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  1. Rhett added a post in a topic: SEO: How much do you care?   

    ​If they were keywords maybe... keep in mind everyone will have a different opinion, use what works for you.  
  2. Rhett added a post in a topic: Support   

    You must be logged in with your licensed account. I don't show that you currently own a license however, you would need to purchase one in this case. 
  3. Rhett added a post in a topic: SEO: How much do you care?   

    ​One very import item, and Charles touches on this above, Traffic and user activity, ie: new post, new content, and how many users are on active on the site using it, do play a role too. So it's not always about getting a click from google, it's about having a site that attracts the user to stay, post, engage in your community and come back for more, this is a very large item that has a very big impact. 
  4. Rhett added a post in a topic: SEO: How much do you care?   

    Tips on structure since it was asked about.
    1. If you have a nikon camera site for example, and you want to attract users of this camera to your community, you should have a basic structure setup for this item.
    As an example.
    Category name. 
    Nikon D200 Forums
       forums in this category may be something like this.
           Nikon D200 General Settings
           Nikon D200 Advanced Settings
           Nikon D200 Troubleshooting
           Nikon D200 Images - Show off your work
    Category and Forum names are big key items to "structure", so in the example above, you are going to have a good search results and ranking for people searching for those items, which are key things a camera guy would be searching for in the internet to learn about his new camera etc.  You Need to have the content in those forums to back it up however.  Topic Titles are also very important, a good admin will adjust these as needed, as users often don't do to well on proper titles sometimes.
    That is a basic example, and will vary by topic of your community. 
  5. Rhett added a post in a topic: SEO: How much do you care?   

    <personal opinion>
    I agree 100% with Lindy, and have created many successful large forums with doing exactly this as well. Basic SEO is very important, setup and structure is very important, however beyond the basics, you must have content, you must have what people are searching for if you want search traffic. 
    Ask yourself this... if you were on google searching for something on your communities topic... what would you search for?  whatever it is, you better make darn sure your site has the content you are looking for if you want it to pop up in a search.  Yes you can play games with search engines, however in the end, if you trick google and others, they will catch on, and make you pay.  
    Anyone that has been doing this for a few years will remember the old SEO trick that SEO marketing companies used, they would spam your sites links all over the web for a price, this was one of their SEO methods, and it worked, however once google and others caught on, the de-ranked your site for such things. We have had several hundred tickets here alone with site owners requesting that links in profile comments, status updates on this community all be removed as they hired a company to do this long ago, and are now paying the price for it.
    In the end, it's very simple, if you want to attract people to your site, you must have something of value for them, setup in a good structure, if you play tricks, you will fail. </personal opinion>
  6. Rhett added a post in a topic: TEXT Editor - 4.0   

    <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <h1>My first PHP page</h1> <?php echo "Hello World!"; ?> </body> </html> 
    Do you have an example? Is it working here ok or just your site? 
  7. Rhett added a post in a topic: Nginx support and named inc updates   

    This is a server config issue, there are many custom re-writes available in the server section here that you can read over and configure your server with.
    Here are some links below, however this isn't a bug and not every big company uses nginx, of those using nginx, a lot of them are using apache+nginx for much better performance over ngnix alone. In doing so, you retain the ability to use .htaccess rules for apache, which is a big plus, and you get better performance by taking the strengths from both web servers and using each of them at their strengths.

  8. Rhett added a post in a topic: Thank-you Support Team   

    ​Your ticket is for an advanced feature/issue that is being addressed by our developers at this time, it will likely be Monday before your next reply though, as mentioned it's the weekend.
    Thank you 
  9. Rhett added a post in a topic: forum url   

    Either one,  it makes no difference, it's all preference. 
  10. Rhett added a post in a topic: Timezone option   

    I believe you are talking about locales and languages, not time zones right? 
  11. Rhett added a post in a topic: Timezone option   

    It's automatic, so there is no need for it. 
  12. Rhett added a post in a topic: PHP 5.6.3 + IPS4 error communicating with the IPS License Server   

    Please file a support ticket for official support if needed from the client area. php 5.6 works fine however. 
    Thank you
  13. Rhett added a post in a topic: IPB4 editor   

  14. Rhett added a post in a topic: When will cloud customers be automatically updated to latest release without needing to submit tickets?   

    The auto upgrader will return soon, for now you must submit a ticket, we are working hard on upgrades however, and as you can expect, everyone wants to upgrade at the same time, so the times are a bit longer than normal. 
    Thanks for understanding though. 
  15. Rhett added a post in a topic: Transfer of domain   

    Yes, the domain name is easily applied, just file a ticket in our hosting department after your purchase and we can apply this for you.  The SSL certificate however, you would need to purchase through us, and also it would only be an option on the ultra 100 and above packages. 
    Thank you