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  1. .Ian added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

  2. .Ian added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    You might want to add this to the news forum?
  3. .Ian added a post in a topic: ProMenu Plus   

    Has there been an update to the latest release?
  4. .Ian added a post in a topic: ProMenu Plus   

    You would need to take it up with IPS, but I can only pass on my understanding of the law as you are not conducting business in the UK. If you spend over £100 abroad, then you are covered by the credit cards as you are in the UK. BTW - there is very limited recourse for software even in the UK, as there is nothing to stop anyone from downloading, cancelling and then continuing to use the software.

    BTW - Promenu works just fine - I have been running almost since it came out and it is a great product. Give it another try :smile:

    http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/problem/can-i-get-a-refund-on-a-digital-download - is the info you need.
  5. .Ian added a post in a topic: ProMenu Plus   

    RMweb - as a fellow UK resident you are wrong. First of all you are purchasing via the USA and secondly you downloaded the software. Unless you can show a fault in the software which the authors refuse or unable to fix and it does not work with IPB, then yes you may be entitled to a refund.

    The 14 day consumer law does not apply here.
  6. .Ian added a post in a topic: Remove -rX from end of URL address   


    That is the record number and is therefore unique and required.
  7. .Ian added a post in a topic: Front Page   

    It sounds like the configuration file - however if you are unsure about FTP etc., I would simply update your ticket and support will sort you out :)
  8. .Ian added a post in a topic: Using IP Content without a page name?   

    Just as a pointer regarding this.

    make sure you type index.html and do not let your browser auto fill the name, otherwise the tick box will not show.
  9. .Ian added a post in a topic: Help with SEO page titles   


    On pages you could use Look & Feel - > Manage Meta tags

    This will enable you to set both title and description for each page to your exact wishes.
  10. .Ian added a post in a topic: Adding a close or hide (x) to a message box   

    Thanks - but how? LOL

    I have no real idea on where to start.
  11. .Ian added a post in a topic: Change /page/ in URL   


    If you use mod-rewrite via .htaccess and have friendly URL's then you can have whatever folders and page names you like.

    For example I have a page at /leagues/england/cups/fa-trophy/2014/prelim.php where england, cups, fa-trophy & 2014 are all parent folders.

    The only limitation with IP.Content is that you really need a separator in database listings /_/ this can be changed to another character if required, but as far as I know is always required. Apart from that URL's are pretty customisable.
  12. .Ian added a post in a topic: Reactivate license   


    As long as it is released during the time that you have a activated licence, then yes you will be able to download and run IPS4.

    You will also have access to the beta versions.
  13. .Ian added a post in a topic: ProMenu Plus   

    The only irritation for me is the lack of a 'next' to go from the options to the permissions screen when setting up a menu.

    Apart from that, I honestly can't think of too much more.

    I am guessing we will have to purchase again for V4?
  14. .Ian added a post in a topic: Adding a close or hide (x) to a message box   


    Probably pretty simple, but not 100% sure. I guess I would need to set a cookie?

    I would like to add an x to a message box, so people can hide it.

    However I also would like to periodically change the content and so when I do, I would want the box to reappear. This will probably be weekly.

    Maybe I just change the cookie name?

    Thanks for any help.

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