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  1. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Soundcloud Audio   

    Figured out my above issue, its related to privacy settings on SoundCloud. Is there a way to edit the tag to embed URLs to sounds listed as private? :unsure:
  2. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Soundcloud Audio   

    Heya Marcher,
    I'm running into a weird issue when using this mod. I installed to the media tag section, recached all my skins, but when posting the soundcloud share link instead of an embed player I'm getting the message

    Renders the same way on Firefox and Chrome. I'm not sure how to resolve this one, no one else seems to have the issue. I'm on board version 3.4.5

    Any advice you could offer would be great :D
  3. DarkRider added a comment on a file: (TB) Group Format   

    Aye same issue here, hoping to see this "must have" mod updated! :D
  4. DarkRider added a post in a topic: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    Hi Pete,
    I've snooped around a bit and gathered some info that might help about when this specifically occurs; I actually have 2 users who encounter this issue daily. One uses FireFox, the other Chrome. They say it happens most when the shoutbox times out and they click the button to resume their shout session; the shoutbox does not refresh, it's loading the old session and their posts will have HTML in every post. Logging out, and back into the board will clear the issue temporarily.

    Any ideas? :lol:
  5. DarkRider added a post in a topic: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    Hi Pete,
    I have one user on my board who displays this phenomena with every post. I will find out more about his browser setup, maybe there's a correlation there. :)
  6. DarkRider added a post in a topic: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    After installing the latest shoutbox on my 3.4 board, my users are experiencing emoticon bbcode or punctuation displaying as HTML like <p></p> or a bit of gibberish instead of a "

    Has anyone experienced this issue posting in the shoutbox? Is there a fix?
  7. DarkRider added a post in a topic: TracDown   

    It does not appear to, I cant access mine from the mobile skin, have to switch to full version. :)
  8. DarkRider added a post in a topic: TracDown   

    Hey Mikey, this is really coming along great, thanks for all your hard work, and it's really nice to see active development take user input so seriously when updating! :D

    Two questions for the latest version, having trouble assigning a version to reports in the child categories. The button is there, it just redirects to its category page and doesn't offer a version selection. Is this a bug? Or something we set up wrong on our end? :lol:

    Second, I thought at one time I read you were adding the ability to upload attachments? Is that possible in v1.2.2 because I'm not seeing a place to enable that option? :unsure:

    Thanks for your time
  9. DarkRider added a post in a topic: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    Is there a way to allow the global shoutbox hook to appear above all forums except the index? :unsure:
  10. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Sign in through Steam   

    I'm having the same issue as this bloke, but I'm not seeing a solution. It's working on his site so I reckon a solution was found. Any tips on how to fix it? :unsure:
  11. DarkRider added a post in a topic: TracDown   

    I'd like to see this implemented as well, Mikey. :smile: Using v1.1.0 currently and loving it so far but the way we use tracker is to allow our users to request a tracker for their individual projects. We need to be able to give a particular individual or group moderation power over that personal project so that all users can report issues, but only the moderator assigned for that project can make updates to severity and such. :thumbsup:

    Would be great to see these implemented as well.

    Have a "new" suggestion I think, haven't seen it yet, When using a parent category with subcategories, the parent category is set up to not allow direct submissions. When clicking on the parent category on the user end, instead of showing an empty tracker page that will never display issues (because issues cannot be added to the parent category), it should display instead, a list of the subcategories under that parent category for ease of navigation and clarity. I've attached an image to demonstrate.

    You might be feeling tired of all the "Make it do THIS like IP Tracker..." requests :lol: so thought I'd give you some encouragement. IP Tracker is a great app in a lot of ways, but you have something really special here with TracDown, easy, intuitive, clean, I'm highly impressed. We just want to see those features we're dependent on added so we can be hooked on TracDown for life and that's great for you in the long run! Keep up your hard work, we do appreciate it and I look forward to seeing what comes along next for TracDown! :D
  12. DarkRider added a comment on a file: IP.Downloads File Merger   

    I have so many of your mods on my board, it's like you read my mind and know just what I need :lol: Thanks for all your hard work!
  13. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Blogs App - There is a way to select witch groups can create blogs ?   

    Yes, this is controlled in the AdminCP. On my site only premium members can create blogs, the app has very good controls. :)
  14. DarkRider added a comment on a blog entry: Social Groups 1.0.0 Beta Released!   

    Congrats on reaching Beta! :thumbsup:
  15. DarkRider added a post in a topic: Download: Shoutbox   

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the global shoutbox from my IP Content Homepage? I've tried excluding app=home, app=css, app=index, app=portal, app=ipcontent but none of these worked and I'm shooting in the dark. :blush: Nevermind, since I couldn't figure out what to exclude, I told it what to include and worked around the issue. :D

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