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  1. Rhett added a post in a topic: Spam in IPS4 sites   

    I think you are stretching it just a tad too far to say this is may be security breach, with the question and answer validation you have in place and the question you are using, this is going to be a human registration that was then passed off to a bot system to post. 
  2. Rhett added a post in a topic: Support Team   

    ​I'm sorry for any frustration here, our support staff is here to assist with the following per our service standards .
    Modifying code does fall outside the scope of our support ticket system.  In fact, we never recommend modifying our stock code, if functionality change is needed beyond the scope of our built in configuration, then we would recommend that you or a developer create a plugin for this modification. We have a modification request section for this here Modification Request Forum .
    If you feel this is an oversight perhaps with IPS4 and would like to provide your feedback for a change to this area, you can also post this in our Product Feedback Forum here.
    Thank you
  3. Rhett added a post in a topic: RC6 details?   

    I'm not sure I follow you, there are discussions on better handling of followers converted from friends during the upgrade, however that's all I'm aware of.
  4. Rhett added a post in a topic: RC6 details?   

    ​I'm not sure what you mean? Frozen out of what? 
  5. Rhett added a post in a topic: Where's the announcement forum?   

    Our 3.4.7 download always has and includes the latest patches, so if your ever not sure what you have, re-download the latest version from the client area and you are all set.  Not knowing when you downloaded or what patches you have applied, it's hard to tell what you have.
  6. Rhett added a post in a topic: RC6 details?   

    I'm sorry for the trouble here, however we don't currently provide change logs, the difference between RC5 and RC6 are simply bug fixes, IPS4 is pretty much feature frozen at this time and each release up to final will be bug fixes.
  7. Rhett added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    There is only one file per version, the system here auto attaches the attachments as well, I removed the duplicate.
  8. Rhett added a post in a topic: Feature request - Change Youtube embed dimensions   

    There is an internal discussion on this, the team is looking into some ideas on improvement in this area. 
  9. Rhett added a post in a topic: Community in the Cloud - Online users   

    Hello, the 40 user plan is an average of 40 users online in a 48 hour rolling window, so you could have 20 users online for 24 of those hours and 60 users online for another 24 of those hours, that will average to 40 users etc.  Known bots such as google are counted at a 75% ratio currently, it does include all other users, guest and members though.
  10. Rhett added a post in a topic: Don't get email notification on this board   

    Check your spam filters 
  11. Rhett added a post in a topic: Forumposts have been removed (SOLVED)   

    Can you let us know what post you are referring to?  
  12. Rhett added a post in a topic: Do i need to purchase IPS 4.0 or renew my 3x licence to use it?   

    Yes, you can re-activate your license and have access to IPS4 when it's released as final, and/or the RC versions now.
  13. Rhett added a post in a topic: Differences between this forum and the demo   

    Hello, the Demo system currently uses the latest final version of 3.4.7, we are running an RC release here on the community of IPS4 RC4 currently.  The demo's will be moved over once the final version is released, which we hope to be very soon.
    Thank you 
  14. Rhett added a post in a topic: IP4 won't upgrade- please help   

    Check to ensure you have error logging enabled on your server, then trigger the error again, then check the logs.
    It's likely a permission issue or you may not have uploaded all of the files. 

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