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  1. Jinkler added a post in a topic: IP.Nexus as an affiliate store (amazon, cafepress, clickbank, google, CJ, etc.   

    If you find a way, let us know :)
  2. Jinkler added a post in a topic: IP.Content is little complicated and not friendly using   

    IP.Content is a massive uphill learning curve. I've been there, and struggled up the hill. Luckily at the time I had plenty of time to learn. Now that I know what it can do, it is bloody powerful.


    It runs my homepage: http://www.talkford.com/page/index.html

    It runs my car reviews: http://www.talkford.com/page/ford_reviews/_/ford-mondeo-reviews/mondeo-mk3/

    It runs my wiki (still being built - but a wiki CAN be done via IP.Content quite easily): http://www.talkford.com/page/fordwiki/fordwiki.html

    It runs my dealership reviews: http://www.talkford.com/page/Dealership%20Reviews/_/east-anglia-ford-dealerships/roy-chapman-limited-berkhamsted-r339

    The biggest problem you'll find, if you're a non-coder like me (i'm a bodger and tinkerer) is actually finding people who are competent enough to create what you want. They are very far and few between, either too busy or too unreliable. A basic database is easy to setup and run, but if you want it customising to make something like my car reviews, that's where it gets a little bit more challenging. Although saying that, after much practise and bodging, it does become quite easy, as the templates are just a mix of HTML and some IPB stuff. The problem being if you're new, is knowing what the IPB stuff is! I've been playing with it for about 3 years now, and I'm still learning stuff every week with it.
  3. Jinkler added a post in a topic: allow RSS import into custom databases   

    Hmmmm, I could see some really handy uses for this. +1
  4. Jinkler added a post in a topic: shorten url for social sharing   

  5. Jinkler added a post in a topic: Please, I'm BEGGING: Better search for non-public hosted forum -- any ideas/suggestions?   

    Easiest way is to use this hook:

    '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

    It over-rides your search engine with a google custom search engine.
  6. Jinkler added a post in a topic: Tutorials for IP.Content?   

    Does this tutorial still exist? I tried looking for it a while ago but couldn't find it.
  7. Jinkler added a post in a topic: Client Centre - Please add Community Name to the list of Paid Invoices!   

    Yes please, I keep meaning to mention this myself.
  8. Jinkler added a post in a topic: Suggestion - Resize article image functionality   

    Never mind, fixed, was a folder permission issue :)
  9. Jinkler added a post in a topic: Suggestion - Resize article image functionality   

    Wish I had come across this topic earlier, have been looking for a solution to this problem for ages!

    Anyway, gone to try this out, and it's not working for me. This is what I'm using:
    <img src="/thumbnails/timthumb.php?src=/uploads/{$record['field_205']}" /> I just get an image not found error.

    Is there something wrong with my code above, or should I be looking elsewhere for the problem?
  10. Jinkler added a post in a topic: Be more like Facebook chat   

    Thanks for the link. Members on one of my sites have been requesting something similar. It also integrates with IPB:


  11. Jinkler added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Introducing the new AdminCP   

    ACP on your mobile, very handy :)
  12. Jinkler added a post in a topic: European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!   

    So you've been to North Korea then? :D
  13. Jinkler added a post in a topic: Linking Multiple Boards' Member Profiles/Post Counts   

    Out of the box, no. It's a commonly requested feature though. A couple of people say they have managed it in a test environment, but that's about it.

Status Feed

  1. Jinkler

    VNC on this site isn't working - is it down for everyone?

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    2. optrexnz


    3. 3DKiwi

      Yup, no results. Roll on 3.2

    4. Collin S.

      It's back up. Thanks! :)

  2. Jinkler

    When is Cleancut going to be updated? Gallery is useless until the skin is updated.

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    2. TheRevTastic

      If I had the time I would probably try to keep it updated.

    3. Jinkler

      I use Cleancut as my default skin, it's nice, clean and sharp. I can't implement gallery until the skin is updated.

    4. TheRevTastic

      Probably won't be updated for awhile.

  3. Jinkler

    @ Lyndon - Lyndon - no there isn't (no idea why your status update was locked). If you do find a solution, let me know! I'm after the same thing, without having to use Nexus.

    1. Trix

      It was probably locked because i believe IPB don't like support questions/requests in the status updates. I've seen them say this in others.

    2. Lyndon

      I'd post a support topic but I don't have an active license. Someone did mention an app but I could never find one.

    3. Jinkler

      AFAIK - one doesn't exist. I've looked extensively.

  4. Jinkler

    Tired of gaming websites populated by kids and fanboys? Then join TalkGames.org, a gaming site for adults

  5. Jinkler

    So, what's todays release going to be??

  6. Jinkler

    what is todays new release (IPS?) Anyone know yet?

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    2. Jinkler

      Damn right!

    3. Wolfie

      I know what's being released today. Wanna know? Shhhh, keep it a secret, it's an IPS product! For real! But don't tell ANYONE!

    4. ZakRhyno

      How about errors? :D

  7. Jinkler

    Afternoon all!