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  1. Tripp_UK added a post in a topic: Full SSL   

    As far as I could tell from my testing IPS4 works on Site-Wide SSL I think it auto-detects it as well because the setting under use HTTPS for Login was greyed out for me because I had site-wide SSL. So if you have SSL for everything you can't disable it - which I thought was nifty.
    So it shouldn't be a problem. If you don't have Site-Wide SSL but do have SSL I assume the button works as normal. If you don't have it at all I assume the button will be greyed out stating you don't have SSL activated. I'm not sure though. What I do know is IPS4 - Works with SSL (Site-Wide). Been using it since Beta 1.0.8
  2. Tripp_UK added a comment on a file: iCredits   

    Cannot fault and works (and is supported) which others AFAIK aren't. Whilst some may feel it's a "Steep Investment" I see it as money well spent, even if do get no real money out of it. Dev gives A+ support, is quick and fervidly squashes bugs. No complaints at all. 
  3. Tripp_UK added a record in IP.Board   

    Report Center RSS Feed doesn't work
    I reference to [url=""][/url] and support ticket ID: 889991 [Which was responded to in 5 minutes! Awesome!]
    I believe Aiwa and myself have found a bug with the RSS feed for the Report Centre.
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  4. Tripp_UK added a comment on a file: [K-34] Page Load Progress Animation   

    An excellent mod. Very customisable - worked flawlessly.
  5. Tripp_UK added a record in IP.Board   

    Problem editing redirect forums
    Just updated to the latest version and when I go to edit (From the ACP, in Forums) a redirect forum instead of taking me to the settings/options. It redirects me to the redirect URL... Also noticed the URL looked like this (Is it right?) everything in brackets is edited.[code=:0] https://www.(domain).com/admin/index.php?adsess=(hashnonsense)&app=forums&&module=forums&section=forums&&do=edit&f=63 [/code]
    I upgraded from 3.4.5 which worked to 3.4.6 which doesn't. (I know because I edited it just last week)
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  6. Tripp_UK added a file in Integration   

    Recent Gallery Images Block Template in IP.Content v1.0.1
    This is for people who've tried other solutions in putting a feed to retrieve gallery images only to have it load a in-browser resized full image not particularly do anything else.
    I asked for help on the community on the 4th of February, and due to my lack of experience with IPS Code it's taken me this long to make it happen. But I can't take, and must not take credit for other peoples work and I won't. It's been a case of playing around with the code to get the desired effect, trial and error. But I eventually got it working on my site and figured if someone came across the same problem I did then they could download it here. I'm open to improving this block, and even trying to code it to IP.Suite 4 standards, I could really do with an IPS Code for Dummy's book :sad:

    1) Import the Block Template: ACP -> Apps -> Content -> Templates -> Block Templates
    2) Edit the Gallery Feed block: ACP -> Apps -> Content -> Blocks -> The Gallery Feed Block -> Step (5) Templates to use the newly imported Block Template. 
    I have no idea what I'm even doing. But it does work. At least it does on my installation. There is no demo or screen shots because my site is an adult one, sorry. It's free and that's how I'd like this to remain. I don't have a copyright field in there. No copyright infringement was intended. 
    This is a lot like the Recent Gallery Images hook ["appGallLatestHook"] (Which I've based this off of) but I've also taken advice from this thread . Thank you Rimi and Gearnik your thread really helped me out. Big thanks to AndyF and other IPS Staff for helping me get this onto the Marketplace.
    This will load the Thumbnails of the pictures you seek (100 x 100) and it actually loads the thumbnail files instead of the full file and scaling it down to 100 x 100 or 50 x 50. Currently it's a no frills block.
    - But it does wrap using IP.Board's Category Blocks. ^_^
  7. Tripp_UK added a comment on a file: Keypic - get rid of any captchas and bots   

    " Keypic system analyses users' behaviour and automatically separates humans from bots and spammers."
    That sounds WAY too invasive. 
  8. Tripp_UK added a gallery image in Member's Gallery   


    In album: screenshots/bugreporting

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  9. Tripp_UK added a comment on a file: Content Portal   

    Very good mod. Cheers.
  10. Tripp_UK added a comment on a file: IPB Mobile Skin   

    Not being a troll here, but who on earth uses WAP nowerdays?
  11. Tripp_UK added a comment on a file: [HQ] Profile Statistics Tab   

    I'm sure this used to be free.
  12. Tripp_UK added a comment on a file: AVChat 3 Video Chat Application for IP.Board   

    Arrowchat has video chat built into it. I don't personally see any need for this or the extortionate prices.

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