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  1. Tripp_UK added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] Very specific bug with Google Drive
    When copying content from a Google Drive Document it usually copies over the Google Drive format. That's easily fixable by removing formatting; however it doesn't remove all formatting for lists, as such lists look awful.
    Test for IPS
    To reproduce a Bug
    As opposed to:
    Test for IPSTo reproduce a BugListWhen using (Source) a plugin from CKEditor's site, I can see what's causing it. The example has this as the code:
    <ul><li dir="ltr"><p dir="ltr">Test for IPS</p></li><li dir="ltr"><p dir="ltr">To reproduce a Bug</p></li><li dir="ltr"><p dir="ltr">List</p></li></ul>Where it should be:
    <ul><li>Test for IPS</li><li>To reproduce a Bug</li><li>List</li></ul>To reproduce:
    Make a document on Google Drive (Google Documents), and make a list in that document, copy the contents to a post and strip the formatting using "Remove Format" button. 
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  2. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: Issue logging in with my IPB4 upgrade   

    Awesome stuff. I'm glad it helped.
  3. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: Issue logging in with my IPB4 upgrade   

    I had this; in the ACP you need to turn friendly URL's on and download the htaccess file, and reupload it to your 4.0 root folder. (Example: If 4.0 install is located on https://www.domain.tld/ips4/ then it'd be in that folder). Also check your conf_global.php file and if there is a $INFO['use_friendly_urls'], set it to '1'; 
    If you don't want Friendly URLs turn it off in the ACP and if there is a $INFO['use_friendly_urls'] set it to '0'; 
    I hope that helps. As I said I had the same thing, and the above fixed it.
  4. Tripp_UK added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC6] Warning Points Bug (JS Console Error)
    I found a bug that rendered me unable to change the points given to any infraction when using the warning system. The box (Points) is greyed out, and unclickable. Despite the settings allowing the moderator to change the value of the points; the funny thing is the ones that don't allow you (Instant Ban infractions) do this as well - but the points in the grey box are the same "0".

    After I first came across this error; I loaded up the console window and refreshed. I click on the Member's Account (Test) and went through the profile to give the warning. When I click to give the user an infraction the box loads up (As seen on the left), the Points box is always "0" and I get this error message in the console:
    ... So I'm wondering if that's the cause.
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  5. Tripp_UK added a gallery image in IPB Community Photos   

    Changing Followers to Stalkers
    Found thought I'd try something out. 
  6. Tripp_UK added a review on a file: Admin Login Background by IPS Themes   

    Wow! I got mine looking like this at a few clicks of a button. This is AWESOME. Working on the latest RC; also seems to be SSL compatible, as in nothing breaks it. Excellent and absolutely a steal at FREE. Recommended! 

    Now, if only there was someway of including the same background as the login, into the ACP. xP
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  7. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: Looks like RC1 is out :)   

    @Matt, @Charles and everyone at IPS; congratulations.
  8. Tripp_UK added a comment: [Beta 8] Three bugs (Profile)   

    I thought it was self evident from the video and didn't want to be accused of "insulting people's intelligence"... I apologise Charles, I will do that next time, thanks for the feedback.
    The text for this one:
  9. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: Any Anime Fans here?   

    ​Sadly no. I am however a "fan" of Hentai. xP
  10. Tripp_UK added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 8] Three bugs (Profile)
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  11. Tripp_UK added a comment: [Beta7a] Upgrade Fails : Invalid argument supplied for foreach()   

    Same here. 7 > 7a
  12. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: 7a before the weekend?   

    Thank you @Feneroin.
  13. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: What do you do in your spare time?   

    Spare time? I thought that was just a myth. 
  14. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: 7a before the weekend?   


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