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  1. gaby added a comment: Reply to 1 quoted post(s) bug!?   

    Resolved! The problem was caused by hosting (suhosin values).
  2. gaby added a record in IP.Board   

    Reply to 1 quoted post(s) bug!?
    Since yesterday when i start a new topic or or edit the title of an existing topic using edit -> use full editor, in the bottom right corner i see the following message:
    Of course I did not use multi quote function... If i click on Clear link/button, the message dissapears, but every time when i start a new topic it appears again...
    I haven't installed anything and I made no changes...
    Demo: [url=""][/url]
    Can anyone tell me what's the problem? How can i solve this?
    Thank you very much!
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  3. gaby added a post in a topic: Renew IPB License only with Paypal?   

    Hello, today i was looking to renew my IPB license for 6 monts, and after i press Pay button invisionpower redirects me to the paypal. I would like to pay with my credit card, without using paypal (i don't have an account, and i don't need one right now). Isn't this possible? The payment cand be completed only via PayPal?
    Thank you!
  4. gaby added a comment: Profile Text Missing   

    I have the same problem, can someone help me to fix it ?
    Thank you !

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