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  1. Rhett added a post in a topic: Sudden Influx of Bogus Registrations   

    Make sure you have a question and answer validation setup, make it based on the topic of your community and not a simple color or math question. That alone will stop 95% of all spammers.
  2. Rhett added a post in a topic: Getting Heavy Spam Registrations   

    stop forum spam is already already included in our checks with the IPS Spam service, an additional add on is not needed.
    Setup your spam service settings properly, along with a question and answer validation, and you should be good.
    If you need help with this, please file a ticket and we can review your settings for you. 
  3. Rhett added a post in a topic: Last detail for decision   

    When you purchase a hosted plan, you pick a local/temp url, you can use this forever, or you can later assign your own domain name to the site. Here is a guide on the options available  http://www.invisionpower.com/support/guides/_/install-and-getting-started/using-your-own-domainsub-domain-for-ips-community-in-the-cloud-r305
    The sort answer is you can use your own domain or sub domain and that is all people will see.  
  4. Rhett added a post in a topic: Where in the forum can I ask ask about hosting providers?   

    We offer a full range of community cloud hosting options here, so we don't allow discussions for other providers, if you have any questions on hosing with us, please feel free to submit a ticket and we can assist you. We offer a full turn key solution and you can put your hosting worries behind you. If you need advise on other providers, using a hosting forum would be the best place, such as webhostingtalk or others.
    Thank you
  5. Rhett added a post in a topic: I need help setting up a new server   

    You are better off using a real hosting provider or a managed server provider, running this server without knowing what you are doing = trouble
  6. Rhett added a post in a topic: About to purchase $450 worth of IP products...help us remove VBSEO   

    ​To further clarify, this is only for the default vbseo format or re-writes, there are many options in vbseo, and we only support the default one. If you use any of the advanced re-writes in vbseo, it's recommended that it be removed, re-writes put in place to get back to stock vb urls, then we will re-write those etc.
  7. Rhett added a post in a topic: I need help setting up a new server   

    Stick with Linux  
  8. Rhett added a post in a topic: new recaptcha   

    It will be in the next beta for IPS4 yes. 
  9. Rhett added a post in a topic: Email Piping Setup Guide Missing   

    Here you go., adjust the path as needed (/home/username/public_html)
    "| /home/username/public_html/interface/email/piping.php"  
  10. Rhett added a post in a topic: What will it be like after 6 months renewal?   

    For a full license purchase as above, it comes with 6 months of support directly from our staff in our support ticket system, the ability to download the latest versions of the software, our chat services, our IPS Spam service, and the Visual skin editor.  
    Now you're asking yourself... "WOW, all for 25.00?"  yes that's right, after 6 months, then it's only 25.00 to renew the forum app for another 6 months of the above services.
    Thank you 
  11. Rhett added a post in a topic: Help   

    You must first own a license to our software to download items from the marketplace. 
  12. Rhett added a post in a topic: PHP MAIL method failing   

    This would be a bug, please report in the tracker  http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/  
    for now you can disable magic_quotes in your php config though.
  13. Rhett added a post in a topic: Why /forum/forum/??   

    Upgrading would not have changed this, if you have your forum in a folder named /forum, then yes for some urls you will see a /forum/forum  
    Personally I recommend that you install or move the software to the root domain to resolve this issue, it looks much cleaner this way as well. 
  14. Rhett added a post in a topic: Ticket Support & Credentials   

    We already have this in place actually, access info is stored per license, and is available in each ticket as a drop down as you mentioned.   You can provide these details by going to  Your Purchases  and selecting the relevant package.
    We even have a notice when submitting a ticket to ensure your access details are up to date etc.

  15. Rhett added a post in a topic: dofollow and nofollow   

    Hello, this is not the stock function of the software, but this is a debatable issue, and really in my personal opinion a non issue, but opinions will vary. The stock function is internal links are follow and external are no follow.

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