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  1. onlyME added a post in a topic: When will it be possible to buy IPS 4 (without Forum)?   

    I hope IPS will update the purchase page asap so we can buy core + page (or downloads) for our projects. Buying only core is the best :)
  2. onlyME added a post in a topic: 4.0.1!!!   

    Yeahhhh  I just updated 4.0.0 yesterday
  3. onlyME added a file in Multimedia   

    (BIM40) Topic Thumbnail v1.0.0 a
    This plugin only works for IPS 4.x. Client who purchased (BIM34) Topic Thumbnail and are current with renewals, will get a free copy of this version, if they agree to the renewal terms. (This promotion will expire at the end of April 2015)
    Main Features:
    Display thumbnails of topics on the main forum view. Topic's authors or member groups that you specify can change thumbnails. They can choose a thumbnail from images in topic content, or from an external URL, or they can upload their images. For the new topic, the first image from the first post will be set as thumbnail automatically.Abitily to generate thumbnail from youtube & vimeo in topic content.Built with ajax, no need to reload the page after changing the thumbnails.Support "Gallery View Mode" with big images in responsive grid. (Using masonry grid layout)Replace Forum Icons with Topic Thumbnail.Permissions for viewing and changing thumbnails.A Toggle Show/Hide for members.Standard view: 
    Live Demo:
    Gallery view:
    Live demo:
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  4. onlyME added a comment: [RC 7] 4C133/6 when installing app   

    I have the same problem with exporting app from RC7a. 
  5. onlyME added a comment: [RC7] Not imported javascript from plugins   

    Is it fixed in 7a or RC8?
  6. onlyME added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC7] Not imported javascript from plugins
    I upgraded from RC6 to RC7 and download my plugin as xml file. Then I installed it to new fresh RC7 site but js file wasn't imported. I tested with the old xml that I downloaded from RC6, js file works fine. I think there is a problem in DEV tool RC7, it produced xml file that can not import js.
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  7. onlyME added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC7] template group "plugins" missing
    ErrorException 0: template_store_missing #0 /home/bim/public_html/init.php(423) : eval()'d code(18): IPS\_Theme->getTemplate('plugins', 'core', 'global')All templates in "plugins" group disappeared  So all plugins have died. Is there any changes for using templates in plugins?
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  8. onlyME added a file in Social Experience   

    (IPSViet) Sliding Facebook Fanpage v1.0.0
    Show your Facebook Fanpage with Slide and Float effect in left or Right side.

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  9. onlyME added a file in Multimedia   

    (BIM40) Gallery In Post v1.0.2
    This plugin works for IPS 4.x, it's a replacement for (BIM34) Photo Gallery In Post for IPB 3.4.x. Client who purchased (BIM34) Photo Gallery In Post for IPB 3.4.x and are current with renewals, will get a free copy of this version, if they agree to the renewal terms.
    This plugin allows members insert an awesome gallery in post:

    Main Features:
    Enable/disableGroups can useResponsive GalleryCustomizations: width/height, autoplay, thumbnail, transitions, speed, image cropThere is a form in editor that helps members easy to add images, captions, or select their album (if Ip.Gallery is installed)Live Demo:
    Known Issues: If nothing works after installing the newest version, try to install the version 1.0.0 first.
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  10. onlyME added a review on a file: (BIM40) Featured Content   

    @DonJoseph This version only works with the IPS 4.0. For IPB 3.4.7 you have to use the old version 1.4.4
    Do you plan to upgrade your site to IPS 4 ? Or you can contact me, I'm very happy to send you a free copy of old version so you can use it on IPB 3.4.7
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  11. onlyME added a comment: [RC2] Translation bug   

    it doesn't happen in the first page, try to search a value and translate it, the page will be reloaded.
  12. onlyME added a comment: [RC2] Translation bug   

    I confirm this bug. 
  13. onlyME added a comment on a file: (BIM34) Photo Gallery In Post   

    ​Sure, I'm working
  14. onlyME added a comment: [RC2] Theme Resources lost after installing/upgrading any applications   

    @Matt fixed in RC3? I always have this issue when upgrade applications. I have to copy and use new theme to get theme resources back.
  15. onlyME added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC2] Theme Resources lost after installing/upgrading any applications
    Theme Resources lost after installing/upgrading any applications

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  1. Joel R » onlyME

    You have the cutest avatar out of all IPS customers.  

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    I make applications, hooks for IPB

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    i'm using ipb 3.2 beta 3 for my live board :)

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      not sensible!

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      Me too

    3. onlyME

      i upgraded it from 3.1.4 -> 3.2 b1 -> 3.2 b2 -> 3.2 b3 :))

  4. onlyME

    if i start ipb3.2 beta on my board, will i be able to upgrade to final version?

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    2. Black-Elmo

      They have stated there might be an upgrade path but personally I would wait until final before starting on a new board or user 3.1.4 until then

    3. sunzeal

      from were can i find IPB 3.2 to get into my board ???/

    4. Rikki

      No, I wouldn't count on it. I wouldn't recommend using 3.2 on a live site anyway :)

  5. onlyME

    niceeeee ^^

  6. onlyME

    niceeeee ^^

  7. onlyME

    waiting for ipb 3.2...

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    my father bought me an ipod nano 6 red ^^

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    look at my avatar, this is my childhood ^^

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