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  1. Jinkler added a comment on a file: Tagged Data Feeds   

    Demo: http://www.fordbay.co.uk/index.php?/page/index.html

    That page shows you three blocks, each of which the content has been pulled from the tag attached to each topic (I'm using Ryan's Tagging system ).

Status Feed

  1. Jinkler

    VNC on this site isn't working - is it down for everyone?

    1. Millipede

      Not working for me either :(

    2. (e) Eric

      Me too!

    3. optrexnz


    4. 3DKiwi

      Yup, no results. Roll on 3.2

    5. Collin S.

      It's back up. Thanks! :)

  2. Jinkler

    When is Cleancut going to be updated? Gallery is useless until the skin is updated.

    1. TheRevTastic

      Don't know how Gallery is useless, you have tons of free skins to pick from and the default IPB skin.

    2. AlexJ

      Just remove 'Cleancut' and find some good skin.. It has always been delayed and hence many customers stopped using it. No offense to anyone. I loved that skin... :(

    3. TheRevTastic

      If I had the time I would probably try to keep it updated.

    4. Jinkler

      I use Cleancut as my default skin, it's nice, clean and sharp. I can't implement gallery until the skin is updated.

    5. TheRevTastic

      Probably won't be updated for awhile.

  3. Jinkler

    @ Lyndon - Lyndon - no there isn't (no idea why your status update was locked). If you do find a solution, let me know! I'm after the same thing, without having to use Nexus.

    1. Trix

      It was probably locked because i believe IPB don't like support questions/requests in the status updates. I've seen them say this in others.

    2. Lyndon

      I'd post a support topic but I don't have an active license. Someone did mention an app but I could never find one.

    3. Jinkler

      AFAIK - one doesn't exist. I've looked extensively.

  4. Jinkler

    Tired of gaming websites populated by kids and fanboys? Then join TalkGames.org, a gaming site for adults

  5. Jinkler

    So, what's todays release going to be??

  6. Jinkler

    what is todays new release (IPS?) Anyone know yet?

    1. Dan

      I do. :)

    2. .Ian

      There was an Ioncube version of Nexus released this morning.

    3. AndyF

      Me too :)

    4. Jinkler

      Spill the beans! Nexus was in the client area before they announced it, I only noticed it because I knew what version was the latest.

    5. Heyhoe

      Is that really the release? Ioncube Nexus release? Hope not ;)

    6. Mark

      That would be far too boring.

    7. Jinkler

      Damn right!

    8. Wolfie

      I know what's being released today. Wanna know? Shhhh, keep it a secret, it's an IPS product! For real! But don't tell ANYONE!

    9. ZakRhyno

      How about errors? :D

  7. Jinkler

    Afternoon all!