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  1. Tripp_UK added a comment: [Beta 8] Three bugs (Profile)   

    That almost looks like an accusation. xP (Joking) Although I'm not surprised that it seems to be a fault on my site.
    No, I didn't do that. I also checked the HTACCESS file and re-downloaded/Re-uploaded it to make sure, and I haven't touched default applications (Didn't even know you could do that from the ACP - do now). 
    I will submit a ticket ASAP.
  2. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: Looks like RC1 is out :)   

    @Matt , @Charles  and everyone at IPS; congratulations.
  3. Tripp_UK added a comment: [Beta 8] Three bugs (Profile)   

    I thought it was self evident from the video and didn't want to be accused of "insulting people's intelligence"... I apologise Charles, I will do that next time, thanks for the feedback.
    The text for this one:
  4. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: Any Anime Fans here?   

    ​Sadly no. I am however a "fan" of Hentai. xP
  5. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: [HQ] Awards   

    So I got this a while back, and since then there's been some updates. Sadly the time has come where I need to renew - to get access to the update, and indeed I will if I want to keep using it on IPS4... 
    Unfortunately the Auto-Awards feature is severely lacking, and wholly undermining... and right now any awards given for anything that isn't Subscriptions, Post Count or Gallery Image, all has to be manually done, which can often be quite time hungry as the GUI isn't exactly... Intuitive on slower sites/connections...  Correct me if I am wrong at all by all means.
    The Gallery Image one is in my eyes - pointless, as it targets member albums, which at least with my setup - I don't know about anyone else, only one member can upload to their album, it would have made more sense to make it gallery wide, followed by categories (if applicable) rather than album based - as you might as well just give them the award.
    I think tricks were missed with this one. How many times the use the private messenger perhaps isn't a good one, but certainly their reputation score is one that is just quite an oversight. I have a few suggestions if it will help:
    Has it already been improved from  v3.1.2 ?  Is anything being planned with the Auto-Awards system? If anything I've said doesn't sound right and sounds like I've missed something big, please let me know xP
    Thanks in advance for reading.
  6. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: Total Time Spent On Forums   

    @Adriano Faria  Will this be updated for IPS4?
  7. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: Friends Online   

    Yes, I would also consider buying and using this hook just for that.
  8. Tripp_UK added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 8] Three bugs (Profile)
    • 7 replies
  9. Tripp_UK added a comment: [Beta7a] Upgrade Fails : Invalid argument supplied for foreach()   

    Same here. 7 > 7a
  10. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: 7a before the weekend?   

    Thank you @Feneroin .
  11. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: What do you do in your spare time?   

    Spare time? I thought that was just a myth. 
  12. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: 7a before the weekend?   

  13. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: User Side Preference for Index Display   

    Yeah I dunno if it's me not liking change; but on a desktop I really don't like it at all.
  14. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: (MDX34) Work in progress   

    Looking forward to it.
  15. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: Full SSL   

    As far as I could tell from my testing IPS4 works on Site-Wide SSL I think it auto-detects it as well because the setting under use HTTPS for Login was greyed out for me because I had site-wide SSL. So if you have SSL for everything you can't disable it - which I thought was nifty.
    So it shouldn't be a problem. If you don't have Site-Wide SSL but do have SSL I assume the button works as normal. If you don't have it at all I assume the button will be greyed out stating you don't have SSL activated. I'm not sure though. What I do know is IPS4 - Works with SSL (Site-Wide). Been using it since Beta 1.0.8

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