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  1. dzbeebo added a post in a topic: Download: (Pav32) Selective quoting   

    Nevermind... i just reimported the hook again and it works like a charm on 3.4.2
  2. dzbeebo added a post in a topic: Download: (Pav32) Selective quoting   

    no longer working on IPB 3.4 :(... I love this mode... fix please!
  3. dzbeebo added a comment on a file: Read That Topic/Announcement   

    or if you can have it so you can set it for members that have specific number of posts!!
  4. dzbeebo added a post in a topic: Edit Member Group   

    Hey guys,
    Under the Edit Member tab in the mod CP, why isn't there an option to change the member's group?? It's definitely something very useful to have available. Is there anything of that sort available and compatible with 3.4?
    Thanks for any help
  5. dzbeebo added a post in a topic: The IP.Chat account number used is invalid. Please notify an administrator.   

    perfect.. just perfect... now we won't hear back from them till after christmas break.... question.. what should be my Chat ID? can I just use my IP Board License?
  6. dzbeebo added a post in a topic: Unable to login   

    Why don't you people put in how you fixed your issues instead of saying "i fixed it"... this is what forums are for.. so people don't have to keep asking again
  7. dzbeebo added a post in a topic: Problem when using a quick reply form   

    I have the same issue... looks like it's working fine here.. I think it has something to do with the Javascript associated with the quick reply form not being set to Unicode

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    juventus fan from canada????????

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    ok collapsable hooks?? GENIUSSSS.. thanks guyss!!!

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      Next we'll be able to move them. >_<

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      @Morrigan - You already can on my site. ;)

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    wohoo Canada Babyyy!!!