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  1. Xtr3me added a post in a topic: WordPress IPSConnect   

    Nice one, thanks marcher. I will check this out when I arrive back home. Sadly unable to jump on my FTP from the office.
  2. Xtr3me added a post in a topic: WordPress IPSConnect   

    Any update on this issue?
  3. Xtr3me added a post in a topic: WordPress IPSConnect   

    Also, I have done all of the settings, and I posted one article which created a topic in the forums, however now all my new ones are not being added. I also attempted to add a number of older articles by selecting the forum category they should go into from within the edit post pages in Wordpress. However, only one of those posted as a thread in the forums. Not sure where I am going wrong and my server manager has confirmed I have set everything up correctly. Any ideas where I am going wrong?
  4. Xtr3me added a post in a topic: Pulse by IPS Themes   

    Hey. I used simple HTML wraps around each title for each category and it came out looking pretty cool:
    Can I confirm those HTML tags I have used will not cause any issues with any other sections of the template? 
  5. Xtr3me added a post in a topic: WordPress IPSConnect   

    This is a great plugin and I am enjoying messing with the settings to get everything right. The ONLY thing I would ask for from this is two things:
    The ability to sync up Wordpress Categories to Forum Categories, ie, Entertainment > Entertainment so that posts can go straight in without setting the category twice within wp-admin
    The ability to bring the featured image in from the Wordpress post to appear within the topic that has been posted, as an image says a 1000 words and should be included. 
    Everything else apart from that is great!
  6. Xtr3me added a post in a topic: Pulse by IPS Themes   

    Hi, thanks for the theme. It works great and we have decided to use it on our forums over at SearchBuzz.co - We are very into our colour coding for our categories, and I would kindly request some details on how I can change the colours for the header area of each category on the main board index page. I understand I can change some CSS settings and PSD images in order to change the colours of the overall theme and the header area, however with each category I am a little stumped on what needs to be done.
    Thanks a lot,
  7. Xtr3me added a post in a topic: Charged twice for a Hook   

    Hello. I just purchased the Plugin "Pulse" from the Marketplace, and sadly I have been charged twice for this modification. When I attempted to purchase the item, I recieved the following error on the PayPal payment page:
    We're having a problem processing your transaction right now. Please wait a few minutes and click the Pay Now button again. If you see this error message again, please go to your Account History page and check the status of your transaction.
    I waited a few moments and attempted to pay again, not realising the first transaction had actually worked and now I had been charged twice. I did however only recieve one invoice through my email for the purchase, but my PayPal history shows two paid transactions for $15 each. Who should I contact in regards for this and get a refund?
  8. Xtr3me added a comment on a file: Ad-Blocking Detector Premium   

    Do you have an Ad Blocker enabled also?

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