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Where is the members list ?   

    ​Just keeping it in would be better. xD
  2. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Where is the members list ?   

    ​Can't you just use some of the old code to apply it to the the current suite and some change to it as well?  Also maybe having double columns may help as well.
  3. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Error codes   

    Hope this helps.

  4. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: [Missing] Ability to limit topic title length   

    ​I can see that. They why not just add the option back to the ACP and let the wwners choose how they like to approach it and not make it a define this way or the highway?
  5. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: [Missing] Ability to limit topic title length   

    ​Why not just limited to forums only  and not suite wide?
  6. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Maintaining theme and other code when updating   

    I would open up a bug report and link to this post as well.
  7. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Followers notification X real followed 'content' notification   

    ​Even if it turns off current they no longer friends. They are followers. Friends people you like to know and read about, follower are people you enjoy some of there content and like to read more on them I think keeping friends and followers not all in one is a better idea. I say put the system back the way it was as more data needs to be talk about on the subject more. I current enjoy the old way of how it was done and not this new system. Nobody is a friend just a follower and the terms even give off a non-personal feel to it even by social points. Owners of IPB want to have a community not a working place, I think that is the different, working environment it will would work but where trying to be more of social one. Which I think that most of the board software was mostly pointed to. I think we should up more of the social parts to IPB 4.0.
  8. ZakRhyno added a comment: Email From Follwers - Post In A Thread?   

    I didn't friend or follower the users in question. They just started to be followed. Thus just started and the converted was when the board was upgraded no?
  9. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: [Page] Menu tab don't show existing tab   

    ​A lot of core features have been remove with IPB 4.0, they did say that they be adding feature back in the next release as IPB 4.0 is going to be release soon. Keep posting what you want to see so they can add it back to the features list.
  10. ZakRhyno added an answer to a question: Communications Tools   

    ​Why not use IP.Chat with in the system?
  11. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: Where is the members list ?   

    I would agree here having more and expand on how to make it better is something I would like to see. Totally just getting rid of it and not really thinking it through may be a problem. May user whom have voice there thoughts here so far have more in favor of getting rid of it. But, why? Just to be clicking on people to view content are randomly trying to find someone? No, I think a better way to look at it, is to see how one can improve it in way so that it not just the old way just viewing user and expand it to help others find someone. Another way one can think of is I'm looking for some user and I have an idea on how to spell there name. A search will only get me close to find the user than listing it. In a list I know what I'm looking for when I see it not just how it spell so that another thought.​
  12. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: IPB Gallery 5   

    ​In Gallery 3 it was great than they over strip it all back in Gallery 4, than in Gallery 5 it looks still to plan. That why I was asking as I don't want to go back in time with feature that work before to something to basic. That why I asking for any details to changes they done as I don't know what has change.
  13. ZakRhyno added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Email From Follwers - Post In A Thread?
    I keep getting emails from the IPB 4.0 system that I follow someone and than they post something and I get an email. I have not follower any user. When I go look on the forums it says that I do follower user xyz than I have to unfollow them to stop getting emails.
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  14. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: IPB Gallery 5   

    I have been looking over the changes from IPB 3.0 to IPB 4.0, but I haven't seen much feature changes to gallery. I wanted to write up here if there are any major changes that can be highlighted as it a major feature of what I use IPB for.
  15. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic: 4.0 has less options than 3.4.x?   

    ​Why not just make it for Mods and Admins only access and not basic users?

Status Feed

  1. ZakRhyno

    Testing IPB 4.0

  2. ZakRhyno

    Loving IPS 4.0

  3. ZakRhyno

    Fri..which it was ending and not starting...

  4. ZakRhyno

    IPC is still giving me a head ach. Simple to use? Only if you really understand on how to use it. Even the documents need works explain it to more simple terms.

    1. Saurabh Jain

      Its almost an year when I took it .. still unable to make out of it.. it needs real understanding and time..

    2. ZakRhyno

      Hope the next upgrade will be more user friendly.

    3. .Peter

      Well and Charles mentioned they were re-writing a lot of the help docs

  5. ZakRhyno

    It's raining like cats and dogs here.

    1. Olivier Turbis

      so it's not raining?

  6. ZakRhyno

    What the last release for the year? :D

    1. AndyF

      I hope its IP.Sleep™ :)

    2. CheersnGears

      I really want IP.Gallery

  7. ZakRhyno

    Merry Christmas!

  8. ZakRhyno

    What is todays release? :D

    1. joelle

      first, bugs need to be fixed. ;)

    2. ZakRhyno

      Nope looks like IP.Chat 2.0 :D

  9. ZakRhyno

    More snow....

  10. ZakRhyno

    What could today's release be? :D

    1. ørret

      I bet bugfix. zZz :P

    2. .Ian

      I reckon IP.Content 2.1.2 :)

    3. Sledgemoto


    4. Breadfan


    5. Wolfie

      What did you think it was gonna be? Nexus 1.1?

  11. ZakRhyno

    Where can you find IP. Links help thread at now?

    1. Alex

      It's no longer IP.Links, but it's here.

  12. ZakRhyno

    Where did IP. Links gone to?

    1. Herofiles ★

      Under: IPB Marketplace:

    2. Martin A.

      Think he's wondering where the download for it is.

  13. ZakRhyno

    Not really, it was gallery for me :P

  14. ZakRhyno

    Gallery, please :D

    1. stoo2000


  15. ZakRhyno

    Gallery? :D

  16. ZakRhyno » Wrangler

    Remember me?

  17. ZakRhyno

    is SO waiting for 3.1 to come out.