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  1. Old-Trainee added a post in a topic: Several subscribers for forum areas.   

    I have Nexus in action.
    I have. 3 Forum Categories that can be read only by certain members,

    The categories I have password protected.
    For all 3 categories forums, there is one subscription.

    In Custom Page of the package, I will give your password out to that class.

    But what if subscription is not renewed?
    Alliance Partner knows paswort still!

    Is it possible, always buy a subscription only "first of the month, until the last of the month"?

    Currently when members abo buys at 13.09, subscription expires on 13.10.

    Who has a solution?
    I need more resistant forum areas that can be unlocked with a subscription month for month.
    However, a member, also have all subscriptions.

    How do I do that?
  2. Old-Trainee added a post in a topic: IP.Download Sale   

    i hope, a staff can read this and open my account in the IP.Download.
    For the weekend, I can work the most!
  3. Old-Trainee added a post in a topic: IP.Download Sale   

    I have just paid the IP.Download with PayPal!
    How long will it take before I can download it?
  4. Old-Trainee added a post in a topic: IP Nexus Questions   

    IP.Nexus is an online store?
    Admin can only sell at IP.Nexus? Or members, too?
    IP.Nexus runs only with real money but also with credits or points?

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