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  1. Snatty added a comment on a file: (DP34) Referrals System   

    [quote name='Le_Bodyguard' timestamp='1328588773']
    Not working (parameter Bug) and support is veryyyy long, 3 days and no answer.....

    Have you got a reply yet, just wondering if it is worth getting or not.

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  1. Snatty » Collin1000

    Heh, still about nowadays (haha)

  2. Snatty

    Had a booboo with phpMyAdmin ~ LOL

  3. Snatty

    BurstNET down AGAIN ?

  4. Snatty

    Once again, hates anything that is Ioncube encoded.

    1. Snatty

      Just adding onto that, it wasn't IP.Converge I was moaning about - Promise :P

  5. Snatty

    I do have to say, the more I use IPB 3.1, the more I am impressed. Still, can't see time travel options...

  6. Snatty

    Ahh yes custom profiles. Now all my members can make my site look like MySpace >.<

    1. Charles

      You can shut off the feature.

    2. Snatty

      I figured that ;)<br /><br />Besides, never said I didn't like it :D

    3. Collin1000

      I figured that ;)

      Besides, never said I didn't like it :D

    4. Collin1000


    5. Collin1000


    6. Collin1000


    7. Snatty

      Umm, eh ?

  7. Snatty

    IP.Board 3.1 = Duke Nukem Forver :P