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  1. DarkRider added a post in a topic: No Shipping Options Available   

    I think I figured it out, at least in part. It doesnt seem to like decimal values like 0.0045, when I changed it to 1 and it worked. Might be a bug, or a missing feature. :D
  2. DarkRider added a post in a topic: No Shipping Options Available   

    Correct, but that's why this is weird, I have United Kingdom selected as one of the countries available, but my UK users are recieving this error. :unsure:
  3. DarkRider added a post in a topic: No Shipping Options Available   

    Hey Guys
    Setting up my first physical good package in Nexus and hit a snag. I set up international shipping, and then added International shipping to the package. But when international users are checking out, instead of shipping options they get an error that says "No Shipping Options Available"
    Im sure Im missing something obvious, Ive attached images of the shipping setup and the package, any advice would be most appreciated! :D
  4. DarkRider added a post in a topic: how to handle users that wants to be deleted   

    We also state in our ToS that accounts will not be deleted. We often rename them, and change the email to something fake. :D
  5. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Hide posts from trolls?   

    Yes, it's called post restriction. Look up the member in the AdminCP and on the Forum Details & Restrictions tab change the setting for " Moderator Preview of Posts" this will make all posts made by that member hidden from everyone but the member and the staff.
  6. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Soundcloud Audio   

    Figured out my above issue, its related to privacy settings on SoundCloud. Is there a way to edit the tag to embed URLs to sounds listed as private? :unsure:
  7. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Soundcloud Audio   

    Heya Marcher,
    I'm running into a weird issue when using this mod. I installed to the media tag section, recached all my skins, but when posting the soundcloud share link instead of an embed player I'm getting the message
    Renders the same way on Firefox and Chrome. I'm not sure how to resolve this one, no one else seems to have the issue. I'm on board version 3.4.5
    Any advice you could offer would be great :D
  8. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Help Formatting Article Feed   

    Thanks but we managed to figure it out, just took a new template with the elements we wanted copied from the articles template! :D
  9. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Show off your Content   

    My latest IP Content based website: http://www.druidgameworks.com/
    I'll never use another content manager! :D
  10. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Help Formatting Article Feed   

    Our homepage is done now except for the formatting from content's articles, really need some help here. A tutorial? A link to another thread? A wand? :sorcerer:
  11. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Help Formatting Article Feed   

    I know this can be done, just not experienced enough to figure this one out. Please help :unsure:
  12. DarkRider added a post in a topic: bbcode lists: fix for glitch?   

    I'd like to know this too, need alphabetized lists. Anyone know a fix? :unsure:
  13. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Help Formatting Article Feed   

    Hey Guys,
    We have recently discovered the coolness that is the Articles feature of IP Content. When writing an article it has a place for a short summary and then a place for the full story. After published, only the short version displays with a Read More link at the bottom. This is all good, here's the issue.

    We have a custom homepage using IP Content, and we want to have a block on the homepage that feeds the latest article block. We got it to pull the feed, but we're losing the formatting of that short summary; it's just displaying plain text.

    Is there a way to feed the latest article summary to our homepage block without losing the format? I've looked for a tutorial and skimmed this forum but have come up empty, if you just have a link to some documentation on this I'd be grateful, or for any advice you can offer. We can do the work, just need to know what we need to do.
    Thanks! :smile:
  14. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Edit Download File Information   

    Hey Guys,
    We have a file on our site that was deleted by the author on accident. He's reuploaded his file and would like to know if the administration can edit his file information stats to match his old file page. Is it possible to somehow edit the submission date, views, and DL counts for his file manually?
    Thanks :)
  15. DarkRider added a comment on a file: (TB) Group Format   

    Aye same issue here, hoping to see this "must have" mod updated! :D

About Me

Druid Gameworks Announces...




Druid Gameworks is now actively developing a short prelude title in the Unwritten series for Android and iOS mobile devices titled Unwritten: Dreamtime.

Dreamtime is expected to release in the Google Play Store, Kindle App Store, and Apple Store and retail somewhere between $3.99-4.99 USD. The official publish date is yet to be decided but our goal is to have it on the digital shelves this year!

Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters in the Druid Origin Guild, we will also be porting Dreamtime to Windows PC with updated graphics and a new player interface to accommodate PC players!


In Dreamtime, the player assumes the role of a young Ursine from one of four main tribes, who's destiny has not yet been determined. At the game's start, they have reached the age of maturity known as the Chut’que (chewt kay) a time to undergo an honored ritual, the dreaming. Guided by the clan seer, the dreaming is an astral journey where Ursines travel into the spirit world to stand before their patron god and receive divine messages about their destiny.

However, things will not be so easy for our intrepid player. For the first time in the long oral history of the tribes, the dreaming does not go as planned. The player finds more than a god waiting for them in the mists and is left with disconcerting images of a shrouded figure whose intent seems far from benevolent.

The story’s focus hinges upon the fate of an ancient relic, more specifically several artifacts which make up a whole and the player’s quest to retrieve them in an attempt to avert the looming threat foreshadowed in their vision. Through this journey the player will unravel the true purpose of the lost relic and of the Ursine tribes entrusted to its safekeeping, but will it be enough to divert the danger away from their family and homeland?


  • Rich Cultural Histories
  • Unique Explorable Landscapes
  • Multiple Ursine Tribes to Choose From
  • Choices & Consequences
  • Crafting & Trading
  • Dungeon Diving & Rewards
  • Unique Weaponry with Tribal Bonuses
  • Questing
  • Mobile Mini Games
  • Role-playing Immersion Focus
  • And much, much, more!


The Valley Tribe: Blackclaws
As seen in our previous concept reveals, this is arguably the common tribe. The most adaptable and prolific of the Ursine subcultures, the Blackclaws can be found on every continent in Arthanswold is some manner or other. They are hunters, traders, warriors, and spiritualists.


The Shoreline Tribe: Sunblessed
These laid back fisher folk can be found around beaches, lakes, and other sources of water. They luxuriate in bathing and are expert fishermen. Some would say the Sunblessed are lazy, but they are just a simple people living a rather care free existence.


The Canyon Tribe: Pangani (working title)

In the shadow of the fire mountain on Duan Rhod lies the unforgiving Elfyre Canyon, home of the Pangani. Don't be fooled by their round bellies and charming smiles these folk are...okay, soft as teddies, but resilient all the same. In a landscape that offers scorching heat, prickly plants, and venomous neighbors, the Pangani seem undaunted by the challenges of canyon life. Known for their adobe villages and pied fur, these desert folks are unique to Duan Rhod.


The Mountain Tribe: Icecore (working title)

The heartiest of all the Ursine tribes, the Icecore are masters of the frozen peaks dotted across Arthanswold. Hunters and Warriors, these great white folk spend their entire lives carving an existence out of ice and stone. They are highly suspicious of outsiders and are not quick to give help to strangers in their lands.


The Ancient Tribe: Khetlek

This near extinct subspecies was the first race of Ursines to ever appear in Arthanswold as a whole. Some speculate that all other Ursines are descended from these archaic cousins, but all Ursines derive their lineage from their patron goddess.



Want to be part of making the Unwritten series a reality and earn some cool swag at the same time? You can still support Druid Gameworks and all of our works in development by making a donation in our community donation tracker

For just a $5 donation you will earn a membership to the Druid Origin Guild! This membership entitles you to access the members-only guildhall forum where you can get early access to updates, exclusive content, early access to playable demos, contests, and much more! Other perks include special ranking, guild tags, badges you can earn, and a chance to be drawn from our beta pool for beta test participation! Click the image below to see what reward tiers you can donate to! Thanks to all of our supporters so far, we couldn't have made it here without you!




©2014 Druid Gameworks

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    love how everytime I log on now I find some new neat something in IPB 3.2 Keep it up IPS!

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    wonders how to get back to the old IPS Homepage...

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    is done flooding the marketplace with image packs...for now. XD

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    is busy putting together new image packs for Alliance Designs to share with IP Board Fans!

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    Congrats on the soon to be arrival!

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    Can't wait to see what sort of gaming skins you come up with for version 3.0!